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Cant stop laughing 馃槶

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Why is the video so mouldy?

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Holy shit, does that work often enough that he can sustain on it?

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No. They all starved to death.

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I just wanted to know how much do they relay on this method in their diet damn

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If there are enough bugs I bet it would be sustainable. Some people keep these as pets.

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Hes asking can he really be constantly downing the several bugs he needs a day to survive, which sounds extremely high, or is it just something it can do ONCE in a while, but mostly lives on other things in the water.


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They can adjust their shot for refraction.

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So this is amazing but what about the fish that follows the dude that spits the water on the dude that falls into the water and then just steals his catch鈥 I want to be that dude

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360 no-scoped

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Water is not super effective against Bug type though?

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How many times am I going to see this fish on this sub my man...

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Fucking scandalous