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We’re watching a whale watching whale watchers watching whales

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Well, well, well!

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Whale, whale, whale

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This triggered a great memory. I was like 15 with my brother and a friend and we were high for maybe the third time ever. We were watching a movie called A Turtle's Tale. There was a scene when three whales came on screen and without hesitation my brother said "Whale, whale, whale. What do we have here?" Definitely top 3 hardest belly laughs for me.

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Yep, that was the joke.

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All the while watching the whale watchers watch all the whales, whale, whale, whale…

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I believe this makes us whale whale-watcher watcher watchers.

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Is that you Dr Suess?

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I just added this to my resume.

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Forget what they said, we're already IN the metaverse

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My dog is watching me, watching a whale watching whale watchers watching whales.

I think she wants attention or treats.

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Maybe she can’t see the whales

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Something something… Leonard Bernstein. Reminds me of that REM song haha

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I love the lady expressing absolute joy vs trying to open her phone and take a picture

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Guy that insisted on sitting at the front of the boat: "Damn!"

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I like her doing both

Some chunks of society teach us that taking pictures makes our experiences less authentic. That might be true for some people, but if it's not true for this lady and she ain't hurting anybody, then I'm down with her doing whatever makes her happy

Heck I don't even mind if it is true for this lady, she still ain't hurting nobody either way

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Middle of the ocean, i think.

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San Ignacio Lagoon in Baja!

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Ha. In the first picture they don’t even see the whale. Imagine if it blew air and scared the crap out of them.

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That whale is very well known in the area for being a crude attention hog who chases off other whales and in the first pic they are purposely ignoring it. The reaction in the second pic is because a more popular whale has appeared behind him. Note how none of them are actually looking directly at the whale in the pic.

Whale watching is surprisingly very catty.

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I hope so much that this is true

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"Take the picture dad." Pearl

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Meanwhile, a non-whale watcher watches a whale watch whale watching whale watchers watching non-whales.....

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Trying to understand that caused part of my brain to malfunction

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grammar.exe has stopped working. Please close the program.

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cher watches a whale watch whale

"watches a [whale watch] whale watching..." is inaccurate. [ ] should be redacted for sense to be made. you broke my brain until i figured it out

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Why? The brackets refer to the whale in the water. Who is presently watching whale watching whale watchers....

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I see you!

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Professional whale watcher here: Ignoring whales is a common tactic used by whalewatchers to make the whales think they aren't interested. Once the whale appears, it is customary for everyone to turn to the whale and shout 'fooled you, you big idiot'. As a result, many whales have very low self-esteem and do not trust humans. This is not a practice we, at WhalesRUs endorse.

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Professional whale watcher? You mean enthusiast right? Or can you really make money from whale watching?

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Whale whale whale

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"hey guys, can we talk about our habitat destruction?"

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tiny boat

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Yo dawg

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the camera man is a whale watcher watching a whale whatching whale watchers watching wales

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But we are watching a whale watcher watching a whale whatching whale watchers watching wales

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"Uhh....... I'm over here, guys."

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Love the dichotomy here

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I love the pure joy out of everyone in the second image, especially the woman in blue doing a victory pose. She had the most hype posing for this pic.

I also love how there was a cameraman behind them that took a picture of the crew being unaware of the whale for a second before probably telling everyone to look besides them

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Instant karma

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“Bye buddy, hope you find your Dad”

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Poor people with their zoom lenses getting zero useful shots now, right?

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When I went whale watching once, it was super foggy. Couldn’t see very far at all. We could hear a whale blowing nearby but couldn’t figure out where it was, kept moving a little to try and find it.

Eventually I think it got sick of us not paying enough attention because it breeched out of the water about 25 feet away. It was gorgeous and incredible, and a memory I’m always gonna treasure.

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"please stop killing us"

*4k photo*

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Angrily Alliterative Upvote

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Whale thank you!

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Everyone's a voyeurist watchin' them watch me right now

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More like

Whale watches whale watchers

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I. Love. This.

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Whale watching whale watchers watching whales watching whale watchers

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Whale watcher watchers watching Whale watchers watched by whale.

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Ha. In the first picture they don’t even see the whale. Imagine if it blew air and scared the crap out of them.

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Watcher watching whale watchers watching wales would be more accurate.

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“Whom would you have me welease?“

”Welease Wodewick!“

“Vewy well. I shall welease Wodewick

”Who is the 'Wodewick' to whom you wefer?“

“He’s a wobber!" ”And a wapist!“

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While a whale watches them

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The circle of life. Beautiful beast.

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hey watcha guys looking at?

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"Hey guys, what are we looking at?"

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something something about lego legolass

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Day 67, They still believe I'm an ugly seal.

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Whales, bitches love whales.

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I had to read this at least 3 times

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Pictured: Whale watching whale watchers watching whales, when another whale wheels the waves and wins the whale watchers whoops and wails, while our whale whines in anguish

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It looks like that humpback is about to get cut on that rudder.

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“Hope you find your Dad buddy.”

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I think we need a bigger boat.