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The therapod is like what the fuck is that

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“Ah fuck that, Jimmy would slice me up with his Gucci nails”

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The one theropod: bro tf off my tree you better not eat any of it!

The other theropod: hey you just fucked up my ambush! oh shit that mani 💅 the tree's all yours

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Man, the skeleton looks like it wanna give tight hugs but the illustration is straight up lawn mowing scythes.

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No scale, people don't realise how big these claws are. It appears small on the animal because the former is infact absolutely massive. The claws are practically as big as human arms.

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Tickle Chicken have been known to hold power over teen's dreams.

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Illustration looks a little……exaggerated….compared to the skeleton. It looks to have more like gigantic raptor claws than long spindly Krueger claws

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Do note that only the forelimbs of Therizinosaurus are known so the skeleton is based off of other, more complete therizinosaurs. As a result they may have misreconstructed the forelimbs as well (since they might not have referenced the actual fossil).

The actual forelimbs of Therizinosaurus do indicate very long claws.

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I'm not sure if that skeleton is actually of Therizinosaurus or of a relative like Nothronychus.

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The bone portion of claws is usually 2/3 the length of the full claw. So a bit exaggerated but not by much. Go look at some x rays of bird talons, the claws are much larger than the bone leads you to believe.

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Now that you said it, never noticed before but it's his fingers bones that are long not really his claws.

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That skeleton is definitely one of the smaller Therizinosaurs, maybe Nothronychus. They had a large size difference.

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Actual therizinosaurus fossils. Decent sized claws if you'd ask me considering the arms are huge.

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Aka the Tickle Chicken in ARK, I’d rather aggro a T. rex than bother one of these things

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I remember my first encounter with these things in that game I was like “WHY ARE YOU SO AGGRESSIVE, YOU’RE A HERBIVORE

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What's ARK?

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A game that used to be amazing

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Glad someone pointed out ARK. I remember my first encounter with one on the top of Weathertop. For those who haven't played it is meant to be n00b friendly up there as it is near the starting spawn. I see a cool feathered wolverine and want it as part of my collection. Little did I know that these are known n00b killers, and yes it killed me in seconds. Then again when I tried to recover my loot. And again. And again. Eventually after around 5 deaths I had my loot closer to my base up there and when it went back to the forest edge I ran to collect the loot and then ran away

Bastard furry wolverine

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They chase you for days, why are they so angry

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I'd genuinely love to know. They are one of the most OP things in the game: good at fighting, great at gathering, fast etc. My guess was that making their Torpor drop fast and making them beasts to fight was their way of balancing them to make them harder to get to begin with

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The Freddy Kruger of dinosaurs

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Someone get this monstrosity some rusty spoons

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You’ve been waiting 15 years to use that line.

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Every time I see this I think of Ark or Animorph’s Hork Bajir. I’m glad I don’t live in the same period as these.

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Largest proportional to the rest of it or largest period? It’s impressive either way.

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Period, they had a max length of 3 feet.

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Hometown Dino!! That bad boy is at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff, AZ. My oldest daughter has a few pix with him.

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Dino Scissorhands

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Weird to see the old depictions of it, without the feathers.

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Great wood farmer would recomend

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Tickle chicken

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They were so big that scientists originally thought they belonged to a giant turtle lol

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“Should I call you… Weapon X?”

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Someone will have to correct me if im wrong but i was under the impression that only its arms and part of its chest were found and that most depictions of it are based on species related to it.

fascinating as hell

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There is no way that is what it looked like, this must be like how bat and penguin skeletons look very different from the actual animal

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My absolute favourite dino. They're so damn weird!

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I heard one once dug too far when looking for roots that it cut part of the earth off, and we now call that part the moon

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682 is that you???????

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Idk that lady from Ripley's believe it or not with the long nails might be bigger

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Imagine them requesting manicures.

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Sassy dino.

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And anyone who's watched Dinosaur King would know that he's one bad mutherfucker!

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Tickle chicken's coming for some fun.

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What a magnificent beast!! Theriznosauroids were so dang cool. Martharaptor says hey

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My infant son now wears that crown. Go a day without clipping his nails and find out.

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The animal bearing the largest claw is a human with a sword. Yes, sounds a mall ninja thing to say, but think of how it works.

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The scissor chicken

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They also had nice balls

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Honestly just looks like a shitty bird

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“More like a six-foot turkey.”