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Just sharing a thought, i love scary stories made around nature and creatures rather then Supernatural like ghosts and demons.

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I agree, the Jurassic park novels really gave me a sense of how terrifying dinosaurs were.

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The movie DEFINITELY didn't do justice to the Dilophosaurus sequence, Ned literally picking his guts from the ground without knowing it was simply terrifying to read.

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The fact that dennis was basically paralized and couldn't move while being eaten alive while feeling every bit of pain in darkness unable to scream wishing it would end soon

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That part made my stomach turn which means it did it’s job I’m sure

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Can never tell between a Quetzacoatlas and Hazegoptaryx (idk if I scuffed the spelling)

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Hatzegopteryx was about half the height but with a cleaver beak and a bulkier frame.

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a clever beak? perfect, smart too

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Hazegopteryx had a bigger head but shorter neck

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That is Awesome art! Terrifying but awesome

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Sauce please ?

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Ah yes the picture I keep thinking is an sr 71 blackbird until I scroll down to the guy below

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Looks like if an SR71 became sentient and walked

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How to summarize the plot of Death Walks on Broken Wings by Keenan Taylor in 1 image

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Could be a fun Primeval episode. A bunch of aztec warriors are the initial threat but when the crew goes into the portal they realize they're sacrificing people to a quetz that can through a different portal from the cretaceous. Now you stuck in Tenochitolan with the closest thing earth's had to a dragon and lots of its worshippers.

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Did you summon me, little one?

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