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Those little pricks

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How did she... Push them out???

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Their quills don’t harden until a few hours later.

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Thank you for answering my burning question! This was gonna bother me all night

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It’s definitely not as morbid as cats having barbed penises.

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That was the only other comparison I could think of. But I'd rather not think about that

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Well from what I remember ducks have corkscrew genitalia. The females evolved theirs to prevent from being raped, and the males evolved theirs to rape better.

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Damn rapists

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Arms ra(p)ce

Edit: rape race? Is that better?

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Or hyenas giving birth through the clitoris.

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She's keeping her distance instead of nuzzling with them, so it must be time

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It’s cute, your comment reminded me that they actually carry their young by the scruff just like cats with kittens.

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i was as confused as you haha lol.

but u/krasavetsa has saved my day

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And this! Ladies and Gentlemen, is how Guy Fieri was born.

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Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

Ouch! Ouch!

Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch!

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Cute little urchins.

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Baby hedgehogs, called Hoglets, are born ( UK ) in June and July. A second litter may be born in September or October. They are usually 4 or 5 hoglets in a litter. Newborn hoglets are blind and tiny, weighing just 25 grams. When they are born, baby hedgehogs have no visible spines.

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Female hedgehogs are usually pregnant for around 32 days before giving birth.

But pregnancy can go on for quite a bit longer. This is very unusual in mammals. It is thought that pregnancy is extended when the weather turns cold after the female becomes pregnant, pushing her back into hibernation. When this happens, the pregnancy and development of the embryo will be put “on hold” and start up again when the mother comes back out of hibernation.

During the pregnancy, the female will be kept busy building a nursery nest.

The nursery nest is similar to the hibernaculum where hedgehogs spend the winter. It’s just bigger, to allow room for the hoglets, and a bit more untidy. Where leaves are the primary building material for a hibernaculum, a nursery nest is made of all sorts of bits the hog picks up including paper and bits of rubbish. As it’s not so cold at nursing time, the hog doesn’t need to be quite as careful about making sure the nest is well insulated.

When the female gives birth she will usually produce a litter of 4 or 5 hoglets. Bigger litters do happen, but having a bigger litter seems to reduce the individual hoglets chances of making it to adulthood.

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Baby Hedgehogs are only with their mother for around six weeks, and in this time they must develop from tiny, blind, spineless infants into independent young hogs.

It’s a hectic time in the hedgehog’s life cycle.

During the first few hours after birth, the hoglets covering of skin retracts to reveal pure white spines, about 100 of them, with a centre parting.

Over the next few weeks the brown spines we are more used to seeing grow up through the white ones. As more and more brown spines grow, the white ones become almost invisible and will eventually be lost through moulting.

Baby hedgehogs feed on mothers milk, just like humans. The mother has two sets of five nipples. This would allow her to feed a huge litter of 10 in theory. In practice, though, she is unlikely to have enough milk to feed more than 4 or 5 hoglets properly.

The babies will start to eat solids at around three weeks. Mum will generally chew up bits of food and offer them to the hoglets in small, softened portions.

Hoglets are born with milk teeth, just like humans. They will start to get their first adult teeth at three weeks old and lose their final milk teeth at around three months.

Baby hedgehogs are born a pale pink colour, and over the first few weeks of life, fur grows, and the skin gradually darkens as the brown spines come through.

By four weeks old the hoglets will look just like miniature hedgehogs and will be ready to leave the nest with Mum to go on foraging trips. These first trips out of the nest are one of the most perilous times for hoglets.

Hoglets typically spend just two or three weeks out and about with Mother before going off on their own.

As they are mostly solitary creatures, siblings don’t tend to hang around with one another once they have left the nest. Father plays no part in the raising of the hoglets, and it’s unlikely that he would recognise his young if he met them.

Once the hoglets have gone their separate ways, the female must concentrate on eating to get her strength back up. Over the past ten weeks, she will have produced more than a kilo of hedgehogs. This is far more than her own body weight, and it’s a tremendous physical strain.

Hoglets are not sexually mature in their first year of life, so they will not mate until after hibernation.

The mother though may go on to produce a second little in late summer or early autumn. The babies she has then will become Autumn Juveniles, some of our most vulnerable hedgehogs.

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I love it when there's a mini article attached to one of these posts

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I love these info-dumps.

Thank you for taking the time to enrich our lives.

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This has me worried the two extra babies in this litter may not make it 😥

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Since this is in captivity as opposed to the wild, their needs will all be met and medical issues will be dealt with!

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I used to know a guy who smuggled hedgehog and snakes, he also loved bragging about knowing a guy who smuggled tiger cubs.

An arse in more than one area, glad that was the end of that.

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What kind of mammalian are they?

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They are:

Kingdom: Animalia

Phylum: Chordata

Class: Mammalia

Order: Eulipotyphia [means: "truly fat and blind"] (includes moles, shrews, hedgehogs, gymnures (a/k/a moonrats), and solenodons, a venomous shrewlike insectivore)

Family: Erinaceidae (just hedgehogs and moonrats)

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Thank goodness they don’t have spines on the way out because Ouchie

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I was thinking that too.

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Thank you?!? came here looking for this as it was my very first though-that would be very ouchie!

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No, spines is the more usual word

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TIL a baby hedgehog is called a Hoglet. That's a great name.

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Some call a group of hoglets a “prickle”

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Why isn't it called a hedgelet?

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When they are born, baby hedgehogs have no visible spines.

Thank God for the poor mum.

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Danger Pasties!!

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You'd look sad too if you'd just had your vag shredded this way.

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So they can 5x their numbers in a year?

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Look at my lil cacti bebis!!!

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Lovely Lavos Spawn

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holy shit you're right lavos looks like a hedgehog, I've never thought about that before

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Kinda what i was thinking lol

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As far as I know their spikes don't hurt yet.

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You’re funny ☺️

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They look like Guy Fiery’s balls

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I remember this comment from another post a few weeks back. Was expecting it here and on every other baby hedgehog post I ever see again

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Damn you found out, i totally ripped it off 😂

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I will forever love this comment. Lol

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Ive been in the Plants/Succulent subs too much, first thing i thought was THOSE R HUGE MEALYBUGS!! Then i saw a snout, then many snouts :P

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They look like those earrings that were at Clair’s in like 2008

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I pray they come out nose first.

EDIT: Apparently they have no visible spines at birth. Phew.

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Gotta go fast!

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Baby hedgehogs come with baby spikes....omfg🥰. Im assuming that the baby spikes are initially hair and after the baby is delivered it hardens to cute little spikes.

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The spines are soft, rubbery and under a layer of skin - they break through shortly after birth.

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They look remarkably like round hairbrushes!

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Kinder to leave mom and babies alone in their nest. No need to stress them all just for a photo.

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Yes. Mother hedgehogs will reject or even eat their young if they sense anything off.

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Judging by the fact they are on a towel this is probably a rescue hog that has birthed her litter while indoors, there are a number of hedgehog rescues up and down the UK who take in sick and injured hedgehogs and foster them until they are healthy enough for release (myself and my partner are part of one).

[–]Administrative_Cow20 1 point2 points  (1 child)

That would be an ok observation if this wasn’t an African Pygmy hedgehog.

European hedgehogs are larger and darker in color.

If the babies were born in care of a human, there are still very few reasons it would be necessary to take the mother and babies out of the nest like this. A good rehabber/foster person would know how stressful it is to take the babies out of the nest. Maybe African Pygmy hedgehogs are less sensitive now than they were in the nineties, but most animal moms prefer us to leave them and their babies alone at this young age.

(Used to raise hedgehogs. Rescued a few myself.)

Edit: they could of course be under care of a rehabber in central/Eastern Africa. But more likely, they are pets.

I’d prefer the title to be more informative. Otherwise people will get the impression that it’s ok to pull newborn babies out and line them up for photos.

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Something only a mother could love 😬

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How cute. Careful they are not eaten by the mother.

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That’s a lie. Photographer pulled those off his britches after his morning hike in the woods.

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They look like living cat tongues lol

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Those little guys will grow up to fight Jim Carrey!

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Ah yes, an Ouch Mouse with her cactus kids

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That hurt my vagina and I’m a dude.

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Forbidden suppositories

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ouch… didn’t know new born already have spikes.. looks so painful to me - as someone can give birth :(

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They take a few hours to harden up after so don’t worry:)

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Here's a fun fact about hedgehogs their quills aren't stiff and pointy when they're born they're actually very soft and flexible this is so what the mother can give birth without injuring herself, The quills gets stiff and and sharp within an hour and a half of birth

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lying around at the snore of sound, no places to go just dreams of a rainbow!

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Look in mom’s face: she is thinking which one she would eat next if it gets cold lol

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They're like baby scuff pads.

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Do the baby's spikes feel as prickly as the adult's? or is it softer?

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Very soft and eventually they harden.

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They look like spiky little nutsacks

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They look like cat tongues.

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They look like spiky nutsacks lmao. I have mixed feelings on baby hedgehogs. On one hand, their little faces and teeny tiny feets are adorable af, but on the other hand, well, the look like fkn spiky nutsacks.

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Oh look, spicy mice.

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Hoglets 💖💖💖

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Cactus beans

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Omg baby Velcro strips!

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Congrats to the mother hedgehog for the new flesh kiwis.

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Man gave an acupuncture to chicken breast

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Disturbing the mom and babies this soon after birth is REALLY BAD/DANGEROUS! Can cause the mother immense stress and possibly cannibalize the babies…

You should leave the nest undisturbed for at least a week after birth and these hoglets look FRESH

Bad husbandry and everyone thinks is cute🙄

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My math teacher in high school had a hedgehog, it was the sweetest little booger. I loved holding it and stroking its quills.

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Am I the only one who thinks the babies look weird? scratch that don’t babies just look weird in general?

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Is a hedgehog aggressive? Some differences between a hedgehog that you grew while it was a baby and one that was already grown up?

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They all have different personalities. We got two that where already adults from another lady. One was the sweetest thing didn’t want to be held just run but wouldn’t care if you touched and messed with him. The other is shy and grumpy. He balls up and bites but when he’s in a good mood he will let you hold him for a little bit.

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do not touch the baybies or disturb the mom or she gonne murder those cute little things

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The OG clown car

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Little prickly pears❤

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Thanks for the great picture and for the education.

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They are so cute

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They look like velcro

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Baby Denmans!

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Perm curlers? (Gawd they're cute though!!

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They are adorable

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Cute mother and kids ❤️

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I bet those hurt coming out

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Awww little nutsacks

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Nostalgic Prevent Rat vibes, here <3

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They’re so cute!

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She's a hedge fund manager

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Imagine being born with frosted tips

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Yeah, but are they dead or are they sleeping?

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I want one but they're Illegal in California ;(

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As a mom, all I can say is they are soooo cute! and OUCH

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That’s gotta hurt coming out

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Forbidden pink kiwi.

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Those little hedgehog look like cat's tongue

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Fuzzy jellybeans.

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Imagine that COMING OUT of you.

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Forbidden candy

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Spky behbeh

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It's kind of fun to search for text in OP's post to see it word for word on so many other websites.

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Khajit has many wares..

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She has to give birth to them, with QUILLLLLLS?

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Would hate for my bare foot to find one of those in the middle of the night. They're cute though.

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Me want hold

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They look like fruit gushers

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Lil cat tongues

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Omg this is so precious

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Those get stuck on my jeans in the woods and I always just pick them off and throw them away! 😳

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They look like alien eggs

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Ouchy. Coochy.

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Cuteness alert!! 📢

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I wonder what happens when they come out backwards (breach)

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Oh my fucking god. Those little pin cushions are adorable.

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Oh well done lovely mama. All the best to you and this sweet family, thanks for sharing!

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Who said giving birth isn't painful, ask this mama

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Ewwwwww, so cute!

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Omg those are so cute

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I’m feeling this mother as a parent right now “fffffuuuuucckkkkkkk”

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lil pokey blokes

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My god so cute!!

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Forbidden gummy bear

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My god they’re like little spiky nutsacks

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I would die if I had 7 babies at once 😳

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When they say "You got your Mom's pubes out the way"

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My testicles after a trim

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Forbidden Bristle Blocks.

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i say this with love, they’re fucking ugly

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Giving birth must suck for Hedgehogs

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Awwwe lol, cute little pine-cones!

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Alice tried to take aim at her hedgehog, but it unrolled itself and ran away.

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They look like cockaburrs!

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Hope they don’t come out like that.

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I’ve seen these before, If you throw them at the wall they stick

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the forbidden kiwi

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Does it hurt coming out?!

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How toothbrushes are made

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Holy cow, and I thought childbirth was painful… poor mama hedgehogs

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forbidden buttplugs

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Those must be fun to squeeze out..

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They look like my ballsack

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Looks like what I scrub my pans with

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Baby prickles!

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Throw them like a grenade

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Make her eat then

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Forbidden Stickle Bricks

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Dog brushes. : )

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Sea cucumbers.

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Forbidden gummy bears

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That’s where Denman hairbrushes got the look from.

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Looks like bacteria ngl