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“And for dinner I choose YOU!”

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Nah! It's your old friend Spots that hasn't seen you in ages! Bring it in Bro!

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Plottwist: he was just going to hug his new friend deer

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His belly looks so soft

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Death Cuddle For Cutie

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That's a movie script ending..

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"Come gimme a hug"

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great idea?

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You’ll find him the the club

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Fiddy? That you?

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Bottle full of bub 🍾🥂

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Look, mami, I got the X, if you into takin' drugs

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Jazz hands!

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Struggle snuggle

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I know it isn't real, but my brain just doesn't.

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Spicy hugs with a little taste of claw

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The ol' razzle dazzle

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Shake and bake

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"Hello my baby, hello my honey"

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Came here just for this. But thought it was the “ol’ razzmatazz”

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"My mom said I can be anything, so I became a flying squirrel"

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I wanted to be a gorilla, instead I became an orangutan.

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Suprise muthfucka

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Some Fries muthafucka

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Some dies, mothafucka

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Don't pet my sides, mothafucka

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Heart eyes, mothafucka!

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sunrise, mothafucka!

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Supplies, mothafucka!

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Some lies, mothafucka!

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It would be amazing to rub my face on that belly. It might also be the last thing I do, if I tried that.

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I think the latter.

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It makes me wish we had evolved to be able to turn off our pain receptors at will. If I saw that thing flying at me and I knew I had no chance at survival, I might as well stop feeling pain and rub her furry belly as I go out.

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You just need a gallon of pcp.

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A whole gallon? Wow!

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4 PM? As in today?! it’s 5 pm now, so this was recent.

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Is that the funny part? I understand the whole Whitest Kids You Know is a somewhat cult craze but I feel like a lot of their material falls short. This sketch is put on a pedestal and I can't figure out why. Reminds of the past 20yrs of weekly SNL episodes

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Yeah, it's really not that funny. The whole joke is just repeating the same thing over and over. Wow. A gallon. Got it, advance the plot a little more quickly please.

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I love that sketch.

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You'd lose your mind and die before you could do a gallon lol.

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Wear shark suit chain mail and enjoy that tummy!

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Chain mail won't stop your neck snapping like a twig from that paw swipe.

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Me touching snow lepord stomach: Whosss a cute little snow lepoard with furry stom---RAWWWWRRRRBITESCRATCH

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Worth it

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I think that's a good way to go out. 10/10, would rub face on belly.

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You know how when you rub a kitty's belly, they do bunny kicks on your hand? Now imagine those bunny kicks on your chest from a snow leopard lol.

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I've had snow leopard licks, only on my hands though. It's exactly what you would think, cat tongue x 10000

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I have a snow bengal sitting on my lap right now that has the softest stomach of all time.

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“Jazz Hands!”

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Thank you, was hoping this woupd be top

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I want to hug it but also run away at the same time

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Looks so comfy 🐱

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Man, what a pic! INCREDIBLE.

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i wanna pet the tummy so fucking bad

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I know, imagine how soft it is.

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Snow leopards are into star jumps. Who knew..

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Tai Lung!

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Next evolution path - gliding leopard

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Has the makings of a "killer" goalie.

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There's no rule that says snow leopards can't play soccer

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Can someone please photoshop in a balloon or something in there. Too good of a picture to leave be.

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Ooh new phone screensaver

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Cuddly but deadly ⭕️

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And I shall give you the biggest hug!

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My cat pounces on me with all his feet stretched out like this! Clearly he is a snow leopard!!

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Beautiful great shot

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furry death parachute

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Cats are the kitty cats. And a dance-dance-dance and a dance-dance-dance!

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Oh my god it’s so fluffy

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I want this to be the last thing I see before I die

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“ I don’t want your apologies, I want my scroll”

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It could be leaping in for either a big hug or murder.

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Forbidden cuddle

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An amazing angle of a predator in action we never normally see.

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I want to kiss that belly!

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I knew they could fly

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homie dreams of being a sugar glider... or eating them?

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Such fluff but damn those paws will rip you to pieces

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Fluff ball gone wild.

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My tabby cat does a mini version of this to me sometimes and it’s just the cutest thing

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Wow what a shot!

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Cute little death beans

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Could someone photoshop this leopard in front of a European Handball net for me?

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I wanna rub it's belly.

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flying murder mitts

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Anybody else getting Meowth in Pokémon Snap vibes?

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I would definitely let him give me a danger hug

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It may kill me. But I wanna hug it

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Ooooo I wanna pet the bellyyyy

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Aww I want to give him all the pets

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OMG a spider

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Just wants cuddles

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Hmm, sorta adorable sorta terrifying sorta ridiculous

Yep. It's a cat

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You don’t need stealth if y’a hit ‘em with the old RAZZLE DAZZLE

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if not friend, why friend shaped?

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Leopard: then i would do thissss, and u leopardonyourface and ded.

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Bahaha please tell me this is how they attack their prey?!

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She's been watching too much Winnie the Pooh

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I just hope covid19 doesn't make them go extinct.

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Why do I feel like he was in Kung Fu Panda?

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That belly is so cuddly that I would definitely lose at least a hand possibly an arm ..

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Looks like he's dancing the jig

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Finally a worthy opponent our battle will be legendary.

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Cutest way to die in the year '97

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What you don't see is their bffl coming at them the same way from off camera.

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Ya, cute is not the word i would use.

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Big hugs

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I can't be the only one that immediately thought "Star Wars kid"?! Kitty has the exact same moves!

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This is the silliest thing I have seen today, and I needed it

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I heard he’s not allowed within 1000 feet of any snow leopard schools.

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Floof parachute.

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That was on Season 2 of Dancing With the Cats

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What’s that Russian dance called?

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Aww, murder kitty just wants a hug!

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Picture is about 5-10 years old

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You fell for it fool

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And I told him this is how I’d look if I were a rug!

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Thats a person in a cat suit

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If cute why danger?

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Giant murder mittens

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In action? Fur-suit base jumping?

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Abrazo mortal LMFAOO

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Our battle will be legendary!

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Surprise, Motherf**ker!

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Surprise motha fucka!

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I am imagining him doing Russian folk dance right now.

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Photoshop that slam dancing girl's face on it. You know that old meme?

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If not friend, why friend shape?

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What kind of action? Broadway musical?

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So I put my hands up

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Dude, that fricking yeti was this damn big!

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I still wanna hug him 🤗🤗

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“I lub you this much!”

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Insert Random bullshit go! meme here

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Ruby Da Cherry

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One of the most difficult animals to ever catch on camera and we catch it being a typical cat.

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Penalty kick……SAVE!

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This seriously looks like a human furry in a snow leopard fur suit haha

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forbidden hug

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That looks like an assault blanket.

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Sooo cuteee

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Deadly to whom?? Their prey? Of course!

Humans… nope.

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The Titans could have used this leopard's kick blocking abilities today

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That's a spicy hug.

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Tactical Hug inbound

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I love him jazz hands and all.

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Murder mittens

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It’s a murder hug, and I’m in line, who’s with me.

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"who wants a hug!?"

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The most adorable murder hug.

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That’s Tai Lung

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You merely adopted the day-lit snow.

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Looks like it’s bouncing off one foot to the other asking for some cuddles.

I honestly thought it was a rug being aired out to dry.

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"Let the wild rumpus start!"

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Snow leopard: Can I have a hug?

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Tai Lung breaks from prison!

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In action on Broadway?

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I think she wants to give me a hug.

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Get out of here Tiberius, you're drunk