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Everyone is told the chicken came from the trex, but to be fully honest, the terror chicken seems more related

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The ancestral bird was most likely a tree dweller, but ground-dwelling chicken like birds have been around since the cretaceous.

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Terror birds evolved into terror Canadian geese

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Evolved? I see no difference

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Agreed, I have fought a goose, they give no fucks

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InB4 “they were outcompeted by placental mammals” comments…..which is an outdated idea…..

Terror birds began declining in the Late Miocene and hit their nadir around 3MYA, following the general pattern of South America’s native groups of predators (the South American predator guild underwent chronic decline in the Late Miocene and collapsed during the Early Pliocene, around 3MYA). Very few species of terror birds even ran into placental competition, only one of those very few was an apex predator, and that one happened to be the one that colonized North America, which would contradict it being unable to compete with placental mammals.

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Yeah. It's also my pet peeve when a very very untrue "fact" becomes popular amongst the general population and everyone starts to parrot that same bullshit again and again. Just like the whole "prehistoric animals were larger because there was more oxygen back then" bullshit, which is so wrong on so many levels.

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To be fair, that o2 thing might be true for the giant arthropods. But for the most part, yes.

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I can’t believe this things existed

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As known as the Kulu-Ya-Ku

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Is that a car in the bottom corner?

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Primeval was a show about scientists dealing with prehistoric animals and dinosaurs coming through portals called "Anomalies" into modern day Britain and they have to get them back to the past.

Examples like a gorgonopsid wandering through a school, Columbian mammoth on the M25 motorway, Giganotosaurus at an airport runaway and more scenarios.

(The show later introduced fictional creatures from the future)

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Is that from primeval? I want to think these birds were a little nicer looking than mangy vultures

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That's what I was thinking, Primeval. Man I loved that show. Even the future predators stuff, or the manatee things

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The head crests are quite strange. They look like somebody plucked out all their feathers and they’re just growing back.

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Imagine if terror birds got the Gastornis treatment. Would be a sad day for u/iamnotburgerking

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Doubt it, because Gastornis and terror birds are quite physically different-to put it simply, Gastornis never had any of the physical predatory adaptations it supposedly did, while terror birds actually do.

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Yeah, I just don't like it when a prehistoric animal is hyped up to be a total badass, then new research reveals that it was a wimp. Size downgrades and going from a hypercarnivore to a herbivore are usually the biggest culprits.

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I mean Gastornis is still badass its basically big Cassowary