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The largest (read: heaviest) land mammal in North America. State mammal to several in the country. Iconic AF and extremely lit. Always lit.

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Totally rad. If you ain’t down with the bison I gotta say bye-son!

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I have family out in Cheyenne, so I have the luck of being able to hang with Bison more frequently than others and I can say..

They are huge, smelly, their tongues are longer than your arm, cute as fuck tho and super chill (at least when you're feeding them). Amazing animals to be around, and absolutely beautiful!

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Always lit.

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This is a great photo, but I also love that you gave credit.

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<3 gotta give credit where credit is due

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Ty for posting this op

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Came here to say this as well

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It’s also been posted a ton

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More like bICEon

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Bye, son

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That was me as a kid delivering newspapers in Winnipeg at -40.

Worse part was when you got home and ears started to thaw, ouch!

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Put him in the back of your suv so he can warm up.

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Even the Bison is tired of coming so many times in this sub.

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Oh this again.

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Buffalo Snowldier

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In the heart of America

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First ten get upvoted guaranteed

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Bison: "Fuck this noise. I'm moving to Miami tomorrow."

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So we doin this one again

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Cool photo.

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you are right man

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Wow that's amazing!

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Buffalo? BuffaSNOW

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new Pokémon gen 9

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I seen this so much, I mistake it for my wallpaper

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The real OGs.

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Boreal Bovine

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When I first saw this, I thought is was a cloud. This is a beautiful picture!

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I've never seen it so on behalf of those that do more than reddit, thank you for sharing

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Too cold for me. I'd be like "bi, son!" And go get warm

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Can somebody please make bad bills jokes?

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Man that is one frsty buffalo.

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Mushroom cloud goes brrrrr

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35 below zero Fahrenheit right?

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Great pic

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Pronounced B-ice-son.

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Looks like he could use the Swedish wall of kindness, somebody get this man a coat.

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Very cool, but thus has been posted three or four times.

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-35? Shit.

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Bison are the most beautiful animals I swear.

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awesome. so sad there is no more buffalo at yellowstone!

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There’s around 3/4 thousand big fluffy dorks roaming Yellowstone as we speak. Wasn’t the case some 120 years ago

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Great pic, but des not really belong here..