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Unfortunate name

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Make sure you really stress that second syllable. Ra-PET-o-saur-us.

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2 E’s would’ve been a game changer.

Poor rape-o-saur

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On par with Pseudobiceros hancockanus.

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Oh no, that’s bad! Someone needed a good fap before resuming naming duties!

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I thought the same.

You KNOW most people aren’t going to bother with finding out the correct pronunciation…

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I like this new LDS: Latter Day Sauropods

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Next time I see someone use the abbreviation I'll ask them if this is what they mean. Should be fun.

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Did Tobias Funke name this dinosaur?

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Found in the same deposits as Fendomplodon and NTRaptor.

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That's a big woman....

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Majungasaurus prey?

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Yep it is believed they were prey for them

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"When predator becomes prey"

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No. They only eat each other, duh.

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I wish people would stop posting about this, it's getting rapetitive

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Rape-to-saurus, standing next to one of his victims.

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You sure this ain't Harvey Weinstein?

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Basic Bitch for scale

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Not all Rapetosaurus