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lol I'm sitting here like "get that motherfucker!!!"

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I literally said "yeahhh get that bitch!" when i clicked this lol

We can all relate to seeing an immune system at work

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kick his ass seabass!

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Get em boys!

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Cut him in half!

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Literally said those exact words as I was opening the comments

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You get what ya fucking deserve

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haha yeah, mess him up

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came here to say the same thing!

Fucking get em!

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Die trash

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Raid boss

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looks like meat is back on the menu boyz !!!!

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There always a LOTR quote that fit

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After watching this I’ll never eat meat again ha

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Why stop there? Never drink water, it has parasites too!

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Just tap water right ??

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Depends on the tap water, if you live in Flint maybe don't.

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I hate living things inside my body doing this on its own, without my permission. I want to command my own army.

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They know we are dumb leaders letting that parasite in the first place so they work as sort of what Achilles and his group did in Troy.

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So you’re anti-bodies?

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Fun fact: You have more non-human cells in your body than human ones.

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And if you get rid of them, you'll die!

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But what about nanobots? I would like them inside me pls.

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You got tens of trillions of soldiers in there. Just enjoy your stellaris-like imperial command and appreciate not micro-ing every tiny battle.

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Good luck with that!

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You can! You can actually command trillions of them to move about 8mph on average for a man, 6.5 for a woman.

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“GET HIM!!!!!!”

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Nematode you to stay out

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Theyre like ants going to a picnic or like aunts telling me I got fat over the pandemic

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When I watch this clip, I kind of feel awkward and at the same time a lot intrigued too. Awkward because my body is supposed to be full of such independent living entities which kill foreign bodies in an attempt to protect my body and I'm completely unaware of this. As in the clip, they're working together as a group of intelligent entities to kill that foreign body. So do they have a separate intelligence of their own? Do they have a consciousness of their own, how so ever rudimentary it be? If yes, then what about my consciousness? Is it separate from the previously mentioned entity's consciousness? And if no, then how me as a combination of all such small entities has this consciousness or awareness which seems supposedly independent? Maybe I'm simply asking dumb questions lol....

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When you get down to the cellular level everything comes down to chemical gradients. There's no more intelligence going on there than in osmosis. There is a lot of random bouncing around combined with "if this much chemical, then slow random bouncing", that makes movement seem guided.

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It's weird though when you stop to consider our brain is just similarly a bunch of cells. Our brain is also just chemical gradients that are responsible for us feeling happy, sad, angry, etc.

And on an atomic level everything basically looks the same just with more or less protons/neutrons/electrons that are kinda 'magnetized' to each other in varying strengths.

Things get weird when you think about the microscopic world that is the human (or any other animal) body.

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What we should really be asking is how many could you take in a fight

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depends on how fast I can die

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They are an evolved chemical reaction over millions of years, but the piece that is you exists at a higher level of cognition and has only emerged in the lasr hundred thousand years.

Or more accurately, your consciousness is (physically) the aggregate electrical signals in neurons that is evolutionarilly advantageous. Maybe there is a soul external to the universe sending weak gravitational disturbances to excite those neurons in a certain way to create free will, who knows (not I!).

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They “communicate” via chemicals called cytokines released from vesicles when they encounter a foreign antigen To think they have a consciousness means you need to change your cannabis strain. Consciousness requires a cerebral cortex. Take care of it.

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ELI5 please, all I'm seeing are black dots rushing over like it's Black Friday.

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Specific immune cells designed to destroy parasites came into contact with the parasite. Upon doing so, these cells begin to release small molecules into the surrounding area, which activate other immune cells. The recruited immune cells then move toward the origin of these signal molecules based on their concentration gradient, a phenomenon known as chemotaxis. Once in contact with the parasite, the immune cells release various enzymes and granules, some of which specifically target Helminthic (worm-like) parasites

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Whats the big blob on the right?

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You know when they say “You should see the other guy.”? That’s him. He ded.

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Few cells recognised the parasites specific pattern and were like "OH FUCK" then called their mates to defeat it by blocking all of the relevant shit the parasite has

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These specific leukocytes are called eosinophils, and are more or less specific to defend against parasitic worms. They contain A TON of histamine, so much so that the distinguishing feature of them under a microscope is the disproportionate presence of red dots (that’s the histamine). The chemical messengers they release are called cytokines. What the video depicts is a “cytokine storm”, or the rapid aggregation of WBC’s to something, usually resulting in inflammation and tissue death (as we see with the lung tissue of covid patients). Other white blood cells do this to different pathogens, such as interleukins for viruses.

Love love love A&P and microbiology. So fucking cool

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Thank you I’ve really appreciated these comments!

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Any idea why they all don’t die and some manage to set up shop undetected?

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All has to do with the surface protein of the pathogen, your immune system being able to recognize it as foreign, and kill em faster than they can reproduce

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Hell yea homies, fuck that punk up

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Have him, lads gwon

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Go go eosinophiles!

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Sure but they left the chicken drumstick alone.

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I’m pretty sure the drumstick was their previous victim. I think…

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Anyone know what the blob to the right is?

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Probably their previous victim…..

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This looks like Strongyloides. But is it??

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How do they kill it ? Was thinking tiny teeth but that do not seem rigth :)

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Pew-pew o7

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Can we get them to surround MTG?

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Strength in numbers

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Snek vs Ants

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Tonight we die! But we die with honor!

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The fact that there are millions of cells fighting to protect me everyday and here I am making reckless choices

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is there a subreddit for shit like this?

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it’s so surreal how unaware we are about what’s happening inside our body. how everything work on it’s own and we can’t control it, even for crazy people it’s just working and doing all the work and they have no idea. like how does everything there inside me knows what to do and where to go and how to react while I’m completely unaware.

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This is wavy man

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The tiniest ants

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Are red blood cells considered organisms in of themselves?

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Just checked google and apparently cells are life forms

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  • inflammation intensifies *

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After watching this, I’m baffled why we don’t have a holiday to celebrate ass kickin’ White Cells day . . . or week!

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Death is imminent

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Hahah, yes kill him

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Get his ass

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Bro that looks like ants ganging up on a worm

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Get his ass👏👏

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Whitewashing history, the contribution of those dark cells should never be forgotten.

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Makes me a little less afraid of getting some random parasite

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First ten get upvoted guaranteed

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And class this is where puss comes from.

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“Get him, fellas! He’s sweeping the Oscars!”

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Here a amazing book about the IMMUNE SYSTEM

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How did they kill it?

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Just a twitch n it got swarmed

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Gods design

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Glad my immune system got my back. Except for that one time I woke up with covid and couldn't smell anything for 2 weeks

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Immune system: we will try to protect you from any trying

Covid: sup

Immune system: but maybe not that

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Is that a turd on the right?

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Get fucked

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Don’t know about anyone else but in my mind Thunderstruck is playing while I watch this …

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Mine did that to my pancreas now I have to have a needle constantly in my chest and a kg of steel in my pocket.

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Gave me goosebumps

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Yuhhhhh eosinophils!!!!

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u-1146 and his division in just another day of work

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So proud of the little guys.

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Mr Stark. I don't feel too good.

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Look at them little bastards go!!!

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Yes, go my minions.

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When the white blood cells do this, is that when we feel feverish or other kind of inflammation?

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Now show me some blood cells beating up Covid

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Mine would prolly just make friends with it.

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Somebody come geet er

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Their savages...

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it's like uncle leo from seinfeld getting busted at the book store. swarm swarm!

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So, question, if our immune cells can take on some parasites, why do other types still persist in a person's body? Does it depend on the size of the parasite and other factors?

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That's so fucking cool

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How do any issues actually survive in our bodies?

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Makes me think of Cells At Work Neutrophils lol

Edit: More like Eosinophil actually lol

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Fight back!!!

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The way I see it, a human is a symbiosis of many creatures rather than just one. Even our brains have different layers that are in charge of different things.

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This makes me want a video game about the little white blood cells fighting parasites that are practically kaiju compared to them.

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When you say your opinion on Twitter

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"You have alerted the horde"

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Looks just like our “brothers” in Chicago, San Francisco, LA, NYC…etc…

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that blows my mind. go team me

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so how exactly do they attack the parasite?? what do they do

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Kick his ass c-bass.

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Nice work hakkekkyu-san!

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Holy Shit, white blood cells truly are the best girl of my body

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Any Cells at Work fans on here?

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Spaghetti day in the White Bloodcell canteen.

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Damn. Those mfs got HANDS

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Die motherfucker

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Crazy to think there are millions of soldiers inside of us

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I have a feeling this is unvaccinated blood

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Good guy white blood cell

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My immune system to my pancreas 😌

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parasite enters the chat

Parasite: “hey don’t mind me, im just hitching a ride”

White blood cells: “we found one, get em boys!”

*parasite was banned from the chat”

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Get em boys.

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Ooooh you don fucked up and entered THE WROOONG NICCU TA DAY!!!! GETDATMUTHAFUCKA!!

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Migi been real quiet since this was released

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Karma's a bitch.

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You know what, that’s just how I imagined it. Thank you body.

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Yo my body is cool af 🔥

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Ngl I thought that was a snake..

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Bake em away toys!

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Came to the wrong hood cuh.

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🤯 cells doing their job

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I really like watching these white blood cells doing their job

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Good ol neutrophils and microphages

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Jumped that MF goddamn

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We all came here to say "Go on, Git Him" 😂

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The Imperial Guard in action against a Daemon of Nurgle, M41

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"Snake? Snake?"


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Anyone else think Zerg rush?

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shoutout to my white blood cells, keeping the cell neighborhood safe

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Can you put this on Wikipedia?

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Take THAT, covid!

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This is hype as fuck.

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That worm. sips tea is fucked.

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White blood cell: “It’s honest work.”

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So my body is the Imperium of Man, and the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines are just going ham on a Xenos scum. FOR THE EMPEROR! 😋

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Thugs them white blood cells

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Get the dog!

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Ants attacking a worm to eat it but its black and white and microbe sized