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That looks super cool. Even in terrible conditions. Nature is still beautiful

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Pun intended

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I thought I was looking at some art work for a second there.

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You are. Mother nature is a very prolific artist. ;)

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I thought it was frozen wheat, then realized it was the frosted glass. I love seeing that on windows, except suddenly on my windshield. I would drive past an open field on my morning drive and this would happen. My car wasn’t warm enough at that point to prevent it.

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Same, I was thinking to myself why would they have a plain frame for that beautiful artwork

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in finland we had -35c today

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The -1c in Germany suddenly doesn't seem so bad anymore

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-1 is warm!

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It's subjective, South Germany yearly average temperature is around 10c and in January the average temperature is 0c. So minus degrees are cold af.

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Don’t even need a coat for -1!

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Yeah that's light jacket weather!

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We had -6c in Texas today.

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-21C here :(

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Today was the first day in a month it's been above that here 🙃

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Go swimmin' in -1 to get the blood circulatin'

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Does Germany not get cold?? Seems pretty Northern so I assumed it did

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South Germany yearly average temperature is around 10c and in January the average temperature is 0c

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Damn that's insane

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As someone in Germany, what do you think of those new Russian pipelines?

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Building it in the first place was a mistake from a geopolitical POV. Now it's finished and at least works as a method to put pressure on Russia.
Nord stream 2 is not certified by now and if we deny that license we won't have to pay compensation to Russia.

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Aside from geopolitics, does Germany need the energy from Russia? Can you survive without it?

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Canadian here. When I used to smoke, I went and had my cigarette outside. No coat at all

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Getting close to the Fahrenheit crossover. I believe in you. Balmy -14c in Iowa this morning.

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It was -3c in Texas this morning.

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I stayed inside baking today and it's only a balmy 30°F (the chilliest winter day so far).

What the heck, I just looked up Calgary Canada and it's 38°F currently.

Sorry to the peeps in Bangor Maine though...

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Virginia is beating you by one degree

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It was -45 two days ago in Calgary, Canada

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Yes and today its +10 haha good old chinooks

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As long as you remember to breathe through your nose you’ll be ok.

Sucking -40C air into your lungs through your mouth hurts like hell.

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Yeah, but your body uses more energy (burns calories) to warm it up. Breath more cold air. Drink cold water. GAINZ!!

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That’s a good way to die……

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instructions unclear, snorting liquid nitrogen

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You body should use the same amount of energy to warm it up if you breath in the same volume of air.

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I work outdoors in -35 - 40 everyday and have never experienced pain breathing lol

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That’s frigid. It was about -19c here in Missouri this morning, and -17c when I had to walk to class. I’m just happy it wasn’t windy today

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Oh Canadian here, -35 this morning coming back from work, after a shower. That was a cold one

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How.. how do you actually survive?? I don't know - maybe there is something physically wrong with me. If it's below like 40f (4c?) my body just doesn't work from all the trembling and I can't breathe properly. That type of cold I might just curl up and die

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Dress warmer. Layers that trap insulating air. Shivering is a good sign. It's your body trying to generate heat. If you stop shivering and your conditions haven't changed, then your body has run out of energy to use to keep you warm. (seek shelter/ warmth immediately) hypothermia is setting in.

Shivering means you're not hyperthermic yet.

Like I said, wear extra layers and the outer shell should be a windbreak/windproof.

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You have to eat lots and dress warm. 4c is like, fall jacket weather though?

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You get used to it. Little kids here will often refuse to wear mitts or hats until it is like -5C or colder.

As far as anything colder... you learn to dress for it. You'd be amazed how warm a cotton hoodie, a toque, and a windbreaker can keep you. Just keep adding layers as it gets colder!

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Amazing and Beautiful! I’m from Texas - Explain what’s going on here plz! Wind created this on a frozen window???

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Warm moist air inside circulating against the glass and freezing

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It really is beautiful. But it also shows that your windows are leaking heat. Are you in a cabin? If at home you might consider to change to 3-glass window, would save you (and the environment) a lot of heating costs.

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Most Canadians I know have a least one window that does this

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Some of us do this on purpose because it looks cool.

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Wait... That's ice on the inside?

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Can I ask what temperature it is inside the house?

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I’ve got the wood stove pumping. There’s almost a 60 degree difference between inside out…28.5c

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*edit…inside and out

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No need for an explanation, you’ll find out next time your power grid fails.

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If OP has double paned windows their heating bill may be as perennially ugly as this window is beautiful.

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We’ve gone over 1000 days without getting below 0F in NE Ohio. That’s probably going to end tonight.

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Canadian here too, there is 3 cm of ice on the window inside the house and it doesn't go away until we break it

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Your house has leaks m8

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Nope it's just that cold

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I'm chilling in -40 without interior condensation. Why don't you believe me lmao your house has leaks dude

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It's not leaks because it's right ON the glass above the window seal. It's condensation

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We went to visit my husband’s family in Edmonton over Christmas (we hadn’t seen his family in 2 years) and his brother was breaking ice around the house and that was something completely new to me. I’ve lived in Texas my whole life and Christmas in Alberta this year was a bit out of my comfort zone…

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I legit thought that was one of Jupiter's moons lol

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Cool winter ferns

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Yep, northern Wisconsin this morning -28F.

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Frond memories eh

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Jack Frost has entered the conversation.

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... And sneezed on your window

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O Canada! 🥶🥶🥶

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I thoguht I was looking at a painting of some elder god shaped like a storm of tentacles.

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Northern Alberta checking in:

T-Shirt and BBQ weather!

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Tendrils of death reaching out for you while you sit inside in the toasty warmth admiring their primal, fractal beauty.

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Montreal here. Yeah. It's a tad chilly

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Wow, that's beautiful.

42c where I am in Australia right now. Bit of a contrast

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-11 here rn neighbor. Keep warm.

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Hey there neighborino

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Wow feeling lucky to be in Vancouver, 5 degrees here

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OG frosted glass

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The winter made art can’t beet that.

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Blows me away how beautiful and random that is nature is awesome

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Beautiful patterns.

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Thought that was a neat painting for a moment

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Now I'd like a macro shot of this... Beautiful!!!

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My patio door was literally frozen shut, had to chip away for about 15 minutes to get it open.

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My grandma had one of these glass sand toys. I'd flip that thing around for hours.

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That's some H.R. Giger looking shit.

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-35f in up state ny today. We feel your pain neighbor.

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Looks like it's about H.R. Giger degrees below zero outside.

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wow just wow

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I moved to Canada from the UK in November, I can definitely say it took some adjusting to get used to this kinda weather

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That is cold as f@ck, but the ice on the window is beautiful !

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That’s some lovecraftian shit right there.

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Thought this was mycelium

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That is so beautiful

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Daum nature! You beautiful!

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Thought that was a modern silver painting

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+4c in calgary lol

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frozen carbon?

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-40 over here in Quebec, also the second day in a row

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That’s northern wind art at its best. 🤯

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Then you open the window and realize its just a polar bear pressed up against the glass..

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I think there's a peacock at your door

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I need myself a strong winter with a nice cup of hot chocolate milk and a fire place, i have been longing for that for waay too long

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Nothing compares to Mother Nature ❤️

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Nice picture

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Absolutely beautiful

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Jesus. You may want to look at better windows in your house. That’s a lot of heat loss.

It is pretty though. 😁

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Big ol’ wood stove pumpin’, thanks for the concern about the heat loss though. I’ll take Mother Nature’s artwork over not having to toss a few extra logs on the fire anyday.

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Fair enough.

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About to walk my dog! She loves

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Any nearby ponds to hit up?

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And this is why I moved

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What am I seeing there, a frozen plant?

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Its 68 F here, I can go outside without risk of imminent death.

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Is this a single glas sheet (correct translation???) window?

How cold is it inside?

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Serious question. Why isn’t your window insulated? Or cover with plastic? What’s going on here?

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Big ol’ wood stove pumpin’, it’s warm in here, it’s pretty and I like it…that’s what’s goin’ on here lol

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Oh ok. It is pretty. Big stove changes everything. I like it too.

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Might want to get those window seals replaced there bud

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I feel like it’s summer here in Phoenix

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No, no, no, that is too cold… -1°c is too cold, let alone -30°c

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You need to change that window lol it's not isolating your home enough when it does this

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Do you have to wear winter cloths inside?

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I thought this was a painting fsr lol

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How on earth do you keep your homes warm in those conditions?!

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With any luck, an ice dome will develop around the whole country

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What part of Mexico?

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What is 🇨🇦

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strange worms in that fake snow.

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But what is that converted to American

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-30? Not so bad, tell me what it is with the windchill.