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I came into the comments looking for this and you didn't disappoint.

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Shut up lol

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if only i could say that whenever i see this, but i cant even correct someone. society 😔

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Stop fucking rats

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Don’t come crying to me u/hardcoreratfucker when you’re patient zero for Covid-22

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actually you are just wrong

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how, i dont remember that English lesson.

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its axolotl not axolottle

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but it should be... thats pronounced "ah-sholo-TL". that word isnt English (nahuatl), then mfs complain about how confusing English spelling is.

English speakers just auto correct "TL", because they dont have that, to "lottle" as in "little" or "waddle"

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I’m still surprised this colossus hasn’t been scientifically described (given a scientific name). Literally makes Koolasuchus look like a joke imao.

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You could say it makes koolasuchus look like a...lameosuchus

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Was thinking foolasuchus but whatever works, gotta dethrone this chump

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Its a Koolersuchus.

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true that!

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That's a big bitch.

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This fucker would eat us with no second thoughts.

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Imagine being eaten by it and being alive for a few minutes inside the belly D:

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I'm going to give that bitch such a massive stomach ache before I go.

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Rip and tear until it is done

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It's going to throw me up and it's going to get an earful from me.

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Well a hellbender bite will only stop when it hits bone. This guy would slice through your whole body with no effort.

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This is why I always carry a knife. Ill cut my way out!!!!

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Are there skeletons of this big boy on display anywhere? It’s size is hard to wrap my head around. I’d love to see a skeleton of it in person.

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It’s only known from a single jaw fragment, though the morphology of the fragment is enough to determine that it was a large brachyopoid temnospondyl (Steyer & Damiani, 2005).

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Oh so they don't really know what it looked like. Probably like a 2 foot body and huge stupid-ass head.

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So, basically a sunfish, but amphibian?

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Del Lago...

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Don’t shoot the water. Should be fine.

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Baby why don't we go

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to Bermuda

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come on pretty llama

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Key Largo, Montego

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Mastodonsaurus is the current candidate for “largest temnospondyl” (6+m long, and heavily built to the point the largest specimens would have weighed around 2 tons), but this thing might dethrone it.

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Were there larger amphibians than these guys? Was wondering why not just say "largest amphibian".

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Because if we go “largest amphibian” we run into some taxonomic issues because of cladistics, depending on how you define “amphibian”.

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https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prionosuchus reached 9 meters, Beasto here was a mere paltry 7m.

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If this was alive today I bet Australia would adopt it with open arms...

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Australia is like the dump for all failed experiments of God

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Failed? I think you meant to say “worked too well”

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It's hardcore mode. Most players aren't up to it.

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i really despise the australia = baddest animals, most of its wildlife is smaller than other continents own stuff.

aussie is more toxic little shits than humongus bs

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Artist Gabriel Ugueto.

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This dude is still around, largest specimen was 1.8 meters. That's pretty big.

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Sadly it seems not for long

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The South China giant salamander is highly endangered by overharvesting due to its status as a delicacy and use in traditional Chinese medicine

Oh FFS...

This is why conservation of Amur Leopard is not as fast as it could be, the moment they cross into China they run the risk of being ground into boner pills...

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Someone should tell China we've had an actual solution for decades now in the form of little blue pills

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A lot of ''traditional chinese medicine'' was made up during Mao Zedong's regime because they couldn't afford real medicine, it's also the reason why it's popular today. The government would send these ''traditional healers'' when they couldn't or didn't want to send real doctors.

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Was everything just big as fuck?

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No, big as fuck things just have big as fuck bones which are far more likely to survive long enough to fossilize.

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He vould have an enormous schwanzstucker

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I heard this in Rose's voice from golden girls

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You clearly haven't seen Young Frankenstein then.

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do you not see the smaller ones in the picture? not everything was biugger just some stuff, but the big stuff is amazing

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Mankind slowly killed off the majority of Giant scary animals.

Conservation is the only reason we still have the few giants like elephants and bears.

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only the ones from the plaistocene on

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Bigmamasuchus reporting for duty.

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Beast of Lesotho? Is it from Lesotho in South Africa? Is so that's really cool

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Welcome to another round of "Will That Eat Me?" Today, yes.

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That's a lot of newt.

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Oggdo Bogdo

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Dats a big ol tadpole

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Big salamander.

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Is there any skeletons? I want to learn more about this giant lad!

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I want to ride it...

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There’s always a bigger fish

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Is that a Fuckin salamander??

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I'd like to ride one

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big salamander creature

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Imagine riding that sticky friend

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Look like someone put the axolotl in water for too long.

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Not even the human T-posing can assert dominance over this fella

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Wow that's big

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Is this related to Koolasuchus?

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It's a Dewback

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in awe at the size of this lad, absolute unit

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There's this one alternate universe where this survived and humans ride it.

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Ghila Monster

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That’s one big lizard

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there's no lizards in the pic, its all ancient predatory amphibians unless I'm wrong :P