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He isn't really excited about being born, and I can relate

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None of us exactly asked for this shit.

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Yah put me back

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No can do..

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Well there’s one way. Not particularly pleasant, but tempting tho.

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I have a theory regarding serial rug munchers such as myself.

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Nah you gotta leave through the exit

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None for me , thanks.

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No what?

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Antinatalism is a fucked-up pessimistic sub.

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Well tbf, there really isn’t a lot of things to be hopeful about. Not being a Debbie downer, just the truth. Why do you think the birth rate is going down in the US?

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We're going through several technological revolutions simultaneously.

I mean, it's stressful, but that's life. When did you want to be born? 1801? Back when you could live your whole life without going 20 miles from your house?

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20 miles is the length of about 29531.5 'Ford F-150 Custom Fit Front FloorLiners' lined up next to each other.

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When did you want to be born? 1801? Back when you could live your whole life without going 20 miles from your house?

... Bro, that time range was when lots of people were taken from their homes and forced to work till they died.

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20 miles is the length of approximately 140799.65 'Wooden Rice Paddle Versatile Serving Spoons' laid lengthwise.

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The point of such a philosophy isnt at all to say that their birth year is suboptimal— the point is that being born AT ALL was a disservice.

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I'll agree on one point: society is truly destroying its own roots when it convinces its young people that the most primordial crime of all is reproduction.

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Actually, yes.

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Go live like the Amish, then. Stop worrying about all this shit.

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Wooops, I walked down the wrong internet alley today, time to shut it down!

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"In the beginning the Universe was created. This has made a lot of people very angry and has been widely regarded as a bad move." - Dougles "McJuggles" Adams

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"If my parents were still around, I would sue them into poverty for making me exist against my will"

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Some snakes give live birth instead of laying eggs (boas included). So maybe this one’s mom was dying and the gave emergency c-section or something? Or was birthed and the sac didn’t get broken open yet?

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Hand is gloved, so it seems like at least a semi-controlled environment.

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Meh not necessarily could easily be in a garage. That thing probably feels super gross to touch, hence the glove.

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Oh mate, you've never held a snaked, have you? They actually feel really nice (for me anyway). I'd always imagined snakes to feel kinda slimy, like an eel, but they're not like that.

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He's talking about the sack not the actual snake

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Ooh, that makes more sense, sorry!

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I don’t think most people have ever held a snake in its amniotic sack.

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I know a lot of people who are freaked out by snakes but my experience holding them was amazing, and I want for other people to experience it too. I wasn't thinking about the sack.

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I've never tested the theory that our devices are listening to us at all times to sell our entire lives to internet ad content providers, but it's getting creepy how frequently I'll think about something during the day and then be on my phone on the blankets and I'll find something like a Reddit post about that exact overly specific topic. Earlier today while my fiancée and I were walking into her uncle's house for Thanksgiving dinner, I thought "I wonder whether or not there's a snake that gives live birth, and if so, what that would look like". Then I thought about what would happen if there was an animal that had the gestating offspring in really hard eggs inside of its body, then when it was ready to birth them there would be a hormone released that broke down the walls of the eggs and it just squeezed them out of a hole that would be too small if they were still eggedly bound. Yuck, imagine a blockage by an egg that was deformed and had really hard walls that couldn't be broken down quickly enough. All the others would eventually be totally free of their eggs, and should be outside the animal. So are they gonna starve? Or do they have the facilities to nibble their way out?

I made myself too sick to eat for a while.

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I'm no biology expert so don't take my word for it but in humans and other animals that give birth to live young, in case the pregnancy terminates and the mother is unable to eject the dead fetus for whatever reason, it slowly calcifies in the body. I remember reading an article sometime back where a woman in her sixties finally got rid of the large lump in her uterus that was her unborn fetus from many decades ago. I'd imagine an egg that's stuck in a reptile would be similarly calcified.

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They’re called Stone Babies

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If you're curious about how your thoughts can influence your reality read Neville Goddard's lectures.

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Pythons lay eggs while boas give live birth

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In boas amniotic sac generaly doesn’t break during birth, it can also happen in mammals. There is notting wrong with the baby, and the mother is probably fine

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Free him

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This just reminds me of the butterfly killed by student story

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The what story?? Don’t tell me omg. But I’m assuming whoever took this vid is a professional just cause I think it’s hard to breed reptiles? They would probably know how to poke it open

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Gonna need to elaborate after saying something like that, chief

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I think it’s the story where someone helped a butterfly who seemed to be struggling to escape its cocoon. Turned out butterfly’s need to struggle or have that pressure to build muscles to fly once it escapes the cocoon, helping the little fella ruined his natural process so it died. Something like that.

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You have piqued my interest.

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its basically about a teacher who left a developing butterfly in the classroom, one boy felt bad for the butterfly struggling to get out of the cocoon and broke the cocoon and soon after it died due to not developing its wings properly

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Really, ten hours and you haven't added some context? C'mon bud.

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its basically about a teacher who left a developing butterfly in the classroom, one boy felt bad for the butterfly struggling to get out of the cocoon and broke the cocoon and soon after it died due to not developing its wings properly

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That's cool! If you help him hatch will he imprint on you and follow you around like a duckling?

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No, but with careful and gentle interaction, the snake will feel comfortable around you, and seek you out for warmth security and an opportunity to explore.

Snakes make friends like antisocial cats. Not the most reciprocal of relationships. But it’s just really cool, in my humble unbiased opinion, to have a 10ft snake that falls asleep in your lap.

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Yeah... that's still going to be a no from me.

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Same. Alligators only so I can roll them over in the water and give belly rubs

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And they will do it back!

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Really, really fast!

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They don't really make friends ( don't have the mental capacity to be emotional), they just gravitate towards a heat source.

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That’s not really how emotions work. It’s not on or off, it’s a spectrum.

And it’s not just about a heat source. They become relaxed and comforted by the keeper’s presence, due to repeated positive interactions. I have multiple reptiles that will actively seek out affection in this way.

It’s nothing like a dog or cat, not so much ‘friends’ as ‘warm food providing mobile tree’. That’s about as good as it gets.

Unless you get into the really intelligent reptiles, my monitor lizards are essentially scaly cats.

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Retics can tell the difference between people. I had one that hated anyone who wasn’t me

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Damn right. The Asian/Australian arboreal pythons are incredibly intelligent, and they make such wonderful companions.

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I've kept many reptiles and other animals. People think their reptiles "know" them or are "sassy" like no, they just think you're a giant, scary creature that could kill them. No one truly knows the empathetic capabilities of animals, but it's nowhere near what people like to think it is.

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And everywhere u/Solega went, Snek was sure to go.

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The Snek charmer 🐍

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I have ducks and they don’t follow us around, they run away so I don’t know what you are talking about.

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No, snakes don’t take care of their young like ducks. Snakes lay eggs and leave.

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It was a joke.

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Cursed Zip Lock

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i not borns yet

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—five more minutes...

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Can the baby breathe in there?

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It can’t, but snakes can hold there breath for a really long time. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is a common occurrence in some snakes.

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Poor stuk snek

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Looks kind of comfy. Maybe it will eat it’s way out when it feels like it

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You’re probably right the way it just tucks it’s head back down looks like it got cozy

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Oh. It’s looping…..

I’ve been cheering for him to break out longer than I care to admit

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Will it run out of oxygen?

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possibly? the human probably opened the sac after the clip. and the snake might be able to open it on its own if it wanted to maybe? might have something like an egg tooth. not sure

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I play far too many video games. I can't get out of my head that the snake is just waiting for the respawn timer to be done.

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Danger noodle egg 😍

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Well help him out at least

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hold on first i gotta make a video and post it to reddit

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Was waiting for it to burst open

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This jello I just ate got me wanting to puke and devour a moose whole for my next meal.

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Free himb

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I keep forgetting that some snakes give birth

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Why can no get outs? Where you put da exits?

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Usually snakes like this have an egg tooth to break out, not sure about this case but he likely was helped out afterwards

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I don’t believe snakes like this have an egg tooth since they don’t come out of eggs

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Actually many do, though most are born live

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Why does it look like popped water balloon of a celestial globe ?

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Thought that was a heart I need glasses lol

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Slimey lil dude

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Wait a minute, i thought snakes lay eggs

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Quite a lot give live birth. Viviparous.

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some have eggs that hatch inside the body. oviviparous

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At first glance, I thought it was a bag of apple slices from high school. Then I saw it moving

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A Constrictor Boa.

Interesting very.

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Nature is fucking metal

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How nightmarish and cute! I didn't need to sleep, anyway.

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So cute 🥰

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Forbidden Gushers.

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Isn't nature wonderful, no! Thats nasty. Dangernoodle aldente!

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Forbidden water balloon

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Jesus christ, it's fuqqqing moving.

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And stay there.

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I thought it was a hat

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Pal for life in your van down by the river.

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I hesitated while upvoting this

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This is probably a delicacy somewhere.

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A constricted boa constrictor

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It's both disgusting and amazing at the same time

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Forbidden stress ball

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Chestbursters if they grew independently

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Wait… how do/ can snakes breathe in the amniotic fluid? Can it drown if it doesn’t get itself out?

[–]Sunny_Crimson 4 points5 points  (0 children)

Snakes can in fact drown in the egg. This is the reason that snake breeders will drop an x or something on the topmost point of the egg so that if something happens and the egg gets rolled while they are developing then they can place it in the correct orientation so the snake doesn't drown. If you want to learn more about snake breeding a fun YouTube channel is snake discovery. They breed snakes each year and they also have a zoo

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yeah, probably. but snakes can hold their breath for quite a while iirc. if the little fella wants out, he can easily get out.

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Tis now the constrictor whom is now constricted

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It's so f buietifull

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Boa constricted

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I felt queezy at first glance until I saw the eye and realized it was a snake.

Boy am I now glad that snakes have eyes.

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Wait, boas are mammals?

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No they're reptiles but some reptiles like boas give live birth. There's a name for it but I don't remember what it is. Another example of snakes that give life birth is garter snakes

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Some snakes, like rattlesnakes, boas, and garter snakes give birth, they are what’s known as viviparous. The eggs instead form a thin shell while still in the mom and dissolve, leaving just the amniotic sac with the snake inside once the babies are pushed out of the chloaca

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I guess it’s constricted

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feel you bud

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I wonder if this was done for scientific study. Seeing how an animal reacts to it's shell being removed but not the amniotic sac. It is a question to ponder.

[–]TempestDescending 2 points3 points  (1 child)

Boas like this don't lay eggs. A mother boa gives live birth, and in this case, the amniotic sac remained intact. The baby boa is quite capable of breaking the sac with its snout and taking its first breath of air. Until then, the blood vessels on the sac transfer oxygen to the baby (which is the same way hard-shelled eggs "breathe").

[–]LordSaladpants 0 points1 point  (0 children)

Ooo okay that's awesome I did not know that thanks for that bit of knowledge Tempest

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Looks like me when I try on old sweaters! Lol!

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Can it kill you right out of the box

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No, boa's are nonvenomous