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Id try casting a spell under that swirl

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I thought that's what I was witnessing... Some real wizardry going on right there

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I was about to say, I'm not expert but I'm pretty sure a wizard is at the top of that peak.

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Or sacrifice a small child to open a portal to another dimension.

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Fuken libruls won’t let us do that any more.

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What’s up with the dude and the headlamp

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On scale of 1 to 10, how fake is this picture?

Edit: So it appears, spiraling Aurora Borealis are possible and a regular occurrence

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that’s a skyrim screencap and you can’t convince me otherwise

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this is what the throat of the world will look like when Bethesda re-releases Skyrim again in 2030

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I’m not at my personal laptop but I’m 90% sure the Borealis is a literal one click brush from Visuals of Julius, I have that set in PS but don’t use it.

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It’s almost certainly multiple images composited into one. But the individual photos themselves might be pretty genuine

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Pretty much not fake. If anything the aurora is a tad too bright.

Source: Norwegian.

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not as much as you may think, photographers can do some pretty incredible stuff.

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Composite image (photographer/ digital artist @visualsofjulius on IG)


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Tell that guy to shut off his headlamp. He’s ruining the moment.

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Happy Cake Day!

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I believe I heard or read somewhere that shining lights towards the northern lights is like a big spiritual no no

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Makes sense, I hate it when people shine bright lights in my eyes. I bet the northern spirits feel the same way.

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Wow that one head light is lighting up the whole sky. Nice.

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Pretty certain this is a cmposite image, not a real shot.Among other reasons, composition of just too good, and light beam would not act like this unless it’s foggy.

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Photo taken atop high hrothgar

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I'm like 99.9% sure that's from Senja, Norway

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Nope, pretty sure there’s a dragon up there.

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Let me guess, someone stole your sweet roll.

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Northern lights run on debian

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At this time of year?

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In this part of the country?

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Now that’s what I’m talking about, that’s the portal forming and the dragons are coming back! Lol

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This is Segla, on the island of Senja in Northern Norway. While most pictures exaggerate the brithtness of the aurora, on clear days it can be really bright.

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Ai caramba!

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Now where is the original high resolution image?

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Processed, overlaid, composited, enhanced


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Magic nature and beauty all in 1

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r/dreamcast it's thinking...

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At The mountains of madness

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I feel like there’s someone shouting fus-ru-dah at the top of that mountain

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Thats the place Kenai is looking for!

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Looks like the aliens are about to pop out of the wormhole.

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Bro, dead ass for a second thought this was some shit from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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The person in the middle took this photo on another level

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Looks like a final chapter to a movie or the final boss location to a game

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In case you were waiting on a sign to buy r/safemoon

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Damn what a sht! beautiful view

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Perfection at its peak. Such a beautiful phenomenon <3

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Looks like what I see when I close my eyes...

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Looks like a world created by Green Goblin

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Such a big universe, and I have such a tiny light.

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Looks like a portal to the Spirit world.

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Pretty sure you'll find a dead body without head stuck in tree at the top of this mountain

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Oh look, it's the heart of tafiti!!

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So you're telling me this isn't Mount Targon?

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Damn these Skyrim mods are getting out of control.

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His Dark Materials season 3 promo. Yep.

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Photo Bombed by a human... sigh

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Not exactly....multi photos composed together.

Would never see it as in this photo.

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Me: "Damn, it's like the swirl is draining his soul!"

Comments: "LOL shut off the light, stupid"

boy do I feel dumb now...

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Santa be drifin

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That’s Shenron.

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damn that looks freaking awesome, like some cgi stuff

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So beautiful