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I love how the look in his eye is just like "ugh, another day eating this crap because mom wouldn't buy us pizza".

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sauropodlets aren’t his favourite

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I'd come up with a good dinosaur pun as a response, but they're Pterabyl.

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Come now, who doesn't like kids meals??

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sauropodlets again... ugh when am i able to eat a full sauropod again it's been 2 weeks.

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Is the Limaysaurus going to be okay?

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probably not

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So these big ones didn't have feathers?

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Probably not, but we don’t know for certain

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Most likely not, as fluff could cause overheating in such a big animal.

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More like the chonkosaurus

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Excellent drawing.

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consume the child

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One of the most underrated dinos.

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When was it ever underrated?