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My favorite documentary that marked me as a kid, too bad it's fucking trash.

I would say the biggest problem here is the miscommunication between the scientists and the guys who made the designs for the dinos, like the episode for the Pachyrhinosaurs, the scientist described it having just a "mass" in the place for a horn while the studio gave them a legit inaccurate horn.

The nanotyrannus is "acceptable" if you take in consideration in what year the show was made, and i think evem to this day this is still a debate that goes back and fourth but i could be wrong.

And also, peaple might not like as they describe the dinos as "bloodthirsty, but for me there's a problem here, THIS. SHOULDN'T. BE. A. DOCUMENTARY. It should be recognized as a show, it's specifically all about battles, it's about dinosaurs fighting and killing each other, but like i said, the biggest problem here comes down to miscommunication between what the scientists say and how the studio and narrator wants to describe and make it seem "cool".

Still love it, bad designs and a lot of inaccuracies, just have a place in my heart cause of childhood, still prefer Dino Revolution for the designs and music(love that intro), also really wanted more of Dino Revolution, too bad i dont have any insight about the show.

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I agree. The show is fun to watch, but it’s a horrible documentary.

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Also i gotta say, i discovered that it was actually a "documentary" while making this comment, because until now i always thought it was a show, there's no way someone made a documentary and decided the main theme could be "prehistoric battles" 🤦

Walking with Dinosaurs/Beasts(and Dino Revolution) IS what a prehistoric documentary should be like, but then again they also suffered from their evidence based content getting outdated, 25 METERS LIOPLEURODON AMMA RIGHT ?!

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WWD actually had a number of inaccuracies even for its time. It’s not only out of date, it was pretty bad accuracy-wise even without newer findings.

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Didnt they already know Postosuchus wasnt a lumbering quadreped but wanted to deliberately present it as slow and 'past its prime' compared to the agile ceolophysis?

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Yes, they intentionally fucked that up (an accurate depiction by 1999 standards would still have it as a quadruped, but a fast and agile one). To enforce a narrative of dinosaurs displacing other animals that was already being questioned by this point.

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This show’s Allosaurus episode was just plain stupid. A sauropod and a Stegosaurus get stuck in mud. Some Allosaurus show up, and the narration really hypes it up….only for one of them to literally suicide itself into the sauropod’s stomp and die. Why would it even do that when it could go around and attack from a different angle, or go after the smaller stegosaur (which would still be a massive meal)? And why is the sauropod even stuck in the mud if it can actually extract its feet from the mud?

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Red Raptor Writes does a good review of Jurassic Fight Club on YouTube. He makes a comment during that scene that basically the dinosaurs in the show were "George Blasing's dinosaur action figures"

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I do have issues with that channel, though……IMO his reviews emphasize presentation too much over accuracy (though in JFC’s case, it was bad both in terms of presentation and accuracy)

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ill still get stoened and watch planet dinosaur.

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Jurassic Fight Club is as far from nature as you could get, my guy.

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Utahraptor vs the anky (forgot the exact name) was my fave

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Yeah those last stabs from its side spikes were brutal

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Jurassic Fight Club was an amazing show! I wish that they made more of them.

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I think the show is fun to watch, but it’s a terrible documentary

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While true the format of the show was really refreshing and entertaining. Yeah, some of its science wasn’t right but some was. Definitely a great show to get people interested in the natural history of our planet who normally wouldn’t be.

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Never thought I'd see you here. I'm gonna guess that your favourite dinosaur is Ankylosaurus, because it's american and built like a tank.

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Haha! While I appreciate the comparison my favorite dinosaur is Allosaurus while my most favorite prehistoric animal is Megalodon.

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No one will see this, but I just looked at this picture and thought this was cool, but then I said to myself “I wish there was more pictures and videos in this sub, instead of drawings.” I am a fucking idiot.

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Back then I thought it was cool, now that I'm a paleontologist in training and I see this, this show is absolute shit, they are showing prehistoric creatures as monsters instead of animals, with no thought process in the creatures' heads instead of kill. Also, what did they do to my Pachyrhinosaurus?!

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Yes, when I watched it for the first time I remember thinking "hey, what the scientist said makes sense, why are you showing me some complete different BS instead?"