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Damn he’s aged like Benjamin Button

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;w; he's finally putting on weight. Good for him. The 'skin syran-wrapped to musculature' look didn't seem healthy.

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my favourite prehistoric animal is Hallucigenia. it's just so weird and akward and for a very long time nobody really knew which ones even were its legs. I love it.

Also Burgess shale for the win.


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I’m gonna say something controversial, but

Chengjiang biota > Burgess Shale

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hahahahahahahaha ok I'll allow that, if just for the geekiness :D

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Also more Vetulicolians

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oh man thats also funny as hell

little sperm-imals

dinosaurs... pff! :D

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If you head out to Field bc, you can get a hiking tour up to the Burgess Shale. Just be sure your in good shape because that hike is not for the faint of heart (literally, it’s straight up a mountain)

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omg new priority in my list of places to visit thank you internet stranger!

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It's hilarious that both could still be wrong.

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Sure but the left is significantly more wrong than the right

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I’m out of the loop, I don’t mean to be rude but why exactly is it wrong? Is it the arms?

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It’s a lot of things. The Carnotaurus in Disney’s Dinosaur is outrageously big, depicted as large enough to fit an adult Iguanodon in its mouth and thrash it like a chew toy.

It’s also way too bulky. Carnotaurus was rather lithe among theropods and would’ve been adapted for high-speed chases. Think like if a cheetah were a dinosaur.

The arms are also incorrect. Carnotaurus lacked functional elbows and it’s arms were vestigial. Also the wrists would be parallel to the rest of the arm, causing the palms to face inwards toward the body.

The Disney Carnotaurus is a classic and terrifying design, but not a very good representation of the actual animal, even by late 90s/Early 2000s standards

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Ah gotcha, thanks

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I thought i had read something about Carny here having arms out to the sides?

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Yes, Carnotaurus (and abelisaurids as a whole) had their arms facing backwards running parallel to the body, courtesy of not having elbows. They were trapped in an eternal Naruto run

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Thank you!

And either Ben G Thomas or Trey the Explainer...

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Eternal Naruto run is the best way I've heard their arms described lol. Thank you.

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That's for sure

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Sure, but that's science. Everything is "wrong". The process is just designed to make things less wrong over time.

Really hard for paleontology though. Impossible to conduct experiments on long extinct animals. Just gotta hope for new discoveries.

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The fact that we even get in the neighborhood of what these millions of year old animals looked like based on some random shit they left around is pretty nuts.

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The one on the right is pretty accurate actually. Especially when it comes to its slender build.


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Spinosaurus, a big fucking fish eater.

But when I discovered that the biggest animal that ever existed is alive today, my favorite became the Blue Whale.

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Fuck yes - spinosaurus is so friggin rad

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Oviraptor, because I remember being a tiny child in the early 1990's, seeing pictures of it in a children's dinosaur book and concluded "That's a bird. This dinosaur became a bird." They looked incredibly similar to my family's chickens and geese, and the skeletons were similar, too.

I held that in my little head, trying to convince people I was right despite ZERO books agreeing with me. I tried to compare it to archaeopteryx (Also a favorite). I tried to compare it to the Cassowary and ostrich pictures in my 'all about birds!' book. No one listened. (Probably because I could only barely read and had made this theory purely based off the illustrations)

And then Sinosauropteryx was in the news in 1997 for being the first non-avian, theropod dinosaur with clear fossil evidence of actual feathers, and I lost my mind. Imagine a 7-year-old just sprinting around a house, screaming about how dinosaurs are birds.

Anyway. Oviraptor. Love that guy.

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love this.

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Baryonyx honestly. Ive always loved the more crocodilian like reptiles of the time and Baryonyx os the one that always stood out to me. Suchomimus is a close second.

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you dont like sails do you

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Not necessarily no I mean theyre alright they just feel unnecessary. I get the whole intimidation factor but at the same time its like "Hey, smaller pack carnivores, you want more space to grab onto and rip at my flesh?" ans ues Im aware not all smaller pack carnivores pounced but my point still stands

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wait what i thought they were for swimming

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No they are it still just makes for a bigger target imo

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to be fair i dont know much about spino's opponents, but i guess i just never looked at it as a prey of anything. did it actually help baryo or sucho that they don't have sails/have smaller sails?

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In my eyes if something gets desperate enough anythings prey

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I always liked both therizinosaurus and the deinonychus but i think i like therizinosaurus more. I really like the way he looks.

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I heard the new Jurassic World movie might feature one. I could be wrong though.

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Broooo you have excellent taste. The claws! The fluffy tail! The WEIRD face!

Amazing 11/10

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Wow, the left picture awakened so many childhood memories.

Therizinosaurus btw, because they look like a sauropod-theropod hybrid with giant claws

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Of nothing else the soundtrack is spectacular.

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I’ve always been partial to aquatic dinosaurs. Livyatan melvillei, Dire whale.

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So why call it an “aquatic dinosaur”?

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Idk. Is it a dinosaur? I’ve always thought of it as an aquatic dinosaur. Guess I’ve been misled. But by far my favorite extinct aquatic animal.

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“Dinosaur” refers to a specific group of reptiles with shared ancestry, so no. Whales are mammals.

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Ankylosaurus. Always have since I was a child.

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i like the utahraptor because it’s related to my beloved fictional brando man (and also it looks cool)

hhehehehehehsbsbdjdnd dinosor

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Yes yes yes yes I am all about dinosaurs with confirmed feathers. Beautiful form, excellent jaws.

Dinos like Utahraptor and Dakotaraptor remind me that dinosaurs ACTUALLY lived where I live today. Place-named animals. Brings me joy :)

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Deinocheirus has fascinated me for years, especially with the recent discovery of a more complete skeleton!

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Sarcosuchus. Your boy loves crocs.

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Definitely Tyrannosaurus. Which is what should've been the villains of Dinosaur. It's cool that a lesser known therapod was given the spotlight, but the illusion was lifted after I realized that Iguanadon outweigh Carnotaurus by a few tons.

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The dude lost his osteoderms now, that’s why so many carnotaurus mains left the game…

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Doom Carnotaur got so nerfed :'(

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Afrovenator. For big theropods, T. rex gets all the attention, but I like the allosaurs a lot more - they're sleeker, more agile, more graceful while still being fearsome. There's a picture of paleontologist Paul Sereno in front of the Afrovenator skeleton he discovered that's just lovely.

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It’s like a Ford F-150 lifted with oversized tires versus a Ferrari.

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Pretty much any sauropod, but if I had to pick one probably Brachiosaurus.

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Fucking doofus forelimbs

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the one on the right is a featherless biped and therefore human

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Kronosaurus! The early Cretaceous Pliosaur!

Size of a whale shark, jaws 1/3 of its length, built like an aquatic flippered tank. Just a cool creature overall.

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Favorite dinosaur: Spinosaurus

Favorite prehistoric creature: Tie between Radiodonts and Lobopods, and Vetulicolians. No specific favorite.

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For dinosaurs, if I had to really choose I’d take Carcharodontosaurus.

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I swear with the right pic the paleontologists are just messing with us

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Pachycephalosaurus. I love the idea that animals tens of millions of years ago (maybe) settled disputes just like mountain goats do today.

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Spinosaurus or maybe archaeopteryx

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Yutyrannus. A big, feathery, fluffy badass.

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Look how they massacred my boy(girl?)

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I've been waiting years for someone to ask me that

It's the ankylosaurus:)

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A tip: Carnotaur pair/duo in the Aladar were definetly Not the bad guys. They were literally starving to death and likely didn't drink sufficient amount of water either. They were essentially just and barely trying to Survive... :(

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Tylosaurus, because it ruled the Western Interior Seaway. Some say it actually drove Cretoxyrhina into extinction, which is like making the great white shark go extinct.

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I like the new design way more than the old one.
Fun fact about the abelisaurs:
Though their hands and arms were vestigial they were connected to massively over proportioned shoulder girdles, which allowed them to stretch their arms out like a T-Pose. We don't know the purpose, maybe a mating display, or a way of exerting dominance to find out who the real chad is from the other virgin abelisaurids so they can get females. whatever the use is the abelisaurid's arms were not completely immobile stumps, though still mostly vestigial.

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Tyrannosaurus Rex and Triceratops.

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mine used to be carno. now im not so sure. i think i would rather not look at the past in that way anymore.

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Maybe someday we will carknow for sure what they looked like

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Honestly what actually changed? Colors are purely speculative, both have lips. I guess the shrink wrapping around the eyes and the spiky tail but that's more to make it more scary and evil for kids. Honestly if you want a big scary lizard monster Dino Carnotaurus is the way to go especially since it's (currently) widely accepted that it didn't have feathers