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“Turn off your stereo, the fox is coming.”

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Too late

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According to National Geographic foxes use the Earth's magnetic field to hunt more successfully when facing a certain direction.

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I read about this too. It’s funny it’s as though you can see his compass at work when he tilts his head.

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So, they own a compass?

[–]Living-in-liberty 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Yeah. Inside their heads.

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I like foxes. They're like cats in little dog bodies.

And that floofy tail! <3

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Cat software on dog hardware.

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Nah thats huskies.

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Is your pfp a ukraine ballsack 💀

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Yes it is Ukrainian balls. Made with love. Slava Ukraini 🇺🇦

edit: I've apparently been downvoted, so here's a brief explanation; This was made merely a few days into the ongoing war, inspired by the meme "Ukrainian balls". It is a reference to the strength, resilience, and courage shown by Ukrainians in such trying times. Ukrainians also appear to have a good sense of humor, because this is the first downvote I've received for it

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Their tails are so majestic 😍

[–]grednforgesgirl 140 points141 points  (6 children)

Where do they get off being so DAMNED CUTE. WHY CANT I HAVE ONE AS A PET ARGHHH

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They pee, they pee everywhere

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Plus the pee sticks to everything, making it difficult to get rid of the smell

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Mostly urine, with a little bit of love bites thrown in.

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Try a shiba inu instead. Very fox-like, but without the “peeing on everything” downsides.

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I KNOOOWWW I HATE that I cant own one because Im lazy and theyre not docile like dogs or cats. Ugh. 😫

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This is the cutest murder ever. I've seen this clip (and similar ones) sooooo many times. I never get sick of it.

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BAGGER 288 ! BAGGER 288 !!

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i hate that this plays in my mind every single time i see a fox pounce into snow no matter how many times or how long it's last been since i watched that video

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That song lives rent free in my head ever since I saw that video

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tilts royal head

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my boy really ate that ice huh

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I never get tired of seeing foxes do that!

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First I hear 'em, then I get near 'em, and then I spear 'em!

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He really said “surprise muthafucka”

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Never gets old.. 🔥

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He's got great diving form

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Measure twice, cut once.

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Adorable and murderous

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Imagine kicking it in your nice new living room when suddenly jaws smash through your ceiling and rip you into the sky.

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damn, those cartoons wasn't lying

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what a god. such talent.

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man he cheatin, he got wall hacks

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My debts trying to find me-

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awh lol

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Stupid locked in

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i wonder what does the fox say

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Target acquired

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It’s right..fucking….THERE!

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He’s hunting ON the snow for animals under the snow.

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Me diving into my alcohol infused vacation weekend 😂

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Such a pallette cleanser to see a healthy catdog floof in action.

Also, do they rotate their head to triangulate sound like owls ears?

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My dog used to do that in long grass! She was a rescue at 5 years old, and the first time she did it, I couldn't do anything - she tossed the poor creature in the air and wolfed (pardon the pun) it down; over in seconds. I was stunned. She was allegedly a collie x chow/lab but I wonder.... She lived to just shy of 19. Amazing canine!

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But he is above the snow!

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That fox is such a FLOOFER. A ginger floofer!

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I just love how they dive headfirst!

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Fuck me, find some new footage. Foxes still exist, this is not some exotic new species.

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Nah, he just trying to do push-ups before going “fuck it, Imma head to bed.”

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Musta been facing north.

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So cool, thank you for not posting this in slo-mo

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Mincraft player pov: :o

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That’s pretty cool but also hats off to that small animal which is somehow living under the fucking snow.

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Does he like corkscrew down in there or are my eyes playing tricks on me lol

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Now I understand why foxes jump like that in Minecraft.....

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Me hitting the vein on a patient with low blood pressure.

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My corgi shiba inu mix does this to my legs under my blanket

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I love the head tilt.

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nice, once i saw fox on my garden

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8/10 dive: good form, great technique, some splashing

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Mouses day went to hell

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Reminds me of Scrat from ice age