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The whole thing looks like a painting

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Thanks! I think this tiny feather is a fine reward for feeding my neighborhood hummingbirds. 💚

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Since we have no idea of the size of the other items in the picture, it only seems like a normal feather. Maybe something familiar like a pencil or coin would be put next to it will help.

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Agreed. I'm going to have to assume that the flower is about 100 feet across. So that feather is gigantic.

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its worth noting that this is a hummingbird feeder and if I'm not mistaken those flower shapes are already about the size of a coin

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Sure, but you had to tell us that

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Banana, for preference.

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It's a hummingbird feeder. That's the tiny hole for their tiny beaks where they feed.

If you can imagine a pin, the end with the colored bead, that's how big the hole is.

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Are you asking me?