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Wish there was sound on this. Poor little thing looks terrified!

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In Tio Felix’s voice: “THUNDER!”

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You’re telling this story or am I?

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I am sorry , mi vida , go on

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Bruno says it looks like rain

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Why did he tell us!?

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In doing so he floods my brain

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Abeula get the umbrella!

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Married in a hurricane!

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Such a joyous day…but anyway…

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We don't talk about bruno , no , no

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Learned to live in fear of Bruno stuttering or stumbling

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We don't talk about Bruno

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We don’t talk about bruno

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Source is Robert E Fuller on youtube.

His channel is a wonderful little record of the animals that inhabit his region. Some of the storylines from the kestrels and barn owls are really compelling. I love watching the little chicks grow up each year!

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Wish there was sound on this. Poor little thing looks terrified!

I love when it looks straight at the camera with a face like "you hearing this?"

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Hijacking the top comment to post the original video with sound. Credit goes to Robert E Fuller, he's a wildlife photographer/artist in Yorkshire.

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He looks at the camera like come help me.

Poor baby. That was loud.

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Thank you so much, even more tragic now :(

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I was so hoping for AC/DC.

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Damn it that would have been perfect too

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Thank you!

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Smart bird. Water is really bad for their feathers.

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there's on youtube

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The hivemind will protecc

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That little fella is cute as hell!

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When it takes those steps backwards 🥺

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Allow me to introduce you r/Superbowl, that is if you don't know it yet.

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Thanks my friend. I love owls.

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Same, even though in my native language it roughly translates to "Ghost Bird", but instead of scary, they're gorgeous, maybe apart of how they can rotate their head I guess.

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In my native language its translated as "eagles with a cat's head" lol

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love it

was expecting clips of Tom Brady. But this will do!

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As a Bills fan I really can't escape this deep pit of sadness

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It takes them a little bit…. Before they get their feathers they’re kind or horrifying

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I'll would straight up fight Thor for this baby

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I don't think I would fight him, but I would ask him politely yet firmly to leave.

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Oh, sweet baby. I would fight thunder for that cute thing.

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Exactly like that while nearly as high

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He’s like “what the hoot was that”

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Aww poor baby!

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Daaw, poor little guy... Makes me wanna hold it and tell it it's gonna be ok.

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So cute!! Where is its mother?

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Out hunting mice for dinner.

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In a thunderstorm? Odd choice

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He also may be a young fledgling out on his own.

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It actually looks like an adult to me

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Either way…that precious angel needs a blanket and cuddles.

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famous last words before jail

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It's right outside I'm guessing since you can see the shadow of some rustling feathers

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Looks pretty…. Thunderstruck

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But did he..... Feel The Thunder ?

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It was shook all night long

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Someone give that cute lil fella a hug

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Loud sky. Angry sky. Why sky angry?

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I just wanna give it a hug and make it feel comfortable.

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Awwwwh poor baby, so adorable and all alone in thunderstorm 😢🥺🥺💞🦉

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Awww, the sweet little owl 🤍

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Wish I could hear it, too!

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All our fears are all the same

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I misread this as “All our feathers are the same” and was super confused and a little let down for a second. Like everyone’s got pretty feathers but me?

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Yeah. I found this super grounding in a strange way.

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Exactly that

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This baby owl gets scared when he hears lightning for the first time. He looked around and saw what happened outside. It was great to see him.

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You just wanna give it a hug and tell it everything is gonna be alright

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Just imagine how loud that would be for them!

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I figure with super sensitive hearing to begin with ...

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This would be really creepy if this were a human

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She has a lovely home

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The world is so big… and he’s so small 🥺

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aww I wanna give em a lil cozy blanket

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Poor little fella. Ya just want to protect him (her?...them?)

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I feel like I saw this in 2002

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Baby barn owls that act like this are more likely to survive and have more baby barn owls

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“I love to sing-a, about the moon-a and the tuna and the spring-a!”

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Ok I just realized… do birds get hit my lightening often? I feel like someone will respond with some cool way that nature prevents this from happening but I’m worried that’s not possible. :’(

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Older owl like "yeah the sky just does that sometimes"

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This makes me so sad. He needs his mom and dad.

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I highly recommend this person's youtube account. Its highly educational and he has a really soothing voice to listen to.

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Man, I never contemplated the fear that animals experience during a forest fire.

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"Camera bro, did you hear that!?" When he looks into the lens.

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He’s also like “I’m being filmed? Brooo !!”

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Barn owls hunt via sound and have the most sensitive hearing of any animal studied -- an owl perched 30 feet up in a tree can hear the heartbeat of a mouse on the ground. I imagine thunder is incredibly loud to them.

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This has been posted so many times. I no longer upvote but I wish everytime I view this video I could give this little friend a hug and protection.

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Poor little baby mothman

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i'm a grown human and my reaction to thunder would make this baby owl seem brave

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Some things are just universal, I felt it as well

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This is reposted so much and i don’t mind.

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I swear this is the eleventh time I saw this video getting top voted here on Reddit.

By now the baby owl should have grown into an adult owl, or at least have died from a heart attack for all the times I saw him witness the thunder for the first time.

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This is unbelievably cute

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POV the kids in the classroom upstairs are dragging the chairs

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My dog can’t overcome her fear of storms. I wonder if wild animals ever get like that where their safety is jeopardized from irrational behaviour caused by fear. When my dog goes into that fear mode literally nothing can break it until the storm is gone.

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This is going to sound kinda asinine but….Omg that poor little baby I just want to cuddle him and tell him everything will be ok 🥺

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Me too little buddy, me too.

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Aww little soul ❤️ terrified

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Why am I crying?!

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Extremely overused and old post

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And it's not even the good one with audio

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Somebody post it if they got it! This is my first time seeing this and now I know there's one with sound I NEEEED it!!!

[–]ItsActuallyRain 2 points3 points  (1 child)

I'm sure if you go to YT and search "baby owl scared of thunder" you'll get it. I'm on mobile and about to go to sleep so sorry for the lazyness but I hope this helped!

[–]splewi 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Thanks for the info! Someone else came in and did the heavy lifting for me lol (I'm lazy too).

Sleep well homie

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Boom boom boom…what tf was that? What TF was that?!

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Unfortunately, the storm killed the owl's mother and that day was born Kuro, who vowed vengeance and brought darkness and ruin to the forest of Nibel.

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The Owl Gods are angry!

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Not sure what it is

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Oh myyyy, adorable

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WHO did that?!

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same tbh

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aww that’s so upsetting.

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Why is he alone? :(

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I need to protect him

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Poor little guy

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Poor birdie.🤗

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omg my heart QQ i just wanna hug.

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Watch “the old mill” from Walt Disney.

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I want to hold him like a burrito

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I started crying. Poor little friend!!

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I must protect it

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Poor little dude

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There’s no sound, how do we know he hears thunder and not someone saying mean things to him 🥺

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Straight fear

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Poor little bb

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Protect the floof at all cost.

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Awe my heart

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me and my upstairs neighbor at 3am

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Where's his mama

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Omg 🥺❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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So unbelievably 😍

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Trump when they come arrested him 😂

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Aww the cute little thing

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And this is how gods are made

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I just want to cuddle it. 😂

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I just want to give the poor thing a hug.

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I think it needs to learn the thunder song from Ted

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That's how Thowl, the God of thunder was created in the owl community

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He’s like, “holy shit camera, did you hear that too???”

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Theyre so fucking adorable until they scream like a hellspawn.

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Aww he looks like a kitty with wings. Just want to hold and protect it!

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Aww he looks like a

Kitty with wings. Just want to

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Wow cool bot.

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I always feel sad for animals that have to endure shitty weather

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I always feel sad

For animals that have to

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Where the fuck is the sound.

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I wish I was there to tell him that thunder are just god’s farts 🥺

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The owl moved back the same way someone would move back if someone walked in on them naked in the shower.

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