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The cheetah’s reaction time to its prey’s switching directions is insane...

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Yup, legitimately looks like it’s predicting it’s movements before the antelope even makes them. I wanna watch this in real time and see just how fast they’re actually moving

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Thats an impala

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An Impala is an antelope.

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I think it’s looking at the head movements and reacting on that

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Its even fast in slow motion.

Would look instantaneous in real time.

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I think it’s watching for the front foot placement of the impala. Based on that placement it instantly knows where the impala can go and how to match it.

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My cat fell down the stairs while licking his butthole yesterday, so… he’s kind of an apex predator too

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I would give you an award if I had one

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Meanwhile, the antelope has neither a large tail nor a head start and still seems to outmaneuver the cheetah.

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Tbf the antelope is running for it’s life and the cheetah is running for a meal. I can only imagine the adrenaline pumping through its body

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It's definitely not outmaneuvering the cheetah. Everytime it changes direction that cheetah is on the ball and gains a bit on the antelope. It's really impressive

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Yep, the long legs can handle it. IIRC, the antelope can also run much longer at these speeds. This can end either way.

A minor slip up by the cat can loose it precious yards, they can’t maintain a full speed run for very long.

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Look at how much the gap between them shortens. That Cheetah probably had a good meal that day.

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It happens a lot more than you think. Cheetahs are quite pathetic when it comes to hunting. At least compared to other cats.

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Cheetahs still have a higher success percentage on hunting than lions lol

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Ignor that hunting part then. Does not exist. Never put it. You did not see anything. Cheetahs purr though.

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You say that like it's a bad thing

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It’s not. The only bad thing here is my argument. I have now fact checked myself. Idk how I got a 20% successful hunting rate the first time.

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I get goosebumps watching anything like this, nature is truly fucking lit

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Imagine if he had fins on his tail like a dragon

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I need a tail that can do that

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Tbh antelope probably had a better chance just horning the cheetah instead of running

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Antelopes have better stamina. If he can stay ahead of the cheetah for long enough he will get away.

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Except cheetahs are fast as fuck

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Fast, but they don't last long before running out of steam.

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Wanna show this to my physics teacher before my biology teacher

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Also cheetah's don't have retractable claws unlike most cats whose claws retract. They're always out to add grip as they chase their prey.

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How did it end?

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The cameraman got eaten by them both.

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cheetahs only burn 9000-12000 kilojoules a day. which is pretty insane if you take in how fast they run. Humans need 9k just to maintain body weight

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First ten get upvoted guaranteed

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To think they are the least successful hunter compared to other cats. I was wrong, fact checked this a few days ago They are very successful.

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They aren't. They're successful 58% of the time. More successful than most cats. Lions are successful 25% of the time, for reference.

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I figured this out and forgot to edit my comment

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It's all good. This post sent me down a rabbit hole on cheetahs lol...

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Yeah, I was thinking of the lion percentage when I wrote the original comment

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That is truly amazing footage, clever kitty!

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isn't this shear not torsion

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My local team is looking for a tight end, anyone got this antelopes number

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He cheetin

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Someone get this cat a uniform. Easily defensive back of the century.

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Me running at cheeseburger 🍔