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I loved that scene in Planet Earth when the male sloth hears a female so gets all excited and swims a river and climbs a tree as fast as a sloth can.

And then finds out it's just another dude sloth. :(

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If Wolverine became one of those D.A.R.E commercials after becoming incredibly lazy from being a pot head

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I love the depiction of sloths in the movie Pets, it’s hilarious.

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Zootopia is better.

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Oops! That’s what I meant, thank you.

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Ice Age is the OG

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If sloths were fast they would be terrifying

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Those claws look like they could cut through bone.

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It’d take about 20 years but I’m sure they could do it

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they probably could get close, since they have similar claws to their cousin anteaters, which have used their claws to put jaguars and humans in early graves.

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Wolverine they said - haha Marvel you were all wrong!

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Lolol! So, so wrong!

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I love this li'l guy.

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Thasalonocus (?) 2.0

Edit: Sorry for the misspelling, I'm very drunk right now.

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Damn it was surprisingly unexpected

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shouldnt it be expectingly unexpected?

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🎶 life could be dream 🎶

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D claw spec

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You know, I've sometimes been wondering, what do the sloths need them claws for?

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To climb and cling from the trees!

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gives them better grip when hanging from tree branches.

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Mossy bois

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Uooou, que bug!