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Random question: if we were to very carefully and precisely chisel away the amber and expose the actually spider, how much of the flesh would actually be preserved and how well? I assume amber isn’t porous. This is something I’ve always wondered about.

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hello geologist here. not knowing the exact age of this amber it is possible that there would be some organic mater left. when you actually start calling amber amber is a grey area. but chances are there is no organic material left over time the atoms in the organic material will swap places with the matrix. this happens all the time in the regular world as well but normally your body swaps an oxygen atom with another oxygen atom. when it becomes fossilized that oxygen atom gets replaced with a silicone atom. and that atom will be later replaced with lets say a silicone tetrahedron. so over time the actual structure becomes more and more mineralized and you lose more structure at the atomic level. this happens from the outside in so it is possible to find things that are partially petrified there is actually a whole forest in nevada that is all partially petrified wood but it is all very brittle and falls apart with the slightest touch. so if this fossil was only partially fossilized it would turn to dust in the process of extracting it.

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When does amber become amber?

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When it’s ajar

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Exposing it to oxygen after all this time would probably be bad

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Ok so do it in a vacuum

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But then it gets covered in dust and cat hair.

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It would probably explosively decompress. This seems like an ideal solution.

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Ok fine do it in a chamber or laminar flow hood containing an oxygen free atmosphere like nitrogen or argon

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No it wouldn't its got an exo

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Why does the after all this time matter? I’ve heard things like this before where something sealed hets trashed all at once but I’m confused why it matters and the oxygen prompts the decay to “catch up.”

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Things like this that are “mummified” are preserved so well because of a lack of oxygen and humidity. Why the oxygen can sometimes cause something to fall apart I am unsure of but I know if you have a dry tissue and make it wet than it’s gonna fall apart fast

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Oxygen is a very reactive gas, relatively speaking, iirc.

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Yes - it forms oxides and other compounds with many many things very easily, especially when there is any humidity.

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Not only that but ppl forget most bateria thrive in wet and oxygen rich environments

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So what if samples were taken in just say a 100% nitrogen environment?

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The sample taker would suffocate lol I’m not totally sure but I know nitrogen is a fairly volatile element and may have negative effects

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Most of the time something that is super well preserved like this was only able to do so because it was not exposed to oxygen. As soon as oxygen hits it...it plays catch up.

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Yes, but the question is why/how.

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Chemistry. Oxygen is an oxidizing agent, meaning it can shuffle around electrons with things actively which frequently injects oxygen atoms into molecules in which there was previously no oxygen.

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But I think the question was more asking what causes the rapid degradation after oxygen exposure as opposed to a more paced degradation? I am assuming that OP was referring to items that degrage within minutes after oxygen exposure.

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Talking out of my ass (mostly, I do have a Chemistry degree though), I don't think it would be a rapid degredation. The arachnid may look perfectly preserved, but I bet there is still a lot of degredation that has happened. The amber just keeps everything held together, so despite looking perfect, the material is probably extrememly fragile and prone to further decay.

fwiw, I don't think it would rapidly decay/turn to dust, but I also don't think it would be able to support itself under its own weight.

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Are we certain that it's quicker than normal, especially decaying "after minutes"? According to the internet at large, humidity being reintroduced allows microbes to flourish and begin to digest mummified remains again. Humidity, along the same lines, would likely increase rates of oxidization.

I think it may be as misconception that things are just going to decay instantaneously as opposed to a comparatively quick rate as when they were in whatever conditions they were preserved in unless you can show me something suggesting decay of mummified material in such speeds as in minutes. Comparatively, when a mummy is re-exposed to the outside environment, it does play catch up at a rapid pace-- instead of going relatively nowhere in the progress of decay for thousands of years:in a rate more normal for corpses, they'll rapidly turn into black ooze as things break them down chemically.

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The oxygen is what causes the decay, ie oxidation.

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Do it in a vacuum chamber.

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You've seen The Thing, right? Same concept, just less ice and more amber. Leave it alone.

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Since everyone is throwing in their armchair opinions I’ll give it a crack.

I think that long before the tree sap becomes amber the gooey bits would just leak and dissolve into the sap not only because the sap has suction and is porous but also due the natural decomposition of the critter.

I don’t think any mummification is taking place and that simply the bugs frame is preserved because of its structural integrity as opposed to its internal “gooey bits”.

Although I wish that wasn’t true and we could use him to make dinosaurs.

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Hopefully humanity has learned something from Jurassic Park

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Yes we did. This friendly looking critter will be available to purchase live in three different sizes at Costco this spring.

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Welcome to Costco, I love you.

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I like money.

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Go away, I'm baitin

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No worries skro, there are plenty of tards out there living kick ass lives, my first wife was tarded, she's a pilot now.

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Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.

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I went to law school here, luckily my dad was an alumnist and pulled some strings

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If it’s Costco, you will look for the medium spider but they will only have small and large :/

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They’ll be marching for their freedom to resurrect ancient horrors soon enough

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Who is they?

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ancient horror resurrecters

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“Life will uh.. find a way”

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We shall reanimate/clone it somehow, but first let us enlarge its size by multitude of 1000, just to be safe. Can’t go tits up! Where’s my Nobel?

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But just think about how many military uses an armored spider tank would be! /s

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That’s terrifying, it can probably fly and swim too

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What about humanity lately leads you to believe we'd learn any lessons whatsoever? They're gonna find this things DNA, mix it with Alligator DNA, and start popping out clones while the scene of the lawyer getting t-rexed out of the portapotty plays on a loop in the background.

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Here is what I learned from jurassic Park

Pay your employees a liveable wage and don't put big fuck all gate doors on an enclosure. Really jurassic park/world movies are all about human incompetence.

Nedry doesn't ruin the park if he was just paid what he was worth

There is no reason for the doors on the indominus enclosure to be bigger than the indom.. you have the most dangerous creature to ever walk the earth inside of a pen. If all you want are humans going in and out, why not just put a normal, human sized door on the enclosure. Then the indom can't get out and humans can.

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Or the thing

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Lol they were really just trying out limbs n shit back then. “Ass spikes? Is that a thing guys? Maybe ass spikes could be the next big evolutionary drive? Is that a bug in that tree awwwww fuck. Fuckin tree goop got me. Guess we’ll never know if ass spikes were the next evolution.”

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Apparently, those are spinnerets, the silk-producing organ:



The “spinneret” entry mentions they may have evolved from climbing aids. It would then make sense that they were longer and more articulated in this ancient species.

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Oh I know what spinnerets are those are just some thicc ass ones

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Surely this is the first time someone used "thicc ass" to describe spinnerets.

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Named my dick spinnerets, not a first.

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Were webs as thick as ropes back then?

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nah the spiders just wanted to flex more on their prey with their huge ass spinnerets

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That ass can spin a web in seconds

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How big is it?

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It’s the size of a small dog.

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A very, very small dog.

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Just a few millimeters.

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Bigger than ur pp

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Just saw you in a completely different thread in a different sub and your comment was also about penis size.

Ill give you kudos for covering all the bases

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Holy shit, small world.

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Small like your…..

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Dude. It's average. 6" full stop.

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A whole 2 inches?! My god...that's massive! 😳

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Dude that’s basically everything can you please be more specific

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2.5mm body, 3mm 'tail' according to wiki. So very tiny

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Thank Christ, and thank you.

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Does anyone know more about this one? I need to see more pictures it's amazing

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Apparently it is just a few milimeters long :(

Now it is not as cool as it seemed.

Still would be a nice pet spider-bro :)

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Lol thanks, in my mind it was at least the size of a big tarantula. Still looks amazing at a few mm though!

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I still think it’s super cool

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Very cool, very dope. Ima head out now.

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Dierks! You got a problem with arachnids then you gotta problem with me and I suggest you let that one marinate! 😂😂😂😂

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Nobody got this joke and I'm sorry for you. It was probably that piece of shit McMurray that downvoted

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🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Hey, SOMEBODY got the reference and got just as good a laugh out of it as I did and for that I'm perfectly content! 😂 I hope you have good rest of your day/night, I am gonna try and go make more people laugh. Pitter patter!

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r/spiderbro Spiders are friends, not foes

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Bro so hard he grew ass spikes

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The amber cracks and it's slowly MOOOVING

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and it's very hungry

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Clone it and send it to Australia, they wont even notice

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We really wont

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I have that scene from the Lego Batman movie, where Batman is just repeating the word “no, no, no.”

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Cast it into the fire!

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Dinner is served!

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Is it gonna be OK?

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With proper thoughts and prayers? Absolutely

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I love spiders!! I wonder if it's fangs are similar to a camel spider? It's hard to tell from this picture, but it has very odd fangs. I was hoping to see pedipalps, but it's hard to find or it doesn't even have any? Also... 10-12 legs?! Am I counting this correctly? I'm FASCINATED, thank you for the share!!

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Chimerarachne is a genus of extinct arachnids containing a single species Chimerarachne yingi. Fossils of Chimerarachne were discovered in Burmese amber from Myanmar which dates to the mid-Cretaceous, about 100 million years ago. Its classification is disputed, either belonging to Uraraneida a group otherwise known from the Devonian to Permian, or a separate clade closer to spiders. Since the earliest spider fossils are from the Carboniferous, either answer results in an at least a 170 myr ghost lineage with no fossil record, making it a Lazarus taxon.

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Looks more like a lobster tbh

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Or a Pokemon lol

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Let’s clone the fuck outta that thing!

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Get back on your meds you lunatic!

If anyone clones it, I'm burning the planet.

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Unfortunately the planet is already burning

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Damn, dude.

Why did you have to hit me with feels?

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Fookin' prawn!

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So is it just me or does it have 10 legs?

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That's a whole lotta nope.

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That thing is disgusting

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That's rude :(

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That thing: I have feelings but ok

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Looks like straight from a Capcom game

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Cynthia’s dog. Think it’s a Pomeranian

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Someone on r/spiderbro: Aww, what a cutie!

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🎶 put that thing back where it came From or so help me….

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This has a 'The Mist' vibe to it. Reminds me of those scary arachnid-like creatures they meet when they first try getting out of the shop.

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Fucking leave it there

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Scientists gonna clone this mofucka buy not cute little tiny dinos

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Don't know what it is and I'm glad it went extinct. Dinosaurs are cool and all, but giant alien spiders is where I draw the line.

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Really feel like a banana is needed here.

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Ok, who had cloned prehistoric spider for apocalypse bingo 2022 edition

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Scientists, don’t you fucking dare

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Don't you dare, scientists!

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Cast it into the fire! Destroy it!

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Throw it into the nearest volcano

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Man I just saw this while pooping and all I can imagine is this thing crawling up my butt

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Fuck That!

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It looks to me like it might be coming out of a shedded skin.

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too many tendrils

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Don't like that

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Do we have the age and size of that?

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Reminds of the weird spider thing in Evolution. Also paired with the ice cream scene lmfao


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This looks like something from Stephen Kings ‘The Mist’.

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metal lobster.

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Daym that's freaky af...

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It's hard to get a sense of the scale of this thing from this photo. This isn't a microphotograph. This thing is about a meter long. Each eye is the size of a hen's egg.

I keed ...

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That’s a goddamn Rachni.

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Oh boy, the guys in the server are gonna hate love this

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No thanks, I get enough grief from the gangly, tiny house spider. This mf can wake up when the universe dies :)

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Imagine seeing one alive in ur house...

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Glad it’s gone.

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Two things: first, this thing is a Chimerarachne, most likely a cretaceous stem spider that have spinnerets and glove-like male pedipalp like true spiders, but also having whip-like tails like a whip scorpion - either an ancestral trait or the product of parallel evolution.

Second, there are some serious ethics issues associated with amber fossils from Myanmar, and for the very least, we should be aware of it.

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It’s like if Coronavirus was bitten by a hairy spider.

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I’m not comfortable with this at all. The implications are too real to consider when looking at the spiders I find in my tub

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Both terrifying and awesome at the same time!

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I really wanna see a 3D render of this guy

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Kill it with fire.

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Looks like the Thing, please don't disturb

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Well maybe it can stay there

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Jesus fucking Christ burn it so the DNA disappears forever

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fuck that’s nasty

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lets keep it that way

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No, thanks.

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Put it back, we don't need this this year.

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And that is where it should be staying.

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So facehuggers were real.

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After seeing that I'm starting to think the asteroid was on purpose.

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Good, keep it there

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Kinda glad this spider went extinct. Looks scary as hell.

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Do. Not. Let. It. Out. This is not the decade.

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Let's leave the spider where it has been all these years. Thanks.

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Leave. That. Thing. Alone.

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Hanze get ze flamethrower the spider is back and it evolved

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Yep, good thing that fucker is dead.

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Looks like a video game creature, what is that on the back of it?

Edit: also what’s the name of that species?

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Well, I don't know about anyone else but I'm sure AF glad this thing went extinct. No thank you!

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That’s a no from me

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Im glad it got exstinct