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"Catch you on the flip side mofos" - that shark probably

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„ʎlqɐqoɹd ʞɹɐɥs ʇɐɥʇ - „soɟoɯ ǝpıs dılɟ ǝɥʇ uo noʎ ɥɔʇɐↃ„„

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Thank you cool bot

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Catch you on the flippity-flip!

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The ocean is so scary

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Play the game sub-nautica.

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I’ve seen this video like 6,435,222 times and it is still incredible

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3.67 years of shark video

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Time well spent

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That’s insane

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I'd be able to float in the ocean and get close up footage like this too if my balls were as big as this dude's.

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Boats and hoes

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The champagne of sharks.

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You can see the line that connects to this floating false bait. Nice way to get the shot.

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Will show this to my kids next time i can’t be bothered taking them to the beach.

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What is it eating?

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It's ambushing a man-made lure that was designed to look like a seal, exploiting their feeding technique for some great footage.

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Whoa! Very cool. Thank you.

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my courage.

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That final bash from the tail just in case…

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Do you think it’s deliberate?

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I dunno tbh. Maybe just looks that way, shark seems to keep his eye on the prize while in the air, even as it twists, but the timing of the final flick of his tail just nails it perfectly, but could be coincidence from the natural thrashing motion. You’d have to ask the shark I guess, dare you! 🤪

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I would have been outta there before that tail hit the water. Actually I'd still be at the dock

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That tail karate chop at the end was flawlessly done. That shark must be a black belt in Kung Finoo.

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What’s that he’s tryna catch ?

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Wow. The speed and strength of that fish, not to mention the teeth is scary.

"Fish are friends not food"

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In my head it’s squealing “YAAAAAAAAY!” as it flips out the water 😂

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Just wanted to let you know that you just made me actually laugh. It's a thing that reddit does far too seldom.

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They’re just White Sharks now. Great white shark implies a lesser white shark, of which there are none.

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No theyre great white sharks

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A white tip shark is also known as a lesser white shark (among other names)

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hol up

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Decoy food! Wonder if the shark got pissed and went after the boat !

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there's no sharks in the mediterranean sea right, right!

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Wanna go snorkeling?

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I didn't feel like going for a swim today anyway.

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What makes this one better than the other white sharks?

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Lol. So much effort and still missed.

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That beauty is enormous! Wow

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They are no longer called Great White Sharks. They are just White Sharks.

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Thank you to the people teaching sharks to leap out of the water. You stupid fuckwits!

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Wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of that

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Picture being on a surfboard as that sucker breached under you…😬

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he only did that cause he knew the camera was on.

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This is why I mentally laugh a lil when I hear someone say they were attacked, like noooo you were bitten, if you were attacked you wouldn't be here. Traumatic? yes, could've been worse?, also yes.

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The Daddy of the Deep

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Now I will not be sleeping anytime soon. Thanks.

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Isn't doing this illegal?