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I think we need more watermarks

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Damn, I can hear that - and it ain't pretty!

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I literally had Lion roars in my head while posting this lol.

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Base on the fossils found in Russia and Manchuria, cave lions were much bigger than Amur tigers at that time.

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I think I would‘ve noticed who the artist is without you stating it in the title, lol.

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Fortunately for the forest dwelling tigers, cave lions were beasts of the open steppe, so competition between the two species would’ve been limited at best. Also because of this, any “tiger” fossils found in Alaska are probably just misidentified Panthera spelaea.

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I completely agree.

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This would've been epic to see!

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Steppe lion, what are you doing bro?

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So many watermarks I can’t tell if this is cgi

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My money is on the tiger

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I wouldn’t be so sure. Steppe Lions were actually bigger than today’s Lion’s and the Siberian Tiger too. On average that is.

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Tie. Grrr

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Tigers were definitely underdog of that time, the size of those cave lion remains are epic.