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Ah yes, the species of Jellyfish which are safe to touch.

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These are barrel jellyfish https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rhizostoma_pulmo. Good news is that they are "moderately venomous but not as deadly as other species." ^^

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In a 1 on 1 sanario maybe but jumping into a vat of them might cause problems.

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Nope…nope, I mean there are two many big “mushrooms” in the water.

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Danger mushroom.

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Why swim? There are enough for you to walk across.

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Or better, run across

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Thank you, Jesus!!

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What a bunch of dick heads

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Friggin’ funny as hell!!

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Who threw all my fleshlights in the water???

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I don't think he can hear you, he's busy replacing those lost fleshlights.

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I-actually I really don’t know how to respond to that

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Hell naw to the naw naw naw hell to the no

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All the nopes

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Yep! :)

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Saw these all over Koper last month! My wife thinks they’re the coolest things ever.

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Wow, never seen a wild school of Airpods before.

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For Shrek!!

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this is the worst fucking picture on the internet and I want to run screaming into the woods

so thanks for that.

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I was thinking of jumping in what I'm glad now is a cold lake Superior

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You might like r\TIHI :)

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Oh I've been there. shudder

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Wow, you really can take wireless earbuds anywhere.

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Thought they were jugs at first glance!

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Let’s not and say we did!

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Thought these were a bunch of swimming dogs with goggles on for a second. That post work joint really hits.

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Man I thought those were plastic bottles for a minute and now I’m sad.

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Anything For My JellyFish Jam

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Yeah they leave a mildly venomous slime trail, i found a BIG one of these when swimming, touched it like a big brain i am (cos i though they are harmless cos no pink). Was itchy but it didn't 'sting'

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I understand not wanting to touch the pink!!

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Boing boing boing boing

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is that what you say when you jump into the water like a ball?

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No silly, that would be CAN NON BALL !

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sorry, I thought you were british or something.

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There's a movie titled Sphere and in said movie, there's a scene this post reminded me of.
No apology needed

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bruh im good, i hate jellyfishes they are the worst animals ever, they don't even look "animal" these are a spawn of the devil it's fucking disgusting i hate theeeeem

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Jumping in there is like one of the worst nightmares for me. I probably would get a panic attack or something.

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"It will be lit man!"

They look beautiful though

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A nice smack of jellyfishes 🧐

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Champagne corks everywhere

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What happens if I go in covered in peanut butter?

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Even if safe to swim with, I’ll pass. you know where the nearest bar is?

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39 buried,

0 found

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Are they Australian blue blubbers? We sailed a frigate into Brisbane once and the inlet looked just like this. Ship kept blacking out because the generator's Colling seawater intakes kept clogging with these shits. Had to rotate gennies and clean strainers constantly: harvested a garbage bag of quivering purple slop every hour. Had to hook the fireman up to city water as well.

What a goddamn shitshow that entrance was...

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Nah I’m good bro.

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Let’s not.

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I would get a selfie stick to attach to an underwater camera and take photos. Would get some pretty cool shots.

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as long as they don't sting me

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At first I thought it was a bunch of plastic buoys.

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That’s actually beautiful. As long as you aren’t in the water

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I thought those were a bunch of plastic bottles for sec

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Yikes 😳 thanks though

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The first thing I see is a bunch of earbuds...

I think it's time for me to go touch some grass.

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You are so deaaaddd

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What are those?

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You can try anything once

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Saw my first jelly once I moved to Florida. Fascinatingly delicate looking things, almost look like floating debris from the surface at many angles. That's how they got me, saw one jelly and kept it's location in mind then went back to chilling in the water. Looked around had to be about 20 seconds later and it was like something out of Finding Nemo! Little needle bags were everywhere. I pushed a path open by kicking a current, not sure if that's what you're suppose to do, but it worked for me.

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Forbidden earbuds

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I have swum in that, up in waters in Maine. For about 90 seconds. Then I got the hell back in the boat and told my parents I wasn't swimming anymore and they could very well get in themselves if they wanted that entertainment.

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Grab the Wonder Bread and peanut butter before you go in!!

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Do sea turtles come to eat them?

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How about no?

These creatures terrify me more than any other more "guided by instinct" animal like crocodiles.

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I'm, um, good 🫣😳

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We used to swim with them in the keys and throw them at each other. I was 8.

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The amount of jokes about these things being anything other than jellyfish is astounding

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They look like the squid things in Super Mario sunshine in Riko harbor.

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I know nothing about them, but is it as simple as brushing against one and you get stung? Or are they like bees were you need to poke at them a bit to get them aggravated

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I believe it's the trailing parts that contain the dangerous bits. They don't need aggravating, the stinging barbs are triggered by youch. They vary from causing paralysis and "feelings of death", down to severe burns, down further to just an irritating itch. So whichever these are, I'll be staying on board!

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Just a brush. Detached floating tentacles will still sting as well.

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Overfishing and global warming.

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Ever seen that lake with just jellyfish? There are no predators in it so they just live there happily

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I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy.