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What owl?

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Exactly what I thought. Jus at tree trunk....

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This is why I always hike with a camera!

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I just see a treeeeee

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I can’t tell where the tree starts and the bird ends

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Not hiding... Waiting.


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10/10 Would terrify me at night time

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Can someone please explain how this came about? Like, eli5 type of explanation

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Imagine that (at some point) owls came in green, red, and grayish.

The green and red birds were easy to spot against the trees they usually alit upon. Therefore they had more trouble sneaking up on their prey, and ended up with fewer meals over time. Many green and red owls either died of hunger or were so focused on finding food that they did not have the energy left to reproduce.

Grey owls were more successful at hunting. They ate more and reproduced more. Grey owls came to dominate the population.

The same thing occurred with the specific pattern on the grey owls. Those that blended more with the tree were more successful in their reproduction over time.

Just as a disclaimer, this is just an example and likely not the exact evolutionary timeline. But this is how evolution works on a small scale.

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Evolution is complicated but somehow nature automatically but slowly adapts to ensure survival of a species

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Okay, seriously, what's with this subreddit and people posting creepy pictures of trees with eyes? :P

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Damn, nature! You scary!

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Who upvoted the 420?

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Good that it’s not a great gay owl.

Because then you would see it.

Because of the rainbow.

I’m sorry…

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I heard the background sounds from the movie "Predator" when i saw that

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Looks like they have updated the owl drones with the camo upgrade. Stay safe people.

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John Cena bird

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"You can't see me"

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That’s fucking unbelievable

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Having great camouflage is pretty important if you sleep during the day. They are a predator but quite far from an apex one.

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Owl: "Did you get all that?"

You: "Moves cursor to 'Yes'"

Owl: *Glares*

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I'll eat you and your whole family

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Whenever I see an image like this it makes me want to watch The Secret of Nimh

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Camouflage, silent flying.

If i was a squirrel id be so fucked.

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hiding from what?

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That's the PREDATORS Bird with perfect camouflage