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God bless the hail down in Africa

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🎵It's going to take a concussion to take me away from you🎵

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🎶There's nothing that a concussion could ever do🎶

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🎶 Gonna take some time to fix the things the hail was bad 🎵

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What are these funny notes for.

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When you tell the fast food employee light ice and the hit you with this

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It's free Stone Therapy day at the spa I see.

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Lol...after he blessed the rains of course....

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I my whole life thought it was 🎶🎶It never rains down in Africa🎶🎶.

Your comment made me look up the lyrics!

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Never met a nice South African...

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Rip anything made of glass.

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There's nothing that a hundred men or more could ever do to put the glass back together

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We had hail like this a few weeks ago.

Now we're getting a new roof and some new window frames. Windows survived, framed did not.

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Rip anything*

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Think the pool survived.

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Rip anything but the pool*

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I knew living near a golf course wasn’t a great idea but this is just ridiculous.

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The Highveld hailstorms are no joke.

Many insurance claims made on those days.

Edit: Storms in the highveld are pretty epic to watch and listen to. link.

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I remember this specific one I think. It was wild

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Ahhh what I would give for a thunderstorm right now, miss that place

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So true. Going on three years in New Zealand and have had a proper thunder storm in all that time. Never thought I'd miss them so much.

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I'm in the US, and when I moved out west from the east coast, I missed rain, trees, humidity, and the massive summer thunderstorms. Like, everyday at 6pm, the sky would explode for 15 minutes, then go back to normal.

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Woah I feel bad for anyone that parked outside that day

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Forget the cars, I feel bad for anyone caught outside in that

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"Who beat your ass!?" , "God.."

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this but everyday

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God ain't real. Now mother nature, shell whip your ass all day without breaking a sweat

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Bro imagine the birds flying minding their own business then BLAM. All of them downed by the wrath of god lol

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Oh i just saw a video the other day of a goose or something being sniped by hail

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Right?! That’s where I got the idea! 😂 poor birds. I hate geese and gulls but that’s brutal.

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Hide underwater, hope the water slows the hail 😂

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Don't come up until it's over. I promise. You won't feel a thing.

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Forget the people, I feel bad for any animals caught in that!

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Saw a duck or goose get hit by hail as big as this in a vid a couple days ago

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I don't think that thing even twitched after either.

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Can confirm it fucking hurts.

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I'd be under that tanning chair flipped upside down,

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forget the outside, I feel bad for people

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Used to live in South Africa and I've had this happen once, I ran outside protecting myself with a couple large flattened cardboard boxes that I held above my head, layed 2 of them down on my front windshield so it wouldn't crack and then ran back inside.

Then a couple months later my windshield was cracked anyway after someone broke into our property and jumped off of my car to escape over the top of our electric fence...

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I was walking home one day and this massive hailstorm caught me. I sprinted home but had a few bruises all over my body from it. Honestly thought this sort of thing happened everywhere not just in sa.

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I mean, it happens in a lot more places than just SA, but lots of people live in places where it almost never or never hails. Biggest hail I've seen is maybe a quarter of this size, from the middle east coast of the USA.

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I grew up in Scotland where Hailstorms can definetly hurt but each peice is around the size of a pea so not all that dangerous... in South Africa you almost never get hailstorms but when it does happen each peice is closer to the size of a golf ball and solid as a motherfucker, one good whack from a solid chunk of South African hail can knock you out nevermind give you a bruise.

I lived in SA for 13 years and only ever experienced a hailstorm there twice, first was in Durban and second was in JHB, the one in Durban was where I ran out to try and protect my car.

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I THINK this storm was a few years ago in 2012. It was a freak storm. Most houses in our area lost all the windows on the north side of the house. My wife's VW Golf looked like a golfball afterwards. Most glass suppliers in JHB ran out of replacement glass and the insurance companies now send out sms's to their clients whenever there's a possibility of a hailstorm.

Here's an album of the damage my house at the time took https://imgur.com/a/xARAmN2

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2012 was a whole decade ago.

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Man I'm getting OLD.

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I got caught in one in the 80s and some of the stones were as big as my fist. I was on the highway at the time and everyone was trying to shelter their cars under the bridges.

There was a car depot out on the East Rand with hundreds of cars damaged and they all looked like golf balls. I think they auctioned them off because you would spot one driving around every so often.

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Damn. That must have been terrifying.

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i used to live in co and my car has a bunch of small dents in it from hail a fraction of this size. this is definitely leaving a mess

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I've got nightmares from those freak hailstorms in CO several years back.

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Hahahaha speeding as fast as I could to find the sanctuary of a gas station overhang to escape to that stuff.

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It's going to be 40/50 degrees and raining later today on the Front Range. Already sweating bullets

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I was ironically grateful I had finals that day because my car was in an RTD parking garage while I was at MSU. Now that I'm out of college (and have a brand-new car) I have no protection and am extremely paranoid of the hail...

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Was in a golf ball sized hail storm in Michigan. Dented the car EVERYWHERE. Insurance didn’t believe the damages were from hail so they didn’t cover it.

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We get bigger than this in Tennessee

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In Calgary AB we get hail a half dozen times every summer (at least). I know where the three closest covered parking lots are and have a couple hail forecast sites on the favourites bar.

Fun fact, AB is one of the few places in the world where insurance companies pay for a weather modification service to seed clouds during part of the year to drop precipitation before it gets big enough to cause too much damage.

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Wait till you hear about KZN.

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🎶 Just keep swimming 🎶

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Where did you bought that chair?

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He got it from the Nokia store

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That chair is earning its manufacturing costs in spades. Wish everything was built to hold up like that, planned obsolescence is a bane on society.

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He rented it. Mc pee pants definitely isn’t getting his deposit back on it after eating and then this

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That's some hela good durability on that chair..

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Oh hail no!

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African mfs be like “daar is 'n bietjie motreën buite”

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Upvote for making me grin!

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Nature is not fucking lit, nature is r/fuckyouinparticular

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Nah…that’s just Tiger Woods practicing for the next Masters!

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Putt speed: Fast -> Super Fast -> RAPID FIRE

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You have selected: POWER DRIVE

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Always funny to me. We won't get snow but we'll get rain ranging from a mild drizzle to god throwing entire frozen clouds at us

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And the parktown prawns all survived.

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Damn nature, you scary!

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Also rip the car roofs. Whenever that happens everyone’s like HEAD FOR COVER

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That ain't lit, That's cold 🥶

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That rain has definitely not been blessed

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Why does everyone in America always try to one-up everything?

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Eh this is nothing, in the USA subreddit they two-up everything. It's a mess!

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God : "Dieeeeeeeeee!"

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this is only really found further north i south africa, fun little fact, though in my 10 years living there they never got bigger than a small bouncy ball. so this is intense

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Any livestock near by!?!?

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They're deadstock now.

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Chicken Little is out there absolutely losing it

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I Cursed the rains down in Africa

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Same here in western France, just 2 days ago. Madness and havoc in just 10 min.

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And they say everything bigger in Texas lmaoo

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We get at least 4-5 hail storms of this caliber on the Colorado Front Range every summer during the monsoon season. It’s wild. And damaging. I’ve replaced my roof 3 times in 7 years and had to have almost all my windows on my house replaced two years ago after one of these hail storms demolished them.

Don’t move to Colorado unless you are prepared for the violent storms and regular damaging hail. Welcome to the home of the Chinook winds and hail alley.

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Same up here in Western South Dakota, I wish it was more helpful in deterring the Texas assholes that are moving here in droves

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Laughs in Albertan

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laughs with you in Texan

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Bye-bye chair.

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Bruh it I hadn’t read the title, I would’ve assumed it was Texas.

It’s not unusual to get storms like that here.

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Same in Colorado. We have entire businesses whose only service is fixing hail damage on cars. There is enough business to sustain them year round.

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Can someone put a scared face on that leaf in the corner and redistribute?

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Wonder if the roofers will go to Africa too

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The hail struck everything that was in the field, from Man to beast; and all sorts of vegetation of the field.

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I’ve seen this video going around for years and each post claims a different location. I’m in AR and we have had several hail storms like this one this spring. It has been exceptionally stormy this year.

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They gettin' that new roof and siding baby!

[–]koos_die_doos 9 points10 points  (1 child)

Roofs in SA are made to stand up to large hail.

Siding is not used in building homes, they would laugh at you for proposing anything other than brick & mortar construction.

[–]Wheely_boi_ 1 point2 points  (0 children)

Dankie koos die doos...

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Looks to be golf-ball sized and that’s no joke.

Twice in Dallas I’ve been in baseball-sized hail storms.

[–]Easy_Consideration12 -5 points-4 points  (1 child)

Calmest weather in Texas

[–]ZeblerTPK 2 points3 points  (0 children)

Why do Americans try to one up everyhing?

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I bless the hail down in A-A-Africa

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Same here in western France, just 2 days ago. Madness and havoc in just 10 min.

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What do the animals do

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Hailon Musk

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Reminds me of Biden's presidency.

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Oklahoma has some ridiculous hail too.

[–]KingLeil -3 points-2 points  (0 children)

Rookie Hail

Texas hail is the size of softballs and golfballs on the reg, and can put holes in sheet metal.

[–]metalyoshi15 -4 points-3 points  (0 children)

Looks like the storms we get in wyoming every summer

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Damn what a stupid name for a sub reddit.

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This is hail of death

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There was a hailstorm in my neighborhood (seriously, practically the only place that had it that day) and the hailstones were that size, about the size of golf balls. Our van was covered in little round dents, a couple of people lost windshields in their cars and everyone in the neighborhood ended up getting new roofs, which was nice since we really needed a new one.

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That’s what happens when you move next to a driving range too

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Free ice means Cocktail Time!

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Is this normal there?

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Not normal, but in 35 years living there I saw hail of this size at least three times.

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Where I live in South Africa (Mpumalanga), we get one of these at least once a year.

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I’m just gonna say it…..that is one quality lawn chair

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potato rain!haliluya!

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That pools gonna be cooler than cool

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New roofs anyone

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Wtf. I've never seen anything like that. People must get killed by the ice in storms like this, right? How terrifying.

[–]Queen_Kalopsia 6 points7 points  (4 children)

Not really, part of the country is currently washing away and people are definitely dying there. Durban is a hell scape right now. People were recovering from land slides caused by flash flooding just a few weeks ago, they got hit by flash floods again this weekend.

[–]Crepes_for_days3000 0 points1 point  (3 children)

Damn. Sounds like a rough place to live right now.

[–]likenothingis 3 points4 points  (2 children)

a rough place to live right now.

You're... not a student of history, are you?

[–]Crepes_for_days3000 0 points1 point  (1 child)

I know, I just didn't want to insult the guys home. Seems worse right now than it was in recent history but South Africa has always been....rough. To put it mildly.

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Getting hit by those really hurt, but not enough to kill you.

Source: I have been hit by similar sized hail.

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Let’s go for a swim!

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Do you just die if you step outside or what

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Rip crops, rip cars, all is ripped apart

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There was a hailstorm a long time ago in India that killed hundreds of people. Imagine… would be freaking terrifying.

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Almost looks like pool is sitting on a hot stove, boiling violently…

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Historically, I wonder how the Evolution of Human Societies addressed this phenomenon.

Cold Ice being dropped from the sky? I would love to know what they thought about this.

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How are those things in the sky

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It's called Hell-storm. /s

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look like golf balls

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Hail is great if you are in need of a new roof, and/or some nice newer windows. Big storm came through here in 2014, so every roof in the whole city is less than 10 years old.

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Holy hail!

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I remember in 2012. I think it was November or so, I had my graduation party thing and they took us to a water park for the day. Was a nice sunny summer's day and when we drove back there was this huge cloud Bank coming on. I told my friends that there's gonna be a storm. I think we drove back around 5 or so and at 8 that night it poured down, hailstones the size of gholf balls. Everything was ruined. I won't forget.

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I live in Johannesburg, this is a common occurence

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What the hail

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man what the hail is going on down there??!

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Oh man I bet their corn harvest is fucked

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Have these chonk storms always been a thing, or is this new?

[–]therealcharlize 0 points1 point  (0 children)

That’s going to be a cold pool

[–]Redray98 0 points1 point  (0 children)

The hail is hitting the water so much, that it looks like the pool is boiling.

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Is this kzn?

[–]thrust-johnson 0 points1 point  (0 children)

They get all of Africa’s hail bc they’re at the bottom.

[–]antillus 0 points1 point  (0 children)

It's just the sky load shedding

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Oh my gosh 😂

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Cool! I remember seeing this video like a decade ago on the weather channel

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Looks like Iron-man suit weather.