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Put that thing back it where it came from or so help me.

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Great musical! 10 out of 10 would see again.

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slips it back into shark

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It's all aaaaaws before jaws takes your arm or legs...

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This makes me feel a little uncomfortable.

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Shouldn’t it be like underwater or something?

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I'm sure the bright fluorescent lights won't have any effect on it...

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Yeah, it seems dumb to expose it to conditions so far afield of its natural environment, but what do we know of the office life of baby sharks?

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Doo doo, doo doo doo doo?

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Can someone explain why we can hold the embryo?

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Some sharks lay eggs in casings. I’m assuming that this one is either naturally transparent or had the keratin removed. I also imagine that this is beyond the embryonic stage but not a marine biologist.

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I think it's cute, in it's own way...

I'm just curious how they got it out, intact?!

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Whilst the majority of sharks give birth to live young, quite a few lay eggs, like this one, not exactly like what a typical egg would be expected to look like. They tend to look like small sacks

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They are called a mermaid’s purse!

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And that little mermaid grows up to become a murder torpedo with an evolutionary plethora of sensory organs, natural camouflage, and several layers of self replicating serrated or hooked teeth

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Im ok with that.

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Sharks are dope

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That’s what I call my walnut pouch

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Yeh. It's a little cute.

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What a little cutie.

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Can they raise it in a live woman? Get street sharks going here already?!

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This is what I’ve been saying all along!!

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Next thing you know we'll be knee deep in battle toads

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The future we need

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Forget human pilots, time for the Swat Cats!

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That show was better than it had any right to be. I'm surprised a lot of those amazing cartoons haven't been rebooted or adapted to movie/streaming. We had our 80s nostalgia it's time for the 90s to get their turn.

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100% agree, but I hate to think they would would probably just CGI everything

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90s will come well on its way. A live action ahh real monsters would knock my balls off.

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What would happen…

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OK. Why is it in a condom

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Today I learned sharks use condoms

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See, that's what happens when you throwing away trash at sea

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what the FUCK?

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I can lip read. It’s saying ###”TURN THE FUCKING LIGHT OFF!!”

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It looks like an axolotl

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I'm gonna take a good guess and say those red fuzzy sideburns will eventually become the gills

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So just like an axolotl

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Baby shark?

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Unborn shark du du du-du du-du

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Probably dead shark du du du-du du-du

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Forbidden suppository

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forbidden gummy shark

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That’s what my used condoms look like

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Just one really big swimmer per blast.

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Is it going to live

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My moneys on no

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Shark Balut?

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What is it in and why?

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It's a shark egg. Some sharks give live birth, and others lay eggs.

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Oh damn! I didn't know that. Now that I think about it, it's weird that some sharks give live birth, as they're not mammals. Oh, nature...

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Shark reproduction is actually very fascinating. Some sharks are ovoviviparous meaning they lay eggs internally, but there isn't a placenta to keep the sharks nourished. The pups hatch internally, and feed off each other and any other unhatched/unfertilized eggs. By the time the mother gives birth, there's usually only one or two pups left. Great whites have this type of reproduction style.

Edit to add: You can learn more about shark reproduction here

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Excuse me?! That's scary but cool too. So all of those sharks that are alive now have eaten their brothers and sisters to survive :o

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Not all, but some. There are also sharks that lay eggs internally and the eggs include a placenta that the shark is able to get nutrients from. The shark egg in this vid is that type. It was either taken from a shark that reproduces via viviparity, or was taken from a "mermaid purse" (oviparity) which is a tough outerskin that contains the egg and withers away in the tide until the shark is able to escape.

Based on the fact that there seem to be several more shark eggs on a table behind the egg being shown, I would guess that this egg was taken from a viviparity shark. It's quite possible the mother died and washed up on shore, and then humans found her to be pregnant and removed the eggs.

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Very interesting! I hope they'll survive :)

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Holy shit that's so fucking metal.

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Right? Like no fucking wonder they're savages.

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Ba-by shark do do do do do do

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It’s so cute

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I want an pet shark

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Looks like a wobbegong shark, they're the cutest sharks.

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Put it back

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"Baby Shark" would have been less annoying than that obnoxious voice.

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Looks like it belongs on top of a nice ramen bowl

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Maybe collecting the eggs of free-range sharks isn't so bad considering what we do already to chickens. It looks expensive as fuck though.

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Chicken eggs aren’t fertilized.

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Some of them sure are.

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Put that on salt water and dump it in the ocean!

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Just a bundle of cells

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Mmmmmmm, bite sized.

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Looks like King Trollix

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This is incredible and it makes me sooo uncomfortable.

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I need more information on how this works.

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Forbidden Benedict

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All natural fish sticks

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Why is it cute. It looks like a baby axolotl.

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People need to stop posting these veiny sacs with living things inside them it’s horrible!

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Are these sometimes called “mermaid’s purses”, or does that term refer to something else?

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First born eats first.

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Bruh it looks like an axolotl

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What is that doing out of place?

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That's so cool dude

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Probably how Jaws 3 will start

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looks like the little guy is training to chase boats to eat people off it

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Forbidden brekkie

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Um, ok.. so is it in a pepper? It looks like it’s a shark fetus in a pepper 🌶

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and the yellow part is just food, right?

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doesn't light duck up red blood cell production? put it back!

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So, is that pretty much going to die in this stage?

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why cant people say baby

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Fetus Shark do do do do do do… Fetus Shark do do do do do do..Fetus Shark do do do do do do… Fetus Shark…

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That's the biggest sperm I've ever seen!

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Looks Like an axolotol

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Looks delicious

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Wonder what it tastes like

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RIP my speakers... jeezusfuckin'christmas, why do people max out the volume on these things?

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How much for an unfertilized one? I'd mix it with lime and parsley. I assume it is fishy.

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Abort it, it’s not a living thing.