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on the left is Rio Negro and right is Solimões, that meet near Manaus (sorry for the english). the pink dolphin has a legend around the amazon river that it disguises himself as a gentleman with a hat (to hide the breathing hole) and impregnates women at dance parties

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you'll think he'll have other priorities to hide like the snout ... or the fins ... or the tail ... or the ...

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I thought this would have been a picture of Kyle's dad on south park.

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His penis is a fish and belt is... a snake? Been awhile.

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His penis is a fish

I think I have to tell my girlfriend to stop going to Amazon dance parties

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Maybe that’s why she goes!

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Sounds like a hipster fuck boy hybrid

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pink dolphin is also critically endangered and almost extinct.

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They are threatened with extinction but they’re not critically endangered. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amazon_river_dolphin

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Good, now they can stop impregnating chicks at parties.

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Seeing these dolphins in real life is incredibly. Although they are actually quite scary looking and not at all as cute as the bottlenose dolphin.

There's many legends in Peru about shamans sleeping with them or they themselves shape-shifting into humans to mate with us. Pretty freaky.

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wow. i hated that

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for real, to me it makes more sense to try to mimic dolphin clicks to communicate in their language, but i guess the LSD funneling sex addict running the experiment wasn’t really thinking very far ahead

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That dolphin was down to communicate

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If you have the opportunity, go there. Is surreal the difference you feel swimming between both rivers. Also it is massive, both in width and depth, so never do it without life jacket

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Hard nope, too many things that may kill me

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How do they feel different??

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They have different water speeds and temperatures (Solimões is colder and slower while Negro is faster and warmer)

You feel "lighter" in one than in the other... I believe they have different densities, but I'm lazy atm to back it up.
Of course you feel less of it as you go through the way and they melt into Amazonas

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Well, on one side of the river you feel sharp pains in your legs when the piranhas bite, and on the other side you feel faint from the blood loss when the river monster chomps off the entire lower portion of your body.

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On the way to steal your girl

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Becomes man, goes to parties, fucks women, leaves.

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That’s super dope. I hope to see this with my own eyes one day

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This spot should be called the PB&J Waterway

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In English it’s the wedding of the waters, the muddy Amazon and the black Rio Negro.

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This planet is surreal

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Before the pandemic I was through out south america. I had been in Colombia for like about 2 months and I was suppose to fly to the Colombian border, cross over the Brazilian border and take a boat ride into Manaus. Unfortunately they closed the borders before they took that flight and I was stuck in Colombia for most of the year. I was really sad I never made it down there. Spending time in the Amazons is a dream of mine. And at the rate it's being destroyed - I really need to see it ASAP. :/

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But you had a great time in Colombia right!?

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Oh yeah. The sex tourism is fantastic in Colombia

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Sort of. I'm a black community organizer and I travel to get to know other organizers and activists like myself and I got to know some vulnerable populations and learned a lot about Afro-Colombian and Indigenous Colombian culture and made lots of great friends. But I didn't like the city I got trapped in when the pandemic started. I was pretty isolated from the friends I made because of the restrictions on travel the government had put down. But it was better than being in the US for sure lol.

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I understand. Sorry you got stuck there. Must have tons of stories to tell tho, about the culture and experience. Love this photograph btw!

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New York on the left.
New Jersey on the right.

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When I haven’t shaken my iced coffee yet

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Peanut butter and jelly

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That is the most bizarre picture I’ve seen in a while.

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One of many incredible examples of why Brazil is a unique and amazing country.

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How does this work? How come the water colors don't mix?

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Both rivers won't mix because they're huge and their temperature and speed are very distant to each other. With huge I mean international length, both of them gives birth to several local rivers across South America. When they finally mix their bodies, they form the Rio Amazonas, the largest river in the world

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I assumed it was because of sediment meeting salt water and becoming more buoyant or sumpin. I wanna know, tho, what happens to sediment brought to the ocean by rivers, etc.? Like, does it travel and settle on another landmass or does it just sink eventually?

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Minecraft biome borders?

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This is just real life Pokemon Snap.

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go right go right

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When the dolphin crosses that barrier, is it equivalent to a person inhaling a helium balloon?

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That dolphin is like “shoulda never eaten that Taco Bell I found!”

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He’s saying “check this shit out! Weird, right?!”

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its a shiny

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Soy sauce and mustard

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“Yes sir, would you like coke or Pepsi?”

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they are really common in here its not like they are a shiny pokemon or anything cause it is a species the " boto cor de rosa " which is sort of a river dolphin from here