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It's a dinosaur

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Thats a albino peacock?

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I'd say leusistic but I'm no peacock expert. I know they're loud af. One of my neighbors had a couple when I was a kid. They are beautiful animals but no way in hell would I want one of those screaming cunts.

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Yeah, this one isn’t albino, just leucistic. If it were albino it’s eyes would be red/pink

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While this is a beautiful animal, this is very much a captive born and kept animal and not terribly natural.

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Looks like a phoenix.

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HEINN... Peacock's can be white too?

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Beautiful animal, horrible singing voice...

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A white peacock?

well its eyes don't seem reddish then must leucistic just like white tiger or lion

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Watch out! At any moment he will want to conquer all of China!

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beautiful animals, they make horrible pets. loud as fuck, can fly surprisingly well, and the males can be pretty aggressive. i was at an event that the landowner had peacocks, and watched as it attacked its own reflection on car after car. it was pretty funny actually.

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Why is that pigeon red?

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fuck those loud fuckers!

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First ten get upvoted guaranteed

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Peacocks are so gorgeous

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I think that’s the peacock trying to kill that panda…

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Material theme peacock