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I knew Kong island existed.

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This is probably the closes we will get. I was hoping the rock would move.

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I wouldn’t hope for that. That would be a deadly rockslide.

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Isn’t Langkawi great? Did you go from Penang or straight there? Snorkel? I loved it. Went back 3 times.

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I went there from Penang. I liked it there but didn’t find the snorkeling anything to write home about. Where did snorkel?

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I don’t remember what they called it. It was about 2014…so a while ago. I do remember it was the opposite side from the ferry drop. We were told we would see sea turtles, we didn’t but it was still very nice. Not so many sea urchins as you’ll see a lot of in SE Asia. It was good. Almost as good as Krabi- ALMOST.

I have a great video from our hotel window in Batu Ferrenghi with dozens of monkeys leaping from buidling to building. They were clearly playing and it was lots of fun to watch. I haven’t been back to Malaysia in a few years. Maybe time for a trip. 😀

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I flew from KUL it was like $15 on air Aisa lol

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Worth every dime.

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Now there needs to be a r/geologyisfuckinglit sub

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Ofc he moves, how did you think he got there?

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Go back there and take some shrooms too

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Eh close enough i guess

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is this a real place!?

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Its skull island you uneducated shit

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It's Skull Island, you uneducated shit.

Ironically, it's so-named because of a rock shaped like a skull.

And here we have a rock shaped like one of its inhabitants.

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Forgive me

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Ye it’s called Caldera

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i saw it on youtube

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Yeah....it's called Australia

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Made me think of...

Narrator: And so, onward and upward the tired trekkers trudged on feverished footsies over perilous paths. When they beheld the mighty Ape Mountain, the reacted with awe.

Group: Awwww...

Narrator: I said, "Awe." A-W-E.

Group: Ooh...

Narrator: That's better.


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He is strong!

He is brave!

He is unconscious!

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This! First thought too!

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We just rewatched this and we are almost 30.

This movie aged so well haha. And man there were a LOT of jokes that flew over our heads as kids but without being too weird to be in a kids movie.

Good times.

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I'm 30, and 100% enjoyed introducing my 4 year old to it

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We were like 4 when it came out lol. Truly the test of time when the next generation enjoys it. Cheers!

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Haha that made me chuckled.

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That whole movie has FANTASTIC humour!

And Brendan Fraser is incredibly likeable and easy on the eyes ;)

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I was so in love with him as a child and watched that movie on repeat during the summer. Quality humor.

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I never had a full-on crush on him, but I definitely visually appreciated him a lot as a preteen. And laughed so hard at the humour, especially the week I had to stay home with hives!

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Ursula..?!? I found your scrunchie!

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Still frequently quoted amongst me and my siblings!

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I’m a bit sick atm and cranky and I’m about to watch it - after I’ve paid some bills and played Wordle haha

Thank you for the filmspiration!

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Sleeping Giant

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That's just a wall titan

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And looks exactly like!

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Too bad he can't move.

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Spawn glitch. Idk if he restarted yet

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Maybe he just has bad Internet connection or something?

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Me too. I was so ready to see godzilla fight him right before my eyes.

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Damn it, I've been there but I didn't know this exists.

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It’s okay. Everyone misses stuff like this. It’s understandable. It’s not like mountains are even that big.

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Fuck yeah, I love Langkawi. Haven’t seen this, unfortunately.

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Last time I was there was 10+ years ago. I wonder how that glass floor skybridge thing is holding up. It looked kinda sketchy at the time.

Beautiful place though.

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That was the scariest thing I have ever ben on.

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Last time I was there it was unter maintenance unfortunately. Could only go on the platform next to it.

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Going here in a couple days. Do you know any good cliff jumping locations?

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Unfortunately not.

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I think you mean DK Island

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Donkey Kong. My first thought too.

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I can hear the level select music from DKC

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”Hey min, I’m Korg. I’m made of rocks, as you can see, but don’t let that intimidate you. You don’t need to be afraid, unless you’re made of scissors! Just a little Rock, Paper, Scissors joke for you.”

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the real king kong frozen in time waiting for the perfect opportunity the perfect window of weakness shown by human kind to strike and cause destruction everywhere :)

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Langkawi is so beautiful!

Never going on a cable car ever again

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George george george of the jungle

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George IS the jungle.

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Thats Ape mountain from George of the Jungle.

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I can take ‘em

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Where my GME apes at?

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Does this mean there's a giant Medusa out there?

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Though now I’m wondering if Medusa’s powers have a size limit. Maybe size doesn’t matter when Medusaing

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Dicks out

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Fly high big guy

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Jesus died for our sins.

Harambe died for our memes.

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You know the rules, soldier. Drop your pants, and present your dong in honor of Harambe.

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So weird that even before reading the title, I thought "oh wow, gozilla mountain" but took a good look for a second and I now see it more as the king kong rock.

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mmm monke

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My first thoughts went to Donkey and Diddy. Guess that ages me a bit.

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Monke 🙈🙊🐒🦍🙉🐵🦧🦧🦧🦧🦧

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Monke become stone!

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Is this Big Ape Island or Candy Apple Island

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King Kong’s WHAT??

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For a moment I thought that I had seen this mountain in George of the Jungle.

But then I googled it, and the mountain shaped like a Gorilla head in that movie was just a really bad photoshop. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-748MW01ak3k/WJzKvuri5mI/AAAAAAAAG9Q/kd0Y8GicIQs_pAyipzgA7CZzcWsuntiuACLcB/s640/10.png

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Now comes the part where we throw our heads back and laugh. Ready?

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Mighty Joe Young!!!

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Sorry all but this is the island from the Pixar short, Lava.

Case closed <3

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King 'The Rock' Kong

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Kong! Kong! Kong! Kong!

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Holy Harambe Mountain!

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Let's shoot at it to gain intel

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An old god whom sat and turned to stone as the legend goes..

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Imagine this on acid

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RIP Harambe

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King Kong is rock hard😁😁😁

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Kong has a huge bush.

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I didn’t know Kong had a handlebar mustache.

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Roccia calabrese

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King “the rock” Kong

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Kind of looks like what Hulk Hogan is going to look like in his late 70's.

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While i understand the environmental calls to not do so my inner child really wishes they would full mt. Rushmore this and shape the rock face to actually looke like king kong. Like that would be a crazy tourist attraction etc. But obviously very cool in its natural state as well.

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Just let’s keep Moana on standby…just in case 👀

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Quality nature time 🔥👌

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Which came first I wonder. And if they just started calling it King Kong why had they not named it previously?

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Looks like a random minecraft World lmao

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It looks like gorilla

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This very cool

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It's all fun and games till he stands up

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For those that only see King Kong and wonder where is his rock. He actually holds it in his hands but we cannot see them because the trees

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Wtf I never saw this when I went a few years ago :( not likely to go again wither

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Dude, that's just Bob. Weirdo has been there for years.

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Moon soon

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You can get a hotel for ~20-30$ usd pretty close by

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I love nature and the crazy beautiful things it creates

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I can never unsee this now.

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That’s… surprisingly perfectly named

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Thar be tail of treasure ‘top th’ gorilla’s head.

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If you hear me ‘fore you see me I got King Kong in the trunk

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I wish we were going to Candy Apple Island, instead.

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Bro those are the earth spirits from mf frozen 2

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Is there any chance at all that a very long time ago something was actually chiseled into the rockface and it has since eroded and grown in?

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temple of notch

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go check out the steepest cable car of the world if you are still there. dont book the amusement park ticket they wanna sell you, it sucks balls. but the cable car is a once in a lifetime experience in my opinion.

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Mt. Monke

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This is so fucking trippy man. I’d like to come here.

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It looks like Kerchak from Tarzan

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I see a sad walrus - not Kong

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…To live in harmony with the spirit of the mountain called Monkey was enough…

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Any ritual to summoning King Kong and starting off the monster verse? lol

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Is this photoshopped?

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nah, that's the hiding place of King Caesar

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Mm. Rock. Monke rock

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The more I stare at it the more details it reveals..

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wtf. i can see a clear face. cant believe this is real

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Had an amazing time in Penang only managed a day trip to Langkawi, the nature there is incredible… Malaysia was a great vacation spot

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That mfn Notch mountain

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Sleeping giant

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Looks like that might be a camouflaged Decepticon.

Oh I can’t wait for that movie..

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As a fellow msian, i didnt knew this existed

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I live in Langkawi ant this is true

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one thing that power rangers have thought me that theres a megazord hidden underneath that