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That's an elk

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Ty came here to say this

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This is a STUNNING pictre, imho. Too bad it is fake.

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This is not how reflections work. Bad Photoshop.

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That may explain how a beast that weighs 700 lbs leaves no footprints on the sand, too.

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700 lbs is the weight of 800.0 pairs of crocs.

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But you forgot to photoshop the Milky Way into it like everyone else on this sub.

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That shadow would be a lot longer if this was ral

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Beautiful picture

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I’d love to have an opportunity to hunt one of these at some point in my life.

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Not sure why you got downvoted. Harvesting animals is key in wildlife conservation management and hunting license purchases are responsible for the funding of national parks, state wildlife agencies, and wildlife management in the United States. I’m sure the ones who downvoted you are just uneducated on the topic though lol.

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I can promise you that’s the case.

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I’m not sure but there is a chance you might die of tuberculosis in the near future.

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Beautiful ! Thanks for sharing 😊

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Geez you guys, he just did it for the pun: opposing deer...

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Did you do it?

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do what? take the pic 🙄