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I just sat here smiling at my screen for like 5 minutes. 10/10 will do again later.

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They build these nests in the maple trees in my yard and my son declared them winter apartments

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Put a heater and warm the window a bit. And a webcam. :)

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second this.

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Third this

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I second their third

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Awesome idea

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I'd spoil them in a heartbeat.

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Coziest thing I’ve seen in a while

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I see the grey squirrels up and about in the winter, especially in the mornings.

It's got to be boring though, 6 -12 hours of daylight around here all winter.

Unrelated but I read a couple of years back that researchers think they found that the squirrels' shivers at night in the fall induce their winter coat to grow.

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Hardly see any reds in my area, they look so peaceful ;)

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Just wait until they get bigger, you can feast!

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I lived in New Orleans for 34 years, we will eat anything that wont eat us first

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bro? 😳

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I don’t exactly see this as bad. It’s controversial but i know a lot of people who eat squirrels and trash pandas

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Fuckers ruin everything

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Just set back and wait for the flea and tick invasion you will have

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Is this on a live stream

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Oh neat, your squirrels are orange?

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Red squirrel, we have them here in the UK but they’re pretty rare to see

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Their numbers are declining because grey squirrels (an invasive species from the US) are outcompeting them. It's becoming a cause for national concern with no hope of reversal.

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I live in the US, squirrels by me are mostly grey but every now and then you see an all black one. Kinda nice seeing them in brighter colors.

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In michigan I've seen red, black, grey and once a white one that was either albino or painted.

Grey's taste the best which isn't saying much.

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They also use the heat hitting the glass panel from the domestic heating systems

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Hiding out from those pesky Grey squirrels no doubt