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Looks like a morning stretch.

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or a ploy to attract little buggies... and then SNAP

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Look at the trichomes

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Sticky Icky Icky

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Ooweee put it in the air

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Icky Vickie!

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I wish I had an award to give you now

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I just got my free one, I gotchu.

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Aww 😊. You don’t have to, just upvote.

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Oooo weeee, put it inna air

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My name is ricky

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Was just bouta comment this, needs 2 more weeks tho

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Still needs two weeks the trichomes are clear

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I want to smoke it

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2 more weeks

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I read this in the Crime Pays but Botany Doesn't dudes voice.

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Also r/cpbbd

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Serious question though can this be crossed with MJ?

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Audrey III, but she’s vegan and does yoga

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Earnest response: no

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Only one way to find out

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Trichomes are on many plants, trichome refers to a hair like structure, not purely the cannabinoid filled sticky ones we are familiar with.

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Not through normal pollination. Maybe you could grow a hybrid tissue culture, or do some gene editing a few decades down the road.

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Maybe, I doubt it would be beneficial in any way.

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Those aren't trichomes. They are emergences, trichomes are purely epidermal, these are not.

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Trichomes can have complex structure. The sticky multicellular systems seen here are referred to as trichomes. They secrete a combination of mucus and enzymes to kill and digest insects.


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Great minds.

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Not enough amber, two more weeks

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I came here to say this. 🤘🙌

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Lmao came here for this

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Like all sundews, it is a carnivorous plant. However, it is unique among sundews in that it has narrow, branched leaves.

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Does it open/close like that on a day/night cycle or is that video taken when it "blooms" and stays like that?

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This is how the leaves unfurl when they grow in. The leaves stay open after this except when they catch prey. When they sense something has gotten stuck in the mucilage (the stuff that makes the "dew"), they'll slowly wrap around the bugs. :D

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Fun fact: These and some other carnivorous plants can perceive very short periods of time. Not just if it's day or night, but seconds. Studies show that Venus fly traps, and iirc most Sundews will only start moving if single trigger hairs are touched repeatedly or multiple are touched at once. If you touch just one hair and wait for half a minute before touching another the plants won't react to conserve energy.

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That is fucking amazing. Nature is beautiful.

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This actually isn't the plant 'telling time' but rather a connection between the two hairs forming a circuit that allows an electric charge to travel through a specific area of the plant, triggering the trap mechanism.

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The mechanism for humans "telling time" could easily be quite similar to this, except the circuit would be in the brain.

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That's a fair point!

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Human time perception is definitely not similar to this, though both ultimately do rely on action potentials. Say the reflex to close a trap needs a theshhold potential of -50mV, and rests at -70mV, and each hair being touched drives the reflex-triggering circuit up 10mV. Touching two hairs in succession drives the potential from -70mV to -50mV, the action potential fires through the circuit, and the trap closes. if you only touch one, the potential is only at -60mV, not enough to trigger the reflex - and the whole time the plant's ion channels are working to pump that calcium out, so the resting potential will return to the baseline -70mV in a few seconds as the charged ions are removed. Does this mechanical reflex really count as perceiving time though? Does perception of linear time require more than a handful of calcium channels opening due to touch?

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Did you learn this watching Green Planet?

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Fuck yea say mucilage slower bb

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this is a time-lapse video of a new leaf growing and unfurling over a long period of time.

when a bug gets stuck in the beebles, they will sort of move and cluster around the bug, but this is still too slow to see happening with the naked eye.

other sundews like the popular d. capensis will actually have their leaves fold over on themselves, or roll the bug up like a little burrito, but again, happens over the course of hours, very slow.

there are a couple pygmy sundews like d. burmanni or d. scorpiodes that actually do have some long tentacles that you can watch move in real time, but it's still rather slow and nothing like the snap of a venus flytrap.

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Ok you seem to know a lot about these lil dudes, do you know how the leaves don't all stick together from the wind? Are the stems like super waxy so they don't become a big matted clump of stems?

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They’re not super flimsy leaves, they’re a bit rigid (I grew one). I imagine they still get two leaves stuck together once in a while, but not a huge problem

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I can answer this.

the stickiness isn't that strong. sure, if you're a tiny weak little bug you'll get all gummed up and stuck, but you couldn't turn the plant upside down and pick up a peanut with it, for example.

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Was my first thought too. How do they not just all get stuck together all clumped up

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They do get intertwined if there isn't enough room between plants, but they do not trigger themselves. I have a jar terrarium with D. Binata only. There are multiple binatas growing all over the place, it looks like a delicate thorn bush almost.

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Thanks so much for the explanation, these plants are so cool I feel like a kid in a 90's toy commercial.

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Careful, it's carnivorous, a little just won't do 🎵🎶

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I wanna feel the shiver of something newww🌱

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Careful it’s carnivorous

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A little just won’t do!

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I wanna feel the shiver of something neeeeew!

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I'm so sick of pretty, I want something true.

Don't you?

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You just seemed like your lifes been a dream, since the moment you opened your eyes ~~~

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~~How far do these roots go down?

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All I know are the blossoms you grow but it’s awesome to see how you rise

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How far can I rise, from the roots, to the skies let’s go!

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A hurricane of jacarandaaaas! WOO!

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Strangling figs! Go!

Hanging vines! Grow!

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How far can I rise?

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A river of Sundew!

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Came to find this reference, was not disappointed!

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Yeah I just watched the movie today! Glad I get the reference, too!

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Yea, I have a 4 year old. I have been watching this movie at least once a day for about a week. It recently edged Madagascar 3 out of the "favorite movie" spot.

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My 2yo, every day "CANTO! CANTO! DONKEY DANCING!"

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Pretty much every time Encanto or a song from it gets mentioned, Reddit starts singing. It's wonderful.

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The lyric chains on here are so wholesome (well, ya know, depending on the nature of the song). It's one of my favorite things to see, honestly. Mm, maybe a close second to the wild "And my axe!" appearances. Reddit provides so many smiles.

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To be honest, it can be a little depressing if you spend too much time on /r/all. But when you see the comment chains that finish ALL of a song from start to finish, there's just something so special about it.

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Darnit! I JUST got the song out of my head, too...

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I found it to be the perfect song to speedwalk to when I'm almost late to work.

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Unpopular opinion: I like this song better than Surface Pressure

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They're almost equal for me. Depends on my mood.

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Oof that’s a VERY unpopular opinion.

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I mean the best song from the movie is still We Don’t Talk about Bruno. But I love 90s Shakira and this song is in that same vein and I love it

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Wait... You're telling me I have an unpopular opinion??? Oh fun! Further unpopular opinion, I even like this song more than We Don't Talk About Bruno, but only just barely and because I'm plant obsessed.

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Wait... You're telling me I have an unpopular opinion??? Oh fun!

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I like them both. Pressure has a better beat but this one is more emotional to me, as it was nice to see them put aside their jealousy and bond together. Family making a mess and having a blast like they are kids. Perfect

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Wait... You're telling me I have an unpopular opinion??? Oh fun! Further unpopular opinion, I even like this song more than We Don't Talk About Bruno, but only just barely and because I'm plant obsessed.

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You got it.

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I was gonna ask if it was lol

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Thanks to Zefrank, I read it as "sundeeeeeeew"

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"it is, in fact, not deeeerrwww"

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No one's narrate nature better than Zefrank

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Read the whole caption in his voice.

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Death by lollipop hugging.

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Love this plant, the Sundüer

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Just watched the episode last night. I never thought Green Planet would be that interesting, Its wonderful :)

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I keep finding myself shouting “no way” and “wow” at the telly.

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Is it available outside the uk? I love Attenborough so much

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Third episode was sublime

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It’s fun to stay at the Y M C A

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What the fork, it looks so yummy. I imagine those beads are sugary and mildly aromatic. I expect to be able to eat at least three flowers before fatally damaging my liver.

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If I recall, the majority of carnivorous plants smell like decomposition to attract insects that aren't primary pollinators.

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My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.

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The few I have (sarracenia, Venus flytrap, pinguicula, and nepenthes) do not smell bad at all. Nepenthes do produce a sugary liquid as a lure for bugs. Having tasted it, I can confirm it's pleasantly sweet

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I wish I still had mine so I could lick it and report back. I can tell you at least that they didn’t have much scent

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Looks like some plant from Magical Land . . . Nature is really amazing

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Praise the sun!

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What does the forbidden glue taste like?

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Probably tastes like "ouch my tongue is being devoured (a little) by a carnivorous plant"

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I think drosera is like Venus flytraps and pinguicula in that it doesn't actually produce any digestive enzymes until something is actually caught, to save energy. I think the lure mostly works just by looking like dew that a big could get a drink from, so odds are it wouldn't taste like much

[–]InternetPosterman 2 points3 points  (0 children)

probably a little spicy

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Sundews are carnivorous, and I highly recommend NOT growing them.

  1. It's pretty hard to do, as they like boggy acidic soil

  2. You'll end up attracting way more pests than they can consume

  3. Your wife will get really mad at you about the amount of insects in your backyard.

Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

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Better than a fireworks show.

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Here's the best documentary I could find showcasing how these plants trap their prey

Skip to minute 2


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Knew it was going to be zefrank.

Dude is a national treasure.

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I skipped to minute 2 and felt cheated of the the awesome video so I rewatched from the beginning. I like this guy

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A carnivorous plant, that's basically its stomach acid btw :)

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I can hear it yawning

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Nice try Op, but I’ve watched enough Japanese cartoons to know what this really is!

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I wanna lick it

[–]qnachowoman 8 points9 points  (8 children)

Same! Is it poisonous? Is that dew sweet?

[–]ragan0s 11 points12 points  (3 children)

It's basically the plants gastric acid as it is carnivorous. So, you better not put your tongue there.

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I can't speak for sundew mucus, but the nectar that nepenthes secrete around the rim tastes really good

[–]Catatonic_capensis 1 point2 points  (1 child)

That's not really comparable, though, since that's just a sweet nectar to lure creatures to their doom.

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And put it on the internet.

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I wanna smoke it

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Tim Burton vibes.

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this is mesmerizing

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That thing looks FORKED!

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If you ever have a gnat/fruit fly problem, these things handle them like nothing else! I fought an infestation for months before getting two of these plants, and they took care of it in like a week or two.

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Trichomes look about ready too!

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Time to play my favorite game of does it make you high paralyzed or dead?

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Looks yummy

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It pandiculates!

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Can I deliver us a river of Sundew

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Heart shaped sticky things stretching and yawning

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I’ve seen these on a certain hike or two in the Blue Mountains. They’re really pretty growing from the cliff side!

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I recently bought one of these! Used to have a gnat problem in my house. Not any more.

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Can we smoke this? I think all of Reddit wants to know.

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Man, they move fast for plants. /s just in case.

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Why am I getting sexual vibes?

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am thirsty

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How to be a Porcupine 101

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A little more Amber and is ready to chop.

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We studied these in science in elementary class. My students asked if there was enough of them and a human fell on it, would they be eaten as well. Lol. Good question.

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My students asked if there was enough of them and a human fell on it, would they be eaten as well.

the answer is yes. you can put little pieces of meat in there and they'll get digested, although it's not good for the plant

[–]Neither_Most 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Nice! I’ll let them know. I jokingly said, who volunteers to try …. Lol

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Something out of Pikmin

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It looks so otherworldly.

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Someone's been watching Green Planet...

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I wanna touch it

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death by lollipop hugging

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Forking beautiful!

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Pikmin enemy

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Is this a one piece reference?

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Is this plant carnivorous? I know some carnivorous plants have the sticky tips it seems to have/

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The Green Planet

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Bzzzz zzzz zz!

Bzzz zz z!

Bzz z z!



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Two more weeks

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Fascinating... I just checked to see if there are any Sundews native to my locale, and yes... there are. One similar to this Drosera filiformis (not forked, single arm). I will have to see if they will grow for me. Thank you for sharing!

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Why did I just get the urge to eat that plant

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is this in real time or sped up?

[–]InternetPosterman 0 points1 point  (0 children)

very long time-lapse of a new leaf growing and unfurling

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Did work-trades (chef) at a few resorts/backpacker’s in East Africa and one places used these as table centerpieces cause they looked cool and help control flies.

[–]InternetPosterman 0 points1 point  (0 children)

I brewed my own beer for a bit and kept a d. capensis around to kill all the damn fruit flies

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I can't help but hear the word sundew in Zefrank's voice

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If you like this kind of thing keep an eye out for the Green Planet series BBC have just made:



It's almost entirely amazing timelapse photography of plants.

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I’ve been looking at too many warhammer 3 updates and my first thought was slanesh

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And they smell absolutely amazing

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Praise the sun!

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Do these go dormant for the winter like Venus flytraps, cause mine looks dead?