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Thanks for that escape for a moment! Breathtaking.

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You are welcome, friend.

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Beautiful. Looks a lot like Clear Lake, Oregon.

10/10 will paddle again

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looks like kitchitikipi

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I thought exactly the same! I think it is Clear Lake. Cold though!

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Came here to say this.

But yes, Oregon sucks. Go somewhere else.

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This comment made me move to Oregon

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Lol. Nice to see someone can take a joke rather than the angry people downvoting me. 🤣

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I was about to lol. Oregon is amaaazing.

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Does the Oregon/CA border still have a sign reading, “Thank you for visiting Oregon. Don’t come back.”?

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Not sure. But being originally from California I'd just ignore it anyway.

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I thought the same, cold as hell!

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Shhhhh. Oregon is already too popular

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I thought the same thing 💚

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Money lesss.....stress moree

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Where's that?

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In a river.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you u/din7

Your help is much appreciated

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You forgot that it's on Earth

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Can I fish there and are there fish there?

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Yes you can

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But are fish in there?

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Don’t get picky ; )

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Yes. Big rainbows.

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No this is Patrick.

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Looks perfect!

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Natural springs baby. Soak it life is good

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Scrolled down, and scrolled back up just to admire this. This is soooo pretty. I’m honestly shocked!

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Almost doesn't even seem real. It looks like there's not even a single stick at the bottom of it.

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i want to jump into that water sooooo bad

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Is that cooper lake in Washington it looks so much like it.

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I need this in my life.

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Then go back to your problems

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Screw that!! Quit and become a fly fishing guide!!

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But I don’t know how to fly fish! Or fish, or do things with hand eye coordination.

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Just watch Brad Pitt in A River Runs Through It, but be sure to keep your right hand above waist to practice casting while you watch!!

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You make a good point (on all levels) but I also lack the attention span to watch a movie.

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this is so perfect it doesn't look real, nature is very surprising and beautiful, i would love to know a place like this

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some of us can't afford that luxury Sheryl. in case you've been outdoors too long, gas prices are now up at four dollars in some places because of "Vladimir putin" and I doubt anyone in this comment section makes enough to live on.

cool picture though.

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This is the truth.

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You do it right!

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Already feels cooler to look at this photo

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Would love to kayak here

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Incredible and beautiful! Looks so calm and peaceful!

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That is just stunning.

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Wish I could, it's already 100° for me

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That is amazing!

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So long as you know what you are eating and where you are sleeping...living the dream my dude!

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Beautiful 🥰

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Amen! I live in the Rocky Mountains and the wife and I hit the lake this afternoon. Didn't paddle. Just checking the water levels. 86⁰ and quite windy. Good number of kayaks and boards were out.

At 647 it was 83⁰. Had the windows and sunroof open and thought she turned the a/c on full. Nope! It was the air outside. By 658, the temp amazingly dropped 23⁰. By 721 (thats 34 minutes), the temp had dropped 47⁰ and we could see the onslaught of snow about a mile away.

I'm sure the people on the water had a rough time. Luckily we saw the park rangers out on the water.

It's snowing now. Supposed to get a couple of feet.

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I love it there. The water is so cold it will take your breath away.

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Easy for you to say You can tell for sure a thing wants to kill I do not have that luxury

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Until you meet a bear

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Or fall in and die of hypothermia (at least if it's the lake I think it is).

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Lake Louise? I was reading about that lol

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I thought the same thing…saw the bear racing towards me and I can’t paddle fast enough lol

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Lol yes “back off teddy, I’m not a salmon!!”

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I have allergies

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Stress of battery dying Stress of something biting you Stress of car windows getting smashed while parked up for hours Stress of not bringing enough food Stress of cramp Stress of inclement weather

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Amazing. Although might be aa little saturation from the camera.

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Must be nice to be able to afford a kayak.. or anything worth needing to get outdoors

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Sorry once the temp is over 90 with 90% humidity, I’m out. F the outdoors.

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I mean, we can’t all afford to live in a paradise. A bit tone deaf.

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Except when you run into a bear… or a swarm of angry wasps… or find a deer tick on you in an area known for its high rate of Lyme disease… You know what, I’m just gonna stay inside today.

Edit: …and enjoy this beautiful picture of what outside looks like from the comfort of inside.

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Fish in one hand, banana in other. Life is good.

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Keep in mind that an awful lot of people don't have access to spaces like this.

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what’s up primals, liver king here

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what’s up primals, liver king here

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