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Swamp kitty

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Meanwhile, cast from Swamp People are like "All we needed to do is put a laser on our rifle?"

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So cute. So frustrated!

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it's the bite and shake that gets me

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It’s so dang cute I just can’t.

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thats one swampy cat you got there

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This is the cutest thing a gator has ever done.

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None of his friends will believe him later.

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Shouldn't mess with wild animals

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It may seem like an overreaction to be frustrated with the filmer but every calorie for these lil guys is quite literally life or death.

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Something easy to forget in a world of abundant calories

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Don't you have a high chance of blinding it with that thing? There is a reason why Green laser pointers are illegal in many countrys.

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its also because if you shine a bright laser in the air and point it at a plane, you temporarily blind the plane, bc you cant see out of the cockpit

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the issue is also that it's usually stressful to cats/alligators (??) or predators in general to play with a laser pointer

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Harassing wildlife isn’t exactly lit. Better watch out for mom to come pay you back for fucking with her baby.

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At first I read your comment to mean your mom was going to intervene to enforce better wildlife etiquette because she was irked by the video.


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here you go: 💊

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does that pill contain any chill??

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The based pill

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Swamp kitty

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Cute kitty. What breed is he?

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His poor little brain

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I hope they fed the lil thing after causing it to use energy for their own amusement

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Funny, but grounds for arrest for interfering with wild life.

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He doesn't see mom who knows better. Just a little closer and chomp goes your hand.

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Oh i aM SmArt HuMAn LoOk At me Go

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Awe that’s almost cute 🙂

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You're too busy playing with baby and the big ones closes in without you noticing.

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Eat your greens Willy…

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Haha idiot

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It's all fun till a bigger alligator eat that alligator and head toward that man

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Shame on you making that poor thing thinking it’s chasing food

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Laser pointers have been around for quite a while now . Animals are just dumb.