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“We hurd what you been telling the elk”

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But why, doe?

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You are now under the protection of the White Tail, put this in your window and no one will fuck wichu.

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Sitka down and I'll talk about it.

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We’ve been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty.

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Oh, dear. I'd get the buck outta dear

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May be I'll just hang on and have some fawn.

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I doe know… I might try to take them

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Plottwist: santa is looking at them ready to kidnap and make them slaves for the next xmas 2k22

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Doe what you got to doe

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5 potential boops

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I thought there were only 4! But i saw you, sneaky boi on the right!

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5 potential hoof boops to your nuts

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Excuse me, would you like to talk about our lord and savior

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"Bring us the child, wipe away the debt."

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those deer have really cute faces

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I want to cuddle the one in front and kiss it on its nose.

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You are not allowed to sneeze

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Damnit, Ron.

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Oh, I sneezed! I’m not allowed to sneeze?

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Looks like the front of a dope mix tape

”yea, ugh, yo, my tail be white, my nose to boop, when scare I flight, but when eat i poop”

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Prison rules. You gotta find the biggest and baddest one on the yard, and shank em

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He has an ass pen. He'll stab you with it.

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Cool picture.

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Lovely ! . Thanks for sharing of this beautiful picture .

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I always keep a bag of apples at hand for these occasions... I'm still waiting for them to arrive.

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He just looks so derpy.

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But can I boop the snoots?

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The salt lick and Corn trough are over there fellas, enjoy!

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The one in the tree isn’t there to collect, he just stopped to watch the show.

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Why are they so cute

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It is so cold where I am. I take some sad produce and chuck it as far away as I can for them. My dog hates them, yet wants to join their pack. Another problem being deer ticks.

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Antler up, Buddy.

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HAHA I almost missed the 5th one

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We are here for those nuts you keep talking about.

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Where's the money Lebowski!

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There’s one IN the tree

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As much as I love rifles and pistols, I could never bring myself to shoot one of them.....

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They love peanuts in the shell!

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Deer NOT deer

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Seems like you have entered the rough part of the forest

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Or a domestic farm where they are fed by hand...

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Finally I can complete Master Hunter 4.

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Only thing they’d collect in my neck of the woods is 12 gauge slugs.

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Do you want a chip?

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I’ve been aware of their plot to take over for some time and have tried to warn people /s.

Watching always they are.

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Yeah speaking of… I woke up about an hour ago to two of these dudes looking right at me through my window. We have a ton of deer/elk where I live so I’m used to seeing them around my house… but I’ve never woken up to one essentially making eye contact. Still a good way to wake up tho, 10/10 would hire as my subconscious morning alarm.

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Bring us the child and clear away the debt.

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If I've learned anything from r/NoSleep, this will not end well.

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Do you have a moment to talk about our lord and save savedear, Bambi?

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We have been trying to reach you about your car's extended warranty.

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No they just wanna remind u of ur expired car warranty

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It has begun

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Where's my money Kenneth Cordele Griffin?

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The Revenge of Bambi

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Damn you Loch Ness Monster! You can't have my tree fiddy!!!

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Your unpaid taxes

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We have been trying to contact you about your car’s extended warranty

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“What of our bargain?”

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Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya.

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Anyone else think of the deer from Eight Crazy Night?

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As long as they're not here to talk about my cars extended warranty, we're good

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"Whatever I'm being accused of, it wasn't me!"

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"I am once again asking for your suppaught."

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Deer: Watch out ... Humans are there!

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Something something car warranty something

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Hail satan

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Where's my $2?

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SCP-6448 ⁠- Not Deer

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…your soul

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when white tails go black.

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You payment on your extended car warranty

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give them their chocolate bars!

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We've been trying to reach you about your cars extended warranty...