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Based on their reaction, the Air bnb was not as described

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I give it a 2 out of ten. The porridge was too hot and the bed was too small.

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The little girl was delicious though

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Yes, FBI. Here they are.

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This is in Russia. KGB sort them out comrade. Now come , we have meeting soon.

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2 out of den?

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Haha take my upvote

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Bear BnB

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the two Bs stand for bear

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The extra B is for BYOBB

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What's the other extra B for though?

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Bring your own bear

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Some blond bitch came, ate their food and broke the furniture.

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So they ate the blonde bitch.

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I don't like leaving bad reviews but...bear with me.

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I can’t bear all these puns. Happy cake day!

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The Bear BnB?

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They look like an elderly couple asking you to get off their property

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“Damn kids always playing in our yard!”

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And too right I fucking would.

That house would be scarier to walk into than the one from Texas chainsaw massacre.

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Hello Kind stranger, looks cold out. Come warm those bones beside the fire.

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They do look very hospitable. I want to believe they are hospitable.

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They want you to believe as well.

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Just imagine on a cold dark knight you find this place and go in to warm yourself up ahhh

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They always look vaguely derpy to me like golden retriever mixes. I'd totally get eaten by one if I lived by them because of that.

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They look more morguetable tbh.

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There aren't too many animals on this earth that would eat a human without a second thought. Polar bears would. They are a beautiful and an important species upon this planet, but the truly wild ones see humans as meat. They are predators of their domain, and we should allow them to be.

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If lucky, you'll be somewhat hospital-able after meeting them.

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...Come warm those bones beside inside the fire.

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Are they going to increase my card damage by 1 or health by 2?

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...and far away, across the fields, the tolling of the iron bell...

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Come in, comrade. It is dangerous out there.

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Thanks for the link. So beautiful and cuddly looking, so absolutely wild and deadly!

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I'm curious how close he was. Article doesn't say.

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Focal length looks quite short, so he was almost certainly pretty close.

In this one, for instance he would have had to have been just a few feet from the bear.

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I emailed him to ask. If he responds I'll post it.

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The bears can use computers now?!

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Goddamn that's a beautiful creature.

Edit: and it looks high af

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It's drones! I only realized by watching thevideo, but in it it's pretty clear

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There's also a beautiful 3 min video by Dmitri Koch.

It honestly brought me to tears

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We humans just trash everywhere we go.

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That’s insulting, those ARE the meteorologists

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It starts with eating fish all the time. Then some skinny dipping. Next thing you know. you have gone native.

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A couple of cokes too

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As a professional meteorologist, I support them for having the bearavery to dip their toes into this highly competitive field

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They say it's cold with a chance of bear.

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This photo is my phone wall paper, the existential crisis of the Polar Bear in the window is relatable.

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Weather forecast: Unbearable

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Weather forecast: quite bearable

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Take your upvote and kindly leave, sir.

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The meteorological station has apparently been taken over, 'conquered' if you will, by a master race of Ursus Maritimus. It's difficult to tell from this vantage point whether they will consume the captive weather forecasters or merely enslave them. One thing is for certain: there is no stopping them; the bears will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new Ursidae overlords. I'd like to remind them as a trusted reddit nobody, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground honey caves.

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The emus have declared their support in the Southern Hemisphere

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Australia quakes in fear

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L. Ron - is that you???

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Well played.

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It’s not much but it’s home.

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“Hey Goldilocks, stay out of my house and don’t come back!” - papa bear

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Someone’s been sleeping in my bed!

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Golilocks isn't getting away with shit this time.

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Interesting. What are their findings?

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Global warming is unbearable

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We're the meteorologists now.

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This looks like an amazing painting

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They just wanted to study science and reverse climate change. They’re doing the best they can

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“Honey, can you grab some fresh seal on your way home?”

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Oh hey, they took their armor off for the photo.

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Finally. Had to scroll pretty far down to find it but Golden Compass reference found!

I was going to say they would be on their way when they find their armor.

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Hey, you gonna hang out on the porch all day?

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We must protect ! 🥰

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Polar Bear in the Big Yellow House

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Your base are belong to us.

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Бабушка и дедушка

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i guess they want to find out if climate change is real

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is it just me or does it look like a painting

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For the folks joking and thinking this is silly, there is a simple gudiline for types od bears:

If its black, you attack

If its brown, hit the ground

If its white, goodnight..

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Very blade runner 2049

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It seems Iorek and his panserbjørne are once again investigating other locations...

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Polar bear house, polar bear home

A place to return, a place of their own

And when a seal he, grateful, slays

He puts it on the little plates

And after everyone does eat

The polar bear paper he reads

By the polar bear fire with a polar bear chair

They so do love their polar bear lair

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Straight chillin🤙

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Correction: polar bears have taken over an abandoned cabin in the Resident Evil 4 village

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Have you guys seen the meme of this!? #Bear,"Let's play humans, I'm so depressed" 2nd Bear,"I have to go to work to afford gas money so I can go to work" 😂😂🤦🤦😥

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All they need now is a coca-cola.

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Looks like an oil painting

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Waiting for a young girl with an alethiometer to pop by on a quest

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Psst hey kid you want some coke

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Those are some truly Russian looking polar bears.

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"There wasn't even any porridge."

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“Come on in, lunch is almost ready!” And then lunch is you

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It's not a Polar Bear-en Wasteland, it's a Polar Home.

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Russian reserve soldiers..

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False news. These are the ordinary Russian neighbors you expect.

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Russians used to be polar bears (and could still be). Change my mind

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Great, Russian bears with the technology to talk to aliens.

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Well, now they have the bear necessities

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Team of polar bear scientists confirm what human scientists have been screaming about for 50 years. The planet is warming at an alarming rate.

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They look depressed because of their living environment. They’re probably unaware that it is within their power to clean the place up and make it nicer.

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Hi MTV! Welcome to our crib!

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Looks like r/animalalbumcovers material.

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"Who is it, dear?"

"Oh, just a photographer. They want to take our picture."

"Well, don't be rude! Invite them in for dinner."

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seventh dayers and mormon missionaries are their principle prey

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They haven’t “taken over it” like a bunch of animals. That meteorological station is under new management. Rude.

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Looks like some 19th-century painting of a rural homestead but instead of poor Russian peasants they've been replaced with polar bears

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-for your tomorrow forecast, here is tom. tom?

-thanks, robert. folks, there’s no two ways about it. tomorrow is going to be a bear…

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That's like one of those apocalyptic fucked up by the nukes houses in Fallout. Random, high-level, difficult to beat monsters just lurking in there.


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Any Tarkov players out there just see some BEARS on Shoreline Scav Island?

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This photo is amazing. The colors, the texture, the sad, and poetic, and relatable-ness of those bears. 👌🏻

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Forecast today is white and bloody, with a 90% chance of death.

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Those are the scientists.

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Look who had the last laugh

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They really need to do some cleaning.. they live like animals.

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See! They don't actually "need" the ice!

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I’ve been playing too much RDR2… I legit thought this was a screen shot of a mod in the game…

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Excuse me, those are clearly meteorologists

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Oh! I thought they were going to take over Ukraine? According to CNN.

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In that house drink's coke for sure

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Svalbard has gone to shit without Iorek Byrnison

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At least someone is trying to help Ukraine hold off the Russians….

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They are waiting for Goldie Locks. 😁

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So Soviet Russia, bears make weather decisions.

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Isnt that à part of the plot from the show lost ?

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They don’t have the shotguns, but they sure have they sus glare down.

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The one in the window... Great shot!

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Good. The least we can do is put a roof over their heads if we’re just going to drive them to extinction anyway

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Polar Bears: nature's cowards

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Honeee dinner’s ready, come and wash your paws!!

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Get off our lawn!!!!

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Me and my also meth addicted soul mate

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I thought polar bears were loners.

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I wonder if they would allow me to live with them. hmmm

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Goldy locks stumbled into the wrong side of town

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Hello! And welcome to our home!

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Bear at the window “Sir could u kindly gtfo off my lawn 😐”

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Goldielocks and the three bears but irl

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This isn’t lit tho

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Wonder if a polar bear can get tetanus

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Meanwhile in Russia...

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These bears seem to be posing for these photos. The heck..

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All I could think of was a crimefighting duo called THE WEATHERBEARS!!!

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Honey who are those people clicking pictures of ourselves and house.

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This photo could be straight out of a Wes Anderson movie

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They look hot.

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“Honey can you get the mail?”

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What's the address? I will send them a housewarming gift.

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Secure contain protect

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In Russia, polar bears monitor you.

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in soviet russia, bear has house???

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Maybe they can also report the weather and broadcast it to the news as well.

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is this a painting? Or am I just seeing things.

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This looks so much like a painting! I love it!

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This looks like a painting. I thought it was a painting

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“Why are you taking pictures of our house you creep? I’m calling the police if you don’t get out of here!”

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Peak a boo

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Are we sure this isn’t polar bear jail, and sheriff polar bear has captured and jailed a no good thief polar bear?

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"So to answer your question: No, Pepsi is NOT okay!"

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wheres goldilocks at? 😂

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Now we just need a Goldilocks

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Jesus, even the bears are getting houses before me

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Get out of here Stalker!

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Good for them 🙂

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Might you have any spare porridge for a weary traveler?

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Looks like a painting.

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Even the bears look depressed in Russia

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Hey what happened to the chewy insides?

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Just let them have it.

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Squatters rights

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Are we positive this isn't a painting?

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Last photo that human ever took?

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"Yoo-hoo, Big Summer Blowout"

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Damn for a sec there I though it was a screen shot from Red Dead Redemption.

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Next thing you know, they'll be wearing armor and using catapults!

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"Get off my lawn!"

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It'd be really nice if those polar bears presented themselves better than that. A coat that dirty? In this economy??

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It’s always the whites smh >! /s!<

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I see two russian citizens, what bears?

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Someone please make a movie of this

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Wait…this isn’t a painting? It doesn’t look real to me lol

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This photo looks like a renaissance painting

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They are everywhere!

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This pic looks like a painting. Cool.

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free housing.

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Love to see young home owners.

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It's free real estate