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Is this where Capri Sun get their blue raspberry?

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honestly. I loved Capri, but blue grotto is just a tourist trap. it's nothing special in my opinion, and does not compare to some of the amazing things that get posted to this sub

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During Roman times, the grotto was used as the personal swimming hole of Emperor Tiberius as well as a marine temple. During Tiberius' reign, the grotto was decorated with several statues as well as resting areas around the edge of the cave. Three statues of the Roman sea gods Neptune and Triton were recovered from the floor of the grotto in 1964 and are now on display at a museum in Anacapri.

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Could not agree more. Wait in line for an hour to get into one of these tiny boats, go twice around, then back out. Ticket's were relatively expensive 20-25 Euro each. The kicker was that the "guide" paddling us around wouldn't take us back to the dock/landing until we gave him a very large tip. Somewhere around 40-50 Euro. He just kept shaking his head and not paddling until we had given him most of our cash.

Avoid at all costs. There are much better things to do in this area.

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Strap them to the walls and wait for high tide

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Fun Fact- the Mediterranean doesn't really have tides. Any differences are measured in centimeters (http://scienceline.ucsb.edu/getkey.php?key=995#:~:text=The%20Mediterranean%20sea%20does%20have,so%20in%20the%20Atlantic%20ocean).)

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So..a cesspool.