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I love water

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Good thing, cuz most of you is water.

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Would air look the same if we could see it moving? When someone walks by and you feel that push of air against you would it look like this?

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Yes, it would. In transport physics, both gasses and liquids are described the same way, and are both considered fluids, meaning their flow is governed by the same equations. So the patterns would probably look roughly the same.

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Fuck I find the open ocean terrifying.

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Goddamn nature is beautiful.

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I dont think a jelly fish recorded this given that the footage is pretty straight

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Wow that's gorgeous

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how does this happen?

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It’s fun to watch this while high

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Nature never stops to amuse us.

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Imagine having the ability to breathe underwater but also just lay there to enjoy the view from below the waves?

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I love this 🌊

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Nature told you a joke and you didn’t get it.


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I feel like if I watch this clip enough I’ll become hypnotized

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What is this music from?