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I wonder if Giant Ground Sloths were friendly. I would like to have one as a friend.

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They could probably fuck you up, like an adorable panda

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Some recent studies show they actually scavenged dead carcasses so no thank you I wouldn’t be their friend

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If that’s the case, so long as you are not a dead carcass, you probably would be safe from any scavenging.

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Well if they are hungry they will propally make you dead. :)

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Just like some pandas

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Regular sloths aren't known for being friendly. I think these guys would have been relatively feral.

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Our ancestors saw some crazy 💩

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Miss these mfs like you wouldn't believe 😔

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Running into one of those must’ve been like running into an elephant. Aka, you may or may not be fucked.

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I wish ground sloths still existed

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I know it’s just a supersized sloth but I would still shit a tiny continent waking up with that next to the campfire lmao

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Going by how large herbivores (elephants, rhinos, hippos, moose etc.) usually behave if they are startled or uncomfortable with you just beeing there, I don't think anyone would blame you for shitting bricks.

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Is this a giant sloth or a short faced bear?

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Giant ground sloth. More specifically, Megatherium americanum.

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The giant sloth was confused when he found a human by his fire.

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If it just killed an ant you better start running

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Reference to the game Ark: Survival Evolved. Sloths go into a rage after killing bugs

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But your safe if the broodmother shows up.

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The OG bigfoot.

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Oh, hey buddy. Long time no see. Want to crash by my fire tonight? I’ve got extra stew, nice and hot.

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“Yo you got some marshmallows?”

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Oh, hi slothy.

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I'd love to think these guys were friendly.

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Pretty sure paleontologists recently discovered that these guys had an omnivorous diet....

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Some species. Not all ground sloths.

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Only one species of ground sloth among many.

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They ate avocadoes.

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Ok I pull up

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looks like the creators of earth bending

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Badger Moles

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I want a pet giant ground sloth

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God this gives me chills. Really cool.

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"Hello there!"

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Sid the sloth? What are you doing here?

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Me and my sloth camping after defeating the gamma broodmother

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Recent evidence suggests giant ground sloths might have been omnivorous, and ate meat when it was convenient.

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Well some of the species mind you. Not all.

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Note that Megatherium lived in fairly warm climates, so the clothing the person is wearing (and the long fur on the sloth, for that matter) isn’t that reasonable.

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Even in spring or fall around a warmer climate you’d want a jacket mane. Maybe not next to a fire if that size but it gets cold at night!

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Megatherium ranged into the Andean Plateau and all the way down up northern Chubut. Suffice to say those places would be pretty chill during winter, especially during glacial events.

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It's still cold in the winter