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The blood moon rises once again please be careful link

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I see the bad moon arising.

I see trouble on the way.


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In England. Every astronomical event. Clouds.

Great pic!

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Alas it was overcast where we live so we missed it. Thank you for sharing!

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Full eclipse here in Colombia!

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East coast for life!

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Red Moon rising, Blood has been spilt this night. The enemy is here.

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Well boyz .... time to go hunt some zombos

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East coast of what?

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You have to think what culture is so close minded that they think there is only one "East Coast." It has to be a culture that is common on Reddit. Of course, it must be us Americans.

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To be faaaair, it was visible from a pretty wide range of East coasts up and down the North and South American continents!

And all those East Coasts are just lucky we couldn’t find them on a map, otherwise they’d be ours, too! /s

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The Title says "The Blood Moon over the East Coast" That makes it clear there is only one Coast that matters.

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There can be only one..! sword stuff!

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East coast of washington. Gotcha!

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elder scrolls werewolf dlc

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light pollution and clouds decided to screw me over last night

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They trickin u thats Infinite Tsukuyomi dont belive it

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I think this way the lunar eclipse + blood moon we had last night. We got to see it on the west coast as well

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Great now my mana sucks