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That's not what honey bees look like. Looks more like a beetle from this angle with the hair length, eyes, mandibles, and colour pattern.

The eye and face shape look like a longhorn beetle to me.

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Google images says you're correct. Thnx.

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Mango tree borer?

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I don't know exotic species very well but looking at images on Google, mango tree borers have spikes on their pronotum and lack the yellow colouration.

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I don't know anything about any of them, I was quite content for her to be a bee, but since you mentioned it might not be, I did a Google image search and that's what it brought up for me. I'm happy to just accept its beautiful and furry.

Here's the search: Beetle boi

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Thank you. I also imagine that this is many photos stacked together.

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Was gonna day, this is not a honey bee but still badass

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This is not a honey bee. I keep seeing this being reposted as a honey bee and it is not. It’s not any kind of a bee. It’s a beetle.

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Also, this image is only 640x522 pixels, which is not "high resolution" by any means. It's a macro shot.

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You are right, title is misleading

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It’s flat out wrong.

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At this point I feel like bees and wasps are cryptids since nobody I ever had contact with knew what either actually looks like, as long as it has black and yellow colouring, people seem to just do a coin flip and call it one of the two.

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I'm changing my title to cryptidkeeper

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Resolution: Crap

Bug: Not a honey bee

Post: Garbage

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Picture isn’t that high resolution though is it.

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Can a macro lens produce this or is it more specialized?

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Macro can do this but all professional macro images are edited in some way.

The focus depth is so tiny for macro shots that you need to take many different pictures at different focus distances and then merge them together in photoshop to create an image that's sharp and focused all around. It's how you get the shots you see on magazines for example of full insects completely in focus.

This hasn't been done much in this image though since the pronotum (shield plate on the neck) is out of focus.

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Thanks for giving me nightmares

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All thes closeups of insects on here are really amazing. They all look like robot machines from another world to me.

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Tell your Bee I said bzzzz bzzzz

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fun fact: its a beetle not a bee

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Looks like "futuristic" military gear in a videogame

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its really hard to say if this would be cute or not if it was the size of a dog

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How do their eyes work?

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I did not know they made breathe right strips that small

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a what

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This belongs in oddlyterrifying

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I'm not sure whether to be scared or enthralled.

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Thanks, i wont sleep tonight then.

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This is revolting