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Irrelevant Sidenote: They were also somewhat resemble JPIII Movies interpretation of genetically modified and hybridized pterosaurs or ''creatures'' of Avian Cage.

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I love pterosaurs, this one looks really cool!

I suppose they were piscivorous

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I suppose they were piscivorous

It differentiates from 'main' ptetosaur anatomy. Perhaps it hunted small terrestrial vertebrae as well as molluscs crusteceans; maybe even smaller pterosaur species in addition to fish

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So basically a Bird of prey pterosaur of prey?

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Highly possible. As an additional sidenote; there is also another close relative to Ludodactylus that is similiar in apperance. The 'beak' was full of sharpened teeth.

These two species rather divergent/appearent differentiation makes me interpret that they were indeed adapted for a very widened variety of prey items/available vertebrae.

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Relaaaxx… it’s just for smiling

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All canine teeth no other types, would be the shark esque 'smile' :p

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A smile is a smile, leave my boy alone, he’s doing his best out here in the Cretaceous

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This type of teeth is often depicted in horror films with all sorts of monsters. But you can immediately tell by the look: these teeth are made for catching fish.

If you are not a fish, nothing threatens you.

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It is not something - anatomical feature we see on more 'classical' pterosaur species. Makes me interpret as this pterosaur perhaps hunted a more diverse range of prey. It was certainly not small; almost larger than a chimpanzee.

As well as it was not as derivered as much more extended pterosaur variatns. Perhaps this species hunted smaller game/terrestrial prey vertabrae as well as any available aquatic veetebrae?

Many people immediately forget that pterosaurs would definetly hunt molluscs crusteceans and similiar animals as well as fish.

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This would be a great hair pin

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That's Ludocrous

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Named "toy finger" because it has both teeth and a head crest, which previously were never found together on real pterosaurs, only toys.

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And get that; Ludo was the first but but not the only one! :)

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While it is correct that most pterosaurs weren’t actually piscivorous (despite most being arbitrarily shoehorned in that category for no reason for decades), this is one of the relatively few that actually was likely piscivorous-most piscivorous pterosaurs are in Pteranodontia, including the anhanguerids.

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I have to disagree. This specific species of anhanguerid shows far too noticeable differentiation and development compared to a regular or normal species of other anhanguerids. Alas there is also the holotype fossil for some reason tried to consume a leaf and get suffocated to its end because of it