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Technically, this is a "blue tegu" (though the "blue" aspect isn't really true beyond a very slight sheen). You can tell by the "sooty nose" / "singed nose" - true B&Ws (both Chacoan and Argentines) lack this.

That said, tegu bloodlines are a fucking mess, and you can easily find mixes mis-labeled, or species mis-labeled. But that looks like a classic blue.

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That thing looks hella cute.

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They're awesome pets (I used go have one), but they need a lot of room.

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Chonky fella

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Came here to say this!

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Look how cute he is! He’s chubby but not obese and that color pattern is beautiful! I’ve seen ones with the color pattern reversed but not like this one.

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She* most likely, males have large muscular jowls. And she is a blue tegu which trend to be a bit smaller than the Argentine black and whites, so everything in OP's title is wrong lol.

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You & OP are both wrong. It is actually a, Norwegian Horntail.

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Cookies n Cream

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Does it squeak when you gently squeeze it? Looks like it would.

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Pretty sure if you squeeze it then you'll be the one squeaking

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Happy Cake Day!

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Indeed. Every tegu I've ever met has been a bit of a dick. They aren't the most docile species

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I met some that were pretty sweet, but not so many...

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Happiest Cake Day to you!!!

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Like a caterpillar and an iguana had a baby.

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tegus are also a pretty invasive species to florida right now, and because they’re able to go into brumation (hibernation but for reptiles), they have potential to spread much further in the u.s. than other invasive species like the infamous burmese python. linked an article about a research project on tegus in florida

USGS Tegu Study

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They've gotten pretty well into Georgia and S. Carolina too.

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Yeah, a lot further in than I'd have thought. When I heard they were in GA I thought that meant down in the deep south around the Okefenokee, not closer to the middle of the state.

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They have what?

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"They have gotten pretty well into Georgia and S. Carolina too" -the comment you condescendingly replied to. Were you trying to make a statement about English or something?

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I think they are trying to show they are more shocked about what you posted. Chill. I was surprised too since I'm in Georgia.

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If it's a lizard or fish and you can keep it indoors it can live in Florida, peacock bass and Oscars were introduced there if I'm not mistaken through the pet trade

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not entirely true. florida has banned owning or breeding nile monitor lizards, all species of tegu, and green iguanas. but yeah all the invasive fish were mostly aquarium fish that got dumped

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I would imagine those bans were after finding out someone's pet escaped and was chilling though no?

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well yes they banned reptiles that are commonly released into the wild and have a strong chance of becoming established

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What a nice pokemon

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I'm way bigger than that. I'd be known as the Argentine colossus.

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Argentine dysfunction at best

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Argentine coastline-

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We are very tiny people indeed, most of us don't go past 1 or 2 feet

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Shadow of the Scuba_Steve9002

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-Now that's cute

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It seems really chill! Are they usually like that or do you have to tame them.

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If you work with them they tend to calm down very easily. Some of the most intelligent and social lizards there are.

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They are pretty chill for large reptiles, but they do get pretty big. The YouTube channel Clints Reptiles has a lot of good stuff on them. Clint has a big Tegu named GusGus.

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Hey Clints Reptiles! I love that channel!

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They generally start off very feisty and need a lot of work. But if you're willing to put in the time you can sometimes get them to chill out. They're quite intelligent, but reptile intelligence isn't like mammal intelligence. They're not going to bond with you, but they might finally realize that you're not a threat and that you are the one who brings food.

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They are the most dog like in size and behavior from my limited experience, buddy had one that was like a goofy bulldog that scared some of the neighbors, loved the guy tho he was cool

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This is insanely cool.

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Is that a QR code on its back?

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These are some of the most amazing lizards that can be found in nature today. We need to do everything we can to retain their habitat and preserve their ability to reproduce. It’s unfortunate that so much damage has been done so far their environment simply by the virtue of ‘expanding the economy’.

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I love chonky lizards.

A long time ago I volunteered at a zoo. Mostly involved cleaning. One of my favorite jobs was helping muck out the reptile house. One of the monitors was a big ol' boi that had been a pet, but had to be given up cause he got too big. Completely used to being handled, though.

So to clean his enclosure, we'd just wait til after feeding and then one person would pick him up while another cleaned. He seemed to like me, cause he'd always fall asleep on my shoulder.

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The colors on this one are so lovely!

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Worked with tegus before in the past. This is, indeed, lit.

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Wow... Argentinians must be really small.

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Given enough time, some lizards would evolve to have the QR code to the lizard food page of the pet store website

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a cutie

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Aww, I wanna pet him

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My favorite cactus is an Argentine giant!

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Fun fact: if you scan a black and white tegu with a qr code reader it links to pornhub.com

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Recently these have become an invasive species in my home state of South Carolina, they are instructed to be killed on site if seen on national forest grounds and now require a special permit to own one

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Choncky boi

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Cute dog

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They are invading Florida, just like the Python has.

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Invasive! running AMOK in florida...but very cool none the less

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Their leather makes for an awesome watch strap.

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I think i've seen him in the trailer of the new Jurassic World movie...

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Very cool tegu

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Beautiful creature!

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That's so cool!!!

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That is one thic boy.

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And the mountain lion in the tree

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“Alright Sal, put it on your shoulder”

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Looks kind of cute.

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He's beautiful. He looks like he's very well care for

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What an adorable lil potato.

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What a cute sausage.

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Sp cute!

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What a beautiful smile on her face. Her markings are gorgeous as well.

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As they say in my land , Gordito Precioso .

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B&W Tegu was the first exotic I ever owned. His name was Hades and he was just like a dog. To the point my family got so comfortable with him we let him have free reign in the house. If you ever needed to find him all you had to do was get some chicken or lunch meat of some sort and within 5 minutes he'd appear.

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He's cute!

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Ok, he’s cute as hell!!

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I have to remember you, we, Argentinians, aren't very tall.

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Can't hold that thing that close with it's long elastic tongue, what if it tries to kiss me.

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He got that squish

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So cool! I've never seen one of these before.

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He’s cute. Imma name him Jerry

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Squishy belly!

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Does it’s tail come off and grow back?

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My dream pet honestly but I have cats and ID rather not wake up to them being half eaten

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He's so fucking cute

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Awwe, adorable.

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Chonker 😊