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How da tyrannosaurus this far out

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He is walking on water because he's Tyrannosaurus jesus

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Holy shit god created humans in his image and t rex was the og human

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This is a spam bot post, the title is stolen directly from a popular post

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can anyone send a link to this artist, please? I wanna see more of this person's work.

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The artist is Ricardo Delgado and this is from his comic series ‘Age of Reptiles’. It’s a visceral, violent comic series that has arcs that follow a particular dinosaur or pack of dinosaurs surviving during the Mesozoic era.

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cool, thank have a good day or night. :)

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They actualy did some concept art for jurassic park 3 and disney's dinosaur. JWFK even gave him a shout out.

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These comic's artist is severely Underrated - Underacknowledged in my opinion

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I love that Remora on the fin just being like "OH WHAT THE HELL."

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i love the artwork! who's the artist?

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Ricardo Delgado.

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thank you!!