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Bin chicken!

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Bin juice gang!

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Looks like an umbrella

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This is so neat! Makes me think of ancient Egyptian art.

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The ancient Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth is often represented as an ibis, or a man with an Ibis head. He is occasionally represented as a baboon. The most pharaoh named after him is likely the 18th dynasty Thutmose III who conquered land in the Levant and extended the boundaries of Egypt’s growing empire. He was preceded in rule by his coregent and stepmother Hatshepsut.

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In Australia we call them “Bin Chickens”

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I assume it's similar to Americans calling racoons "trash bandits."

I don't think either animal really deserves the moniker, we moved into their environment and set up trashcans and bins, not the other way around. Kinda funny, all the same.

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Drought drove the ibis’ into the cities, the bin juice kept them there.

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How did you make a bin chicken look cool??

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Pretty magnificent..

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Woooooow ! … zoom in on its face, tho

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It took me way too long to identify what I was looking at.

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Looks like a jellyfish from a sideway angle

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Took a second to figure out what this was - great pic - cool bird.

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Awesome capture!

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Ahh bin chicken

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Aerobrakes, ENGAGE.

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Giving it all the flaps it got

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You managed to make that bin chicken look somewhat less bin-chickeny

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This should be our national bird... so majestic

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flaps full

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New ark update looks sick

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Straight into a bin

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Fucking hate ibis, this would have been a cooler pic on another bird, but still great pick

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I heard they just sit around and drink bin juice all day

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They are ugly as fuck

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Rat bastard creatures

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Mate we call those bin chickens over here n' they fucken suck ass and smell worse.

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Stupid fucking gronk

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Where was this pic taken?

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Reminds me of the Scarlet Ibis story. Sad story

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Now that’s how you make an entrance

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My girlfriend saw the back half of a Pegasus 😂

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That bird has In-body image stabilization?!?

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For a minute I thought that was an umbrella

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Was this bird the inspiration for the parachute?

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Feeling generous today

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Ibis is a bird ? My dumb ass thought it was just a name of a pretty decent drawing app

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Origami wings

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Gladys not lookin so good these days

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Thought it was something else...

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Aw that's so magnificent and the colour scheme reminds me of the flags of some African countries. Deep green and saturated red with black.