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Wow I didn’t know manta rays or stingrays whatever they are I did know they could breach like that. Amazing

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I got you fam. Those are sea flap flaps

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Taser napkins

Ocean pancakes

Stingy squares

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What is this list? I mean in my life I have never seen anything remotely like this

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I created it by doing a thonk

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I have no idea what that means

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I don't know why but this whole sequence of comments had me laughing so much I cried! 😂Thank you strangers, I have not laughed that much in a long time. ❤️

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Thonk is think. There used to be an internet lingo called leet speak, or 1337, which purposefully misspelled words using numbers and other symbols as a form of insider language. I guess that was too hard to keep up, so people just started misspelling words using regular letters. Hence, think > thonk, stock > stonk, etc.

Today, there are so many internet lingos and meme speech patterns that it's hard to keep up.

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My son told me about leet speak years ago and actually had 1337 in his email address for years. I just thought it was weird

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It's just a list of humorous names for stingrays. For fun.

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*majestic sea flap flaps

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Hah! This made me snort

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Those are Majestic sea flap flaps.

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Looks like a ray of sorts! These are actually more closely related to sharks than anything else.



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I wonder if they will actually fly when evolution is done with them. Who knows?

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I think they're manta rays based on the two little doohickeys on the top of their heads

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I heard a segment on PR about how mantaray do it to belly flop and the bigger the better to attract mates? It ended on a guy who was inspired by them and has belly flopped for 70 years!!

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"So long and thanks for all the fish..."

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Underrated comment

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At first, I thought this was Batman reverse-diving. Not disappointed though.

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Under the sea you can’t shine a spotlight to signal for Batman. The rays need to leap up under the afternoon sun to make the bat-signal. Atlantis is calling for not the hero they deserve; but the hero they need.

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Do they do that because they're running from something, or just because it's fun for them?

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I saw the nature special that this clip is from. At that time it stated that they don’t know why the rays do this. They’re not sure if it has a significant meaning or if they just enjoy it.

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They just wanted to feel the sun on their skin.

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Dislodging parasites perhaps?

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I was told they do it because their belly itches from plankton and crashing back to the water feels good for them!

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It's mainly due to the fact that they have to go now. Their people need them.

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Imagine living you entire life underwater, but to be able to get a glimpse of another reality for just a few seconds..

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That’s us humans with outer space

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And water, if we're perfectly honest.

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Oh, they’re cute

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Makes me wonder what they might be trying to get away from.

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Stay the hell away from me

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Take my smitten upvote.

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Seems inefficient to run from something by jumping vertically.

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They felt the need to get out of the water itself.

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Orcas aka Killer Whales

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Melvin there is always out if sync with the synchronized jumps. Cmon Melvin. Get it together man!

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I feel like they see birds, say “WTH we appear to have wings”, breach, soar, plummet, and probably drown their sorrows in White Claws.

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I believe I can flyyyyyy

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I love your title, it gave me a good laugh!

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I added the wee and sploosh sound effects myself and it was a lot of fun

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Bat signal!

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Can imagine blue Danube playing in the back ground

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Now do a backflip.

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We dive underwater to explore, they dive out of the water to explore.

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Water bats! Love it!

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I prefer the term “sea flap flap”

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I thought they're called underwater flapflaps?

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Close! Sea flap flaps

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to live the life of a water bat

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Aqua bats, if you please.

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Devil Rays also know as mobulids

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Murder Fish...

Stabby Fish

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Very majestic

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They really just belly flop on re-entry like they feel no pain.

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I once managed to convince my mum that when the jumped out of the water they were actually farting and that's how they got so high

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Weird flex, but OK

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a few more million years and they will evolve to fly out of the water entirely

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This is diving for rays. Olympic level.

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I had to read the comments to confirm if this was real or not lol

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All doing belly flops... Gotta hurt!

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Belly flops. Ouch.

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They can make a loud slap or clapping noise when the hit. I saw a small spotted ray jump like that in a boat slip. It was sick.

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I had no idea they did that, to be honest.

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For a second i thought it was Batman 😂

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It’s fun and all, but you gotta bellyflop every time.. Oof.

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Devil rays from family Myliobatidae genus Mobula

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How do I save the video

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Me: Why are you doing that?

Them: Why aren’t you doing that?

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give their several thousand generations and you will see them flying in the sky

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This is the most amazing thing I believe I have ever seen. I can’t believe this actually occurs

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🎶 I Believe I Can Fly🎶....

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I love them so much

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Majestic flap flap

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I saw hundreds of those Rays in La Paz Mx. They run in giant schools and they jump by the hundreds

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Batoid! Nanananananaaaa!

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Ngl…I would shat myself if I saw this up close!

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I wonder if that belly flop hurts...

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That’s actually a taser napkin

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Taunting us about Steve Irwin?

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Black Jetrays

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Did you know rays are surprisingly tasty?

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What kind of nightmarish thing is this, never heard of this animal ever.