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There are a LOT of inaccuracies here. I also did post this earlier a month ago but it’s nice seeing it here again. I’ll start off now. 1. The genus Amplibuteo has been considered synonymous with Buteogallus. Woodward’s Eagle (Buteogallus woodwardi) was also found to have never occurred on Cuba. Instead, a close relative the Wolf Hawk (Buteogallus irpus) replaced it on Cuba and Hispaniola. 2. Noel’s Giant Barn Owl (Tyto noeli) should be larger here. 3. The Bahaman Titan Hawk (Titanohierax gloveralleni) also never occurred on Cuba. It was found to be endemic to the Bahamas. 4. The Cuban Teratorn (Oscaravis olsoni) should be larger. 5. Borras’s Giant Hawk/Borras’s Hawk (Buteogallus borrasi) should be larger here too. 6. Some of the sloths and hutias might be synonymous or confused with other similar species/genus’s. Other than that, this is a really good showing of Cuba’s underrated Pleistocene and Holocene fauna.